Pancake cake with custard - several options for a delicate dessert. The best pancake cake recipes with custard

Pancake cake with custard - several options for a delicate dessert. The best pancake cake recipes with custard

Incredibly delicious and easy-to-make pancake cake will appeal to all sweets. For its preparation requires a minimum set of products, but the oven is not needed.

Pancake Quiche Cake - Basic Cooking Principles

The first thing baked pancakes, then cooked custard and collect the cake. Pancakes can be yeast, fresh or ordinary. Vanilla or other confectionary flavoring is added to the pancake dough.

Pancakes are baked thin so that they should be soaked with cream. The size of the cake depends on the diameter of the pan, which is baked pancakes. The finished pancakes are stacked and cut around the edges to make the cake the correct shape. This can be done with a special shape, or cut the template out of cardboard and cut it. The height of the cake depends on the number of pancakes. For the average cake you need about 20 pieces.

Custard is used any: classic, without butter, with condensed milk, etc.

Cake is collected by stacking pancakes stacked, and perelaivaya each cream. The sides and top of the cake are also covered with cream. Decorate the cake with nuts, fruit, coconut or chocolate chips.

Recipe 1. Pancake cake with lean pancake custard


half stack walnuts;

one and a half stack milk;

30 ml of lemon juice;

Art. wheat flour;

pinch of salt;


vanilla sugar;

60 g of sugar;


1/3 Art. vegetable oils.


50 g of wheat flour;

2 tbsp. milk;

five egg yolks.

Method of preparation

1. Pour the milk into the pan, dissolve the salt, vanilla and white sugar in it. Beat in the egg and shake well. Add flour, sifting it beforehand, and knead the dough. Add soda and lemon juice. Pour in vegetable oil, stir and fry pancakes.

2. For cream, put the milk on the fire. Boil it and cool slightly. Pound yolks with sugar, add flour and add a little warm milk. Knead a thick gruel without lumps. Dilute the egg mixture with the remaining milk and send it to a fire. Boil with continuous stirring until thick. Remove the cream from the stove. Cool to warm condition and add butter and vanilla. Spread until smooth. 3. Put the pancakes in a pile, each smeared with cream. Grease the sides and top of the cake and sprinkle nut nuts on all sides.

Recipe 2. Pancake Cake with Custard and Poppy



refined vegetable oil - 80 ml;

300 ml of flour;

75 grams of sugar;

two eggs;

700 ml of milk;

table salt.


30 g butter;

three yolks;

400 ml of milk;

60 g of flour;

100 g of sugar;


50 g poppy dry.

Method of preparation

1. Beat eggs with a mixer with sugar and salt until fluffy.

2. Into the dough alternately pour warm milk and sift flour until all the ingredients are added. At the same time constantly beat with a mixer. Pour in vegetable oil and stir.

3. Heat the pan over high heat. Lubricate it with vegetable oil and pour the dough to the ladle, spreading it in a thin layer. We bake pancake. As soon as he gets reddened, turn him over with a spatula and fry on the other side. Put pancakes on a plate.

4. Milk for cream divided in half. One part is heated in a saucepan with a thick bottom.

5. Pound the yolks in a separate bowl with sugar. Add flour and vanillin to the egg mixture and stir again. Add soft butter and mix. A thin stream pour in the second half of the milk, to get a homogeneous mixture without lumps. Pour cream preparation into boiling milk with continuous stirring. Cook over a low heat, stirring constantly, until the cream becomes thick. Remove from the heat and pour poppy into the cream. Stir and cool.

6. Put the pancake on a plate, coat it with a thin layer of cream and cover with the next pancake. So we collect the whole cake. Sprinkle with poppy seeds and leave to soak for several hours.

Recipe 3. Pancake Cake with Custard Creme Custard


half art. lean oils;

Art. wheat flour;

baking powder bag;

? Art. boiling water;

two pinch of vanilla;

milk - incomplete art .;

? Art. sugar sand;




one ? Art. cream 10%;

two white chocolate bars;

60 grams of sugar;

four egg yolks.

Method of preparation

1. Combine the egg with baking powder, salt, sugar and vanilla. Shake all the whisk in foam. Pour in the milk, mix and sprinkle the flour, continuously shaking with a whisk until you get a medium-thick dough. Now pour in boiling water and vegetable oil. Beat again well. Let the dough stand for five minutes and fry the ruddy pancakes. 2. Chop the chocolate bars into fine chips. Put half in another plate and put in the refrigerator. Beat egg yolks in a separate bowl with sugar. Pour the cream in a saucepan and boil. Pour some hot cream into the yolks with vigorous stirring. Add diluted yolks to the skillet with cream, stirring constantly, and cook until thick over the slowest fire. At the end, add the grated chocolate and stir.

3. Place the pancakes stacked on a plate, each smeared with a thin layer of custard. Bundle the sides and top of the cake with cream and sprinkle with chocolate chips from the refrigerator. Soak for several hours.

