Cooking fragrant millet porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker. Old recipes in a new light - porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker

Cooking fragrant millet porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker. Old recipes in a new light - porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker

Millet with pumpkin filling is a simplified version of the Central Asian dish, in the preparation of which cereals and dried fruits are used.

Mostly it is prepared by supplementing with quince, dried apricots, raisins.

Easy mention of it is in our recipes.

And still pumpkin millet can be cooked with meat and get a completely unexpected taste.

Millet porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker - general principles of cooking

• Wheat is prepared in a slow cooker very quickly and does not require much effort. All that will be needed is a “miracle pot” and products.

• Millet porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker boiled in milk or water. Milk porridge must be slightly sweetened with honey or granulated sugar. Often millet complement rice groats. Such a milk porridge with pumpkin has a light, pleasant banana flavor. Milk porridge is cooked not only with one pumpkin, often dried fruits (dried apricots and raisins) are added to them. On the water, millet porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker is cooked with onion grill or meat.

• When buying cereal, pay special attention to its color. The brighter and richer it is, the tastier the cooked dish will be. In addition, it is this kind of cereal will make the powder crumbly. It is not recommended to take the millet, called “dranets” in everyday life, and having a characteristic luster, the dish can be bitter from it. The best millet for cooking in a slow cooker is polished.

• For cooking, you can take any sort of pumpkin. Preference is better to give a vegetable with a bright orange flesh. The flesh is cut into small pieces of arbitrary shape or rubbed on a grater. Chopped vegetable cooked with millet. But for those who do not like pumpkin flavor, there is a cooking recipe in a slow cooker, where the pumpkin is boiled separately, steamed.

• It is mandatory for the millet to sift, putting aside random stones, rubbish and damaged (with black) grains. After that, well washed under a tap, laid out on a sieve, and dried in it. Next come according to the recipe.

• In the dairy versions of the dish must be added butter, it makes the porridge lush and “rich”. It can be put during cooking or after.

Milk millet porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker


• one full glass of millet;

• 300 gr. pumpkin pulp;

• 100 gr. sugar sand;

• table salt - 1 tsp;

• 400 ml of skimmed milk;

• natural butter.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the juicy pumpkin flesh with a sharp thin knife into medium-sized bars. Rinse the millet thoroughly and place it on a sieve so that excess water can drain.

2. Pour a full glass of cool water into the bowl of the multicooker, pour in the millet and stir without leaving sticky lumps.

3. Put the pumpkin pulp on top. Sweeten, salt, pour in all the milk and close the lid.

4. On the control panel, select the mode “Porridge” and turn on the multicooker for 30 minutes.

5. In the finished dish, put two or three pieces of butter and mix.

Millet porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker (on water)


• 300 gr. ground millet;

• 250 gr. fresh pumpkin;

• head of sweet red onions;

• two Art. l lean quality oil, odorless.

Cooking Method:

1. The croup is well sorted. Collect randomly debris and damaged grains with black patches.

2. Transfer to a strainer and rinse twice under cold water and once more hot.

3. Cut the peel off the pumpkin and remove the fibers along with the seeds. Cut the flesh into thin, medium-sized plastics.

4. Cut the peeled onion in half lengthwise. Each half finely nashinkuyte across.

5. Pour a couple of tablespoons of non-aromatic vegetable oil into the empty multicooking container and put chopped vegetables in it. Fry for 10 minutes by selecting the “Baking” mode, while stirring regularly. Vegetables should not be burnt and deep-fried, it is necessary that they soften well.

6. Turn off the slow cooker and put the cereal in the cooking bowl. Pour in 600 ml of water (about two and a half glasses) and close the lid.

7. Cook in the mode of cooking porridge for 20 minutes.

Milk rice-millet porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker


• one cup of round grain, not steamed rice;

• three tablespoons of dry millet; • pumpkin pulp - 350 gr .;

• six tablespoons of sugar;

• a small pinch of ground cinnamon;

• third of Chin. spoons of salt, varieties “Extra”;

• cream “Peasant” butter - 80 gr .;

• a glass of milk.

Cooking Method:

1. Sort out rice and millet groats from litter and spoiled grains. Wash rice in large volumes of cool water and millet in hot.

2. Cut the pulp of the pumpkin without the skin into a small cubed with a narrow, narrow knife and place in a cooking bowl.

3. Add the washed washed rice and millet. Pour the sugar and cinnamon, salt.

4. Fill all with milk, mix gently.

5. Put butter on top and close the lid.

6. On the panel, set the option “Milk porridge”, the timer for 40 minutes and run the execution.

7. After the beep, a wonderful, flavorful dish will be ready.

Millet porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker - “For you and for me”


• half a cup of millet groats;

• 250 gr. pumpkin (pulp);

• two glasses of medium-fat milk;

• a small piece of butter, natural oil.

