Millet porridge on milk - “yellow porridge” from childhood. We learn to cook millet porridge on milk - fragrant, nutritious

Millet porridge on milk - “yellow porridge” from childhood. We learn to cook millet porridge on milk - fragrant, nutritious

Millet porridge, a dish that is called “an amateur.”

However, those who criticize it, having tried only once definitely wrong.

Cook porridge can be a variety of different ways, for example, make sweet, and then add dried fruits.

Many recipes of millet with pumpkin - the products complement each other well, pumpkin pulp gives millet sweetness and honey aroma and taste.

Milk millet - general principles of cooking

• For cooking millet porridge on milk, you should take polished grits with bright yellow color without shine. It is from such millet that porridge cooked in milk will turn out tasty, without bitterness, and moderately viscous. In addition, this porridge is better absorbed by the body.

• “Brilliant” millet groats are not suitable for boiling porridges, since in boiled form it is very bitter, this millet is suitable only for feeding birds.

• For the preparation of liquid porridges, you can take crushed (crushed) millet, such cereals are faster cooking.

• Milk is suitable for both purchase and home. But homemade is best diluted in half with water. If tap water in the tap is too hard or just of poor quality, then, so that the milk does not curdle during cooking, it is better to take bottled water.

• Before cooking, millet grits should be picked from damaged and unexaggerated grains and rinsed without fail, first in cold and then under hot water.

• Millet does not boil well in milk and therefore, it is first boiled for a while in water and only after this is milk added.

• Boil the millet porridge in milk should be at a uniform low heat, and after cooking, the dishes with porridge wrapped in, so that the porridge “a little upright”.

• When cooking in milk millet add soaked in water, and then chopped raisins, dried apricots, prunes, apples or pumpkin. Also, wheat can be cooked in a pot from the pumpkin itself.

• Sweeten and salt milk millet at its discretion, and oil is added not only when cooking, but also when serving.

How to cook millet porridge with milk


• one glass of millet, not crushed;

• half a liter of low fat milk;

• 50 grams of butter 72% butter; • half tsp. small evaporated salt;

• 1.5 Art. l sugar, sand.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the prepared, washed millet with water and boil it. After boiling the water in the pan, reduce the heat and boil the millet with a slight boil for twenty minutes.

2. Drain water, pour millet with freshly boiled milk and cook over low heat until ready.

3. During cooking, porridge must be periodically stirred, so that it does not burn. When all the milk is absorbed in the millet, add granulated sugar, salt, butter and mix well. Remove the sample, if necessary, sweeten or salted.

Milk millet with pumpkin


• 300 grams of pumpkin, pulp;

• 200 grams of ground wheat;

• liter of milk, fat content of 3.2%;

• two full tablespoons of white granulated sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. evaporated salt;

• natural butter.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove the coarse skin from the pumpkin, the greenish pulp under the peel, also cut, and do not forget to remove the core, consisting of fibers and seeds. Pumpkin will be more convenient to clean if cut into small pieces.

2. Pumpkin flesh cut into one and a half centimeter cubes and cover with water so that it covers the pulp not less than one and a half centimeters.

3. Place the saucepan with the pumpkin on medium heat, let it boil and reduce the temperature, cover the saucepan with the lid, simmer until noticeable softening.

4. Mash the softened pumpkin with mashed potatoes or mash them through a not very rare sieve. Add the thoroughly washed cereal, cover with hot milk and stir everything well with a spoon until smooth and boil it.

5. When the porridge boils, reduce the fire to a minimum, and cover the pan loosely with a lid. Cook millet porridge with pumpkin until the readiness of millet, the duration varies depending on the quality of the cereal and on average is from half an hour to forty minutes.

6. Three minutes before readiness add sugar and salt to your taste.

7. Put butter on porridge and wrap the pan in a terry towel for half an hour.

How to cook millet porridge in milk with honey and dried fruits


• 220 grams of cereals, ground wheat;

• home or purchased milk - 1 l; • two hundred gram glass of filtered water;

• a small handful of dried fruits - prunes, dried apricots, apples;

• liquid honey;

• evaporated, fine salt.

Cooking Method:

1. Pitted prunes, dried apricots and apples, pour for twenty minutes with warm water so that the dried fruits are saturated with water and softened. After that, cut them into small slices of the same size.

2. Rinse out millet from millet seeds in several waters and let it cook, pour a glass of filtered water.

3. When the cereal swells up and completely absorbs the water, add all the milk, salt, add the chopped dried fruits and cook the porridge with a minimum boil until the wheat is boiled.

4. During cooking, the porridge is stirred from time to time, and it is ensured that the milk does not run away, and the millet is not digested.

5. When laying on plates, on each portion of cereal, place the butter and pour honey.

Liquid milk millet in pots

Ingredients for two pots:

• crushed millet - 1 tbsp .;

• 600 ml of whole milk;

• one table. spoon of sugar;

• a small pinch of salt, shallow.

Cooking Method:

1. Prepare the cooking millet split equally in pots.

2. Add salt, granulated sugar and fill the grits with milk in the ratio of one to three, if you want to get thick millet, add milk in the ratio of one to two.

3. Cover the pots with lids and put them in a cold oven. Cook at 190 degrees for about one hour.

4. Ten minutes before graduation, place a small piece of natural butter in each pot.

How to cook millet porridge with milk in the original pumpkin pot


• a small round pumpkin;

• 72% butter - 40 grams;

• two hundred-gram glass of pasteurized milk or home milk;

• 220 grams of millet groats, ground;

• 0.5 tsp. powdered cinnamon;

• 90 gr. raisins, dark, pitted;

• 75 grams of granulated sugar;

• food salt.

Cooking Method:

1. Carefully wash the pumpkin outside under water, removing the rubbish and dirt from the foam sponge. Cut the peduncle with a knife so that the vegetable can be put. Cut off the upper part and select all the seeds with your hands or a spoon, grabbing the fibrous center. 2. Put the pumpkin in the form or a small baking sheet and alternately put in it all the prepared ingredients: millet, washed raisins, butter, sugar and a small pinch of salt. If pumpkin pulp is sweet, then the amount of added sugar can be slightly reduced. Pour in the milk, mix well and cover with the cut off top.

3. At the bottom of the mold, pour half a glass of water and put the pumpkin in a hot oven.

4. Boil millet porridge in milk in a pumpkin should be an hour and a half, at 160 degrees.

5. You can serve such porridge, as in the pumpkin itself, by watering it with the juice released during baking, or decompose it in portions, prying the softened pumpkin pulp with a spoon.

Tips and tips on cooking millet on milk

• To improve the nutritional quality and taste of the finished porridge, dry the enumerated and washed millet in a dry frying pan. Liquid for cooking in this case, take a little more.

• To save useful substances, fill the cereal with boiling water, and to reduce cooking time, soak the millet in hot water for twenty minutes.

• To remove excess starch and possible bitterness, porridge is first brought to a boil in water, which is poured after boiling, then poured with hot milk and brought to readiness. But if you or your loved ones suffer from gastritis, water should not be drained, since starch contributes to a sparing digestion of food by the stomach.

• When cooking, stirring porridge is recommended as rarely as possible, since often stirring milk porridge cooking time increases.

• As a rule, sugar added to milk porridges slows down the digestion process, to avoid this, you can replace sugar with honey.

• To avoid sedimentation of starch contained in the grits, at the bottom of the pan and burning, pour millet only in boiling liquid.

• If milk powder is dry when cooking, add boiled milk to it, stir it thoroughly and leave it for some time wrapped in a towel.

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