Quick quick salads: delicious options. Recipes refined and quick salads - in a hurry for the holidays and everyday life

Quick quick salads: delicious options. Recipes refined and quick salads - in a hurry for the holidays and everyday life

Salad is the main dish of any feast. There are traditional salads - herring under a fur coat, Olivier, vinaigrette and others - they are cooked simply because it is so accepted. Each hostess always has in stock, besides proven recipes, “new” dishes that I want to try for the first time. In total, the preparation of salads takes a significant part of the time - sometimes even more than the preparation of main dishes for a festive dinner.

How to make it to the appointed hour, prepare a bit of everything so that it looks beautiful, so that it is tasty, varied, elegant, and where can you get new ideas for cooking?

Quick recipes for quick salads - basic technological principles

If you can ever get to the kitchen of a restaurant or cafe, watch the work of a professional chef. He has all the salads - only quick and very fast. The secret is simple: the entire technological process is verified in seconds, not a single unnecessary movement, the necessary ingredients and tools are at hand, the technological map of the dish is in front of his eyes, so he manages to prepare a dozen dishes in an hour.

Salads are prepared last, because their shelf life is no more than two hours, especially when the dish is already seasoned with sauce. Advance preparation of products for quick-cooking salads is allowed. It is necessary, only, to make in advance a list of dishes, products that will be required. Further, according to the rules, products are washed, cleaned, boiled or subjected to other types of processing.

When all the ingredients are prepared for cutting, put them separately in containers, seal with film, put in the refrigerator. Cutting does not take much time when all products are prepared. If there is a vegetable cutter, another suitable kitchen equipment, everything will turn out like a professional chef - it’s easy and quick, any salad recipe will seem the easiest. A couple of hours before lunch, proceed to the preparation of sauces and dressings. In principle, they can also be prepared on the eve, but also sealed and placed in the refrigerator until the very last moment. If you want to make a salad of herring, onions or other ingredients that are used in salads in pickled form, put them in the marinade beforehand.

Slice fresh vegetable salads just before serving, so that the juice that is separated from them does not turn the dish into shapeless and tasteless biomass.

In short, if every movement, every step in the preparation of salads is thought out to the smallest detail, then any of the recipes can be considered fast, everything will turn out in haste.

The most important culinary principle of cooking salads and any dishes is a creative approach to recipes. Never be afraid to deviate from what has been written: there is no necessary ingredient - trust your taste and replace it. Any recipe is just a hint in which direction to move, and it is very good when a new taste, a new original dish appears as a result of small author touches.

1. Quick salad: “Boats” made from avocado in Greek - in a hurry


Avocado 3 pcs.

Cherry 300 g

Salad pepper (yellow) 200 g

Red basil 100 g

Olive oil 50 ml

Boiled eggs 6 pcs.

Leek or sweet onion 120 g

Mayonnaise 80g

Salt, wine vinegar, pepper to taste


Cut the ripe avocados in half and remove the bones. Dice tomatoes, peppers, eggs and onions. Put all the ingredients in a salad bowl, season with salt and pepper. Combine mayonnaise with olive oil, add vinegar, and season the salad.

Stuff the avocado halves with a salad. Decorate with basil sprigs.

2. Quick recipe - quick salad with trout and vegetables


Boiled trout (fillet) 250 g

Boiled potatoes 300 g

Marinated cucumber 150 g Peeled Apple 200 g

Mayonnaise 150g

Canned peas 100 g

White onion 120g

Lemon juice 3 tbsp. l


Cut the fish fillet into slices, cut all the other ingredients for the salad into strips. Apples and onions soak in lemon juice for several minutes, put into a salad bowl, removing the liquid. Combine all the products in a salad bowl, season with mayonnaise. When serving, decorate with greens.

3. Recipe for a quick salad salad with seafood and corn - quickly and in an original way!


Boiled shrimp, peeled 300 g

Mussels (meat without wings) 250 g

Cooked rice, long 150 g

Fresh cucumber 200 g

Corn pickled sugar 280 g

Mayonnaise 120g


Boil shrimps and mussels in salted water for five minutes. When cooking, add a small onion, bay leaf, dill stalks to give the seafood a pleasant spicy flavor.

Also boil the rice separately in salted water, rinse, flip through a sieve, and let the water drain well. Wash the preserved corn.

Prepared ingredients lay in layers in glass ice-cream bowls or large wine glasses, in layers. Pour mayonnaise on top, garnish with parsley and dill.

4. A quick salad recipe: avocado with smoked chicken - quickly and tastefully


Smoked breast, chicken 400 g

Tomatoes 300 g

Avocado 2 pcs.

Cucumber 180-200 g

Sweet salad pepper 150 g

“Aioli” 100 g

Pitted black olives 90 g

Basil, thyme - for registration


Washed vegetables and chicken fillet cut into cubes of the same size. Blanch the tomatoes in boiling water, remove the skin, seeds, and also cut into cubes. For the salad, choose fleshy tomato varieties so that they maintain their density and shape. Season salad dressing, mix. Can be used for dressing mayonnaise, combined with lemon juice or wine vinegar, chopped garlic, spicy herbs. Cut the avocado in half, remove the bones, fill the halves with the cooked salad, garnish with olives rings, basil leaves and thyme leaves.