• two spoons of granulated sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Move the powder from litter and interspersons to the sieve and rinse it under the tap to clean water. Put a sieve with grits in a container of a smaller diameter and leave for five minutes.

2. When the water is completely drained, move the cereal into the bowl and cover with milk.

3. Lightly salt and add the sugar, put the butter in small pieces.

4. Pumpkin pulp, peeled and after removal of seeds, cut into centimeter cubes.

5. In the slow cooker, insert the steaming bowl and place the pumpkin pieces into it.

6. Close the slow cooker and start it in “Milk porridge” mode for 25 minutes.

7. Spread the finished dish in portions, and put the pumpkin slices next to it.

Nourishing millet porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker (with meat)


• 300 gr. fatty pork (pulp);

• 200 gr. fresh pumpkin;

• two heads of salad onions;

• three Art. spoons of sunflower, frozen oil;

• three glasses of drinking water

• one glass of millet groats.

Cooking Method: 1. From pumpkin, select all seeds and coarse fibers, cut off the peel. Often under the peel is the flesh of greenish, cut and her. Cut the flesh into small cubes.

2. Take the millet, rinse, putting it on a sieve to clean water and leave it, substituting a small container from the bottom.

3. Rinse and dry the meat and cut it into small strips. Pour oil into the bowl, put the pieces of pulp into it. Turn on the Fry mode and fry the pork for a quarter of an hour at 160 degrees. Do not forget to periodically mix, so that the pork is evenly cooked, and the pieces are not burnt.

4. Shred the onion as small as possible and shift it to the meat. Simmer for about five minutes.

5. Then add the pumpkin, mix well and continue cooking for another 5 minutes.

6. Pour in the washed millet, pour in water. Season to taste with pepper and season with pepper.

7. Set the multicooker timer for 10 minutes, set the “Kashi” option and turn it on.

8. After the beep, change the mode to “Preheating” and stir the dish for a quarter of an hour.

Millet porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker (with apples)


• 300 gr. millet;

• 350 gr. pumpkins;

• two large apples;

• a small pinch of salt;

• One gram of vanilla sugar, can be cinnamon.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the wheat thoroughly and in several waters, steam it with boiling water. After a quarter of an hour, rinse the millet and put it on a sieve.

2. From apples with a narrow, sharp knife, cut off the rind, cut the core and rub it on a large grater.

3. In the same way, grind pumpkin pulp without peel and seeds and combine with apples.

4. Move the dried grains into the bowl, add the grated pumpkin with apples and fill with a liter of cold drinking water. Sweeten to your taste, lightly salted.

5. Turn on the multicooker on the remote control one of the modes - “Porridge” or “Rice / Cereals” and cook under the lid for exactly 20 minutes.

6. Optionally, mash porridge on the “Preheating” ten minutes.

Millet porridge with pumpkin in a multicooker - “Vitaminka”


• a glass of ground wheat;

• 250 gr. the pulp of fresh pumpkin;

• dried apricots - 10 pcs .; • three tablespoons of light, fine raisins;

• four glasses of water;

• a glass of pasteurized milk;

• a quarter of a teaspoon of fine evaporated salt;

• liquid honey to taste;

• on the tip of the knife vanillin;

• a small piece of natural oil.

Cooking Method:

1. After washing, rinse the dried powder under the tap until clean water and put to dry on a sieve.

2. Dried apricots and raisins. Dab with boiling water and soak in warm water for twenty minutes.

3. Pumpkin pulp, grate the largest grater for vegetables.

4. Transfer the grits from the sieve into the bowl, pour in the water and put on the “Rice / Cereals” mode.

5. When millet reaches half-cooked, add dried apricots and raisins. Salt, add honey to taste, and continue cooking until all the water has evaporated.

6. Immediately pour in the milk and bring to readiness under the lid. At the end of cooking, add butter to the porridge.

Millet Porridge with Pumpkin Multicooker - Useful Tips and Tricks of Cooking

• Porridge made from long-stored wheat, can bitter. To avoid this, steam the cereal before cooking in boiling water for a quarter of an hour. Then rinse well with cold, running water.

• The density of porridge depends on the right proportion of millet and liquid. If you want to cook a liquid gruel - take a glass of cereal for four glasses of liquid of the same volume. Millet with a pumpkin will turn out crumbly, if for 2.5 glasses of water (milk) a full glass is taken without a hill of millet.

• If cooked millet with pumpkin protomit about half an hour on the “Heating”, it will become more fragrant and tastier.

• To increase the nutritional value of the dish, as well as its taste - lightly fry the washed and well-dried cereal in a pan.

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