Recipe 4. Pancake cake with custard, cinnamon and apples


yeast pancakes - 15 pcs .;

cinnamon - 5 g;

apples - half a kilo;

granulated sugar - 60 g;

butter - 30 g


flour - 50 g;

milk - half a liter;

granulated sugar - 150 g;

four yolks;

vanilla - a pod.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the vanilla pod and remove the seeds.

2. Pound the yolks with sugar. Add vanilla seeds. Pour in flour and stir to avoid lumps.

3. Boil the milk. Enter it into the yolks, while stirring vigorously.

4. Put the egg-milk mixture on the minimum heat and cook with constant stirring, until the cream is thick. Chill.

5. Peel cleaned apples and cut out the core. Chop the fruit pulp into cubes.

6. Melt the butter in the pan. Put the apples in it and add sugar. Stir, cover and simmer over moderate heat until soft. Add cinnamon, stir and cool.

7. Put a pancake on a plate, smear it with custard. Cover as follows. Repeat the procedure until the cream and pancakes are finished. Top with caramelized apples. Put in the fridge for three hours.

Recipe 5. Pancake cake with custard made from rich yeast pancakes


100 ml of vegetable oil;

three eggs;

one ? Art. flour;

60 g of sugar;

two art. milk;



half a glass of drinking water;

20 g yeast;

5 g sugar;

flour - half Art.


3 g of citric acid;

incomplete glass of sugar;

a bag of vanilla; half a glass of drinking water;

four egg whites.

Method of preparation

1. Divide eggs into yolks and whites. Last clean in the fridge.

2. Dissolve the yeast in warm water with sugar, add flour and knead the dough. Put it in the heat. When bubbles appear on the surface, add yolks, salt and vegetable oil. Stir, gradually adding flour and pouring in warm milk. Leave the dough to warm for an hour. Squirrels beat in dense foam and put them into the dough in several stages. Immediately start to bake pancakes.

3. Heat the water. Dissolve sugar in it and boil. Boil over low heat for three minutes. Cool syrup to a warm state. Squirrels beat in a stable foam. Add vanilla sugar and, without stopping the beating, add a little sugar syrup. At the end add citric acid.

4. Collect the cake by stacking the pancakes and sandwiching them with custard. Decorate the cake with canned or fresh fruit.

Recipe 6. Pancake cake with custard, cherry and cottage cheese


thin pancakes - 21 pcs .;

pitted cherries - 300 g;

curd mass - half a kilo.


wheat flour - 50 g;

milk -? liters;

4 eggs;

granulated sugar - 100 g;

Mascarpone - 200 g

Method of preparation

1. Prepare thin pancakes. Cool them down.

2. Wash the cherry, remove it with a pin and place it on a sieve so that the juice stacks. On each pancake, apply a thin layer of curd mass. On the edge, place the cherry berries in one row and wrap tightly in a roll.

3. Boil milk for cream. In a separate deep dish, beat the eggs with flour and sugar. Pour some hot milk into the mixture and mix. Enter the milky-yolk mixture into the hot milk and set on the slowest fire. Boil until thick cream is obtained. Then cool it. Add mascarpone and beat everything with a mixer until smooth.

4. Place the pancake tubules in the shape of a pyramid, diminishing the pancakes in the next row. Coat each layer with custard. Top of the cake pour the remaining cream and garnish with cherries.

Recipe 7. Pancake cake with custard and strawberry



eggs - three pcs .;


flour - 300 g; vegetable oil - 50 ml;

500 ml of milk;

sugar - 60 g


half a pack of butter;

two eggs;

wheat flour - 75 g;

0.5 liters of milk;

vanilla - pod;

sugar - 100 g


powdered sugar - 100 g;

strawberry - half a kilo.

Method of preparation

1. Shake eggs with sugar and salt.

2. Add milk and sifted flour in small portions to the egg mixture, shaking with a whisk until smooth. Pour in vegetable oil and mix. Bake pancakes in the pan.

3. Cut the vanilla pod and remove the seeds. Boil the milk with vanilla seeds, remove from heat and leave to infuse for an hour.

4. Mix eggs with flour and sugar. Good rub. Heat the milk and add the egg mixture into it, constantly stirring with a whisk. Boil until thick, without stopping to mix. Remove from heat, add oil and stir.

5. Rinse the strawberries, sort them, set aside a couple of pieces for decoration. Put the rest of the berries in the bowl of the blender, add the powder and smash to the state of mashed potatoes.

6. Fold pancakes in a pile, smearing each with cream. Pour strawberry puree on top and garnish with berries.

Pancake with Quiche - Tips and Tricks

Bake pancakes thin, so the cake is soaked much better.

To make the cake smooth, put the pancakes in a pile and cut along the edges.

The custard should be thick enough so that it does not leak out.

If you add cocoa in the dough, you will get chocolate pancakes.

Top cake can be coated with