5. Recipe for quick chicken puff salad, in a hurry

Composition of products:

Boiled chicken fillet 450 g

Marinated champignons 150 g

Eggs 3 pcs.

Boiled carrots, red 250 g

Potatoes boiled in a “uniform” 250 g

Hard cheese 150 g

Walnut kernels, roasted 70 g

Mayonnaise 120g


Cut chicken fillet and champignons into thin slices. The remaining ingredients rub on a coarse grater. Lay the ingredients in layers on a dish, covering the layers with mayonnaise. Top with mushrooms and chicken. Sprinkle with chopped kernels of nuts. Decorate the salad with greens and vegetables included in its composition, making them curly slicing with the help of grooves.

The second version of the salad: add the pickled green onions to the listed ingredients, having previously preserved it in fresh lemon juice. Lay onion between potatoes and carrots, eggs and cheese.

6. Quick grape salad with yogurt - a recipe for the dessert table, in a hurry


White and red grapes - 150 g

Apple (winter variety) 300 g (net)

Lemon 1/2 pc. (juice and zest)

Natural Yoghurt 100 g



Enumerate the grapes, wash, cut into halves, spread out in a separate dish. Peel apples with a special knife, remove the core, cut them into plates, across, sprinkle with lemon juice. In yogurt, add cinnamon to taste, lemon zest.

Put grapes and apple slices in layers in a dish, pouring yogurt dressing.

7. Quick salad of beef liver with vegetables - a recipe for a quick quick-salad salad


Beef liver 0,5 kg

Dry white wine 100 ml

Carrots 250 g

Green onions and dill - 80 g each

Onions 200g

Refined oil 90 ml

Green Peas 200 g



Wash the liver, remove the film, boil, adding spices, in water. Carrot and onion chop straws. Liver, too, cut into strips, and warm in wine, adding onions and carrots, stew until soft and cool. Throw the liver and vegetables through a colander, put it in a salad bowl, add the pickled peas, mix. In the wine remaining after the liver, add vegetable oil, whisk. If desired, add a slice of minced garlic and pepper to the sauce. Chop finely dill and green onions. Dress the salad with dressing, garnish with fresh herbs.

8. Quick recipes: salad with cheese and cherries in a hurry

Ingredient list:

Hard cheese 250 g

Smoked ham 300 g

Marinated cherry (pitted) 250 g

Vermicelli “Mivina” 1 pack

Chinese cabbage (or lettuce) 500 g

For refueling:

Olive oil 75 ml

Wine vinegar (or apple) 50 ml

Yolk (raw) 2 pcs.

Sugar 30g

Garlic 20g

Walnuts (fried kernels) 60 g


Cut ham, cheese and cabbage thinly into strips. “Mivinu” steam it with boiling water, after five minutes drain the water, dry it slightly, brush with vegetable oil so as not to stick. Combine all the ingredients of the salad in a large bowl, mix, add the cherry. To prepare the sauce, put the yolks in a blender, add a pinch of salt and sugar, beat until white, gradually adding oil (literally - drop by drop). When a thick emulsion forms, add vinegar, optionally pepper, herbs, garlic. Mix the sauce with the nuts and season the salad.

9. Quick recipe: Andalusian orange salad in a hurry


Oranges, red 2 pcs.

Leek 2 stalk (greens)

Smoked fish (salmon, pink salmon) 350 g

Olives with shrimps (stuffed) 250 g

For the sauce:

Sour cream (or mayonnaise) 120 g

Sherry (or fortified wine) 70 ml

Hot peppers

Chopped walnuts 100 g


Smoked fish fillet cut into strips. You can use any red fish, cold or hot smoked. Peel the oranges by removing the membrane, connect the slices with the fish. Cut the olives into rings, across.

Add mayonnaise to wine, hot pepper or ketchup “Chili”, chopped walnuts. Season the salad, mix. Dish for serving salad decorate with fresh leafy greens.

Quick salad recipes, in a hurry: useful tips

  • Salad is, above all, fresh greens: delicate leaves of basil, parsley, dill and other refreshing and beautiful variety. It's a shame when the decoration fades quickly, not even having time to show off on the table, and the dish instantly gets a stale look. Usually green leaves quickly fade in the heat.
  • To prevent moisture from evaporating from the leaves intended to decorate the dish, there is a culinary trick: you can cover the green twigs with egg white, whipping it into foam. Whipped protein is applied with a brush to basil leaves, parsley, edible zucchini flowers, marigold petals, mint, etc.
  • After this treatment, the green decor is laid out on the table, dried. If desired, decorate the twigs, sprinkling them with sugar, salt, semolina or poppy seeds, coconut flakes, when the protein is still wet. Decorations will surely please guests.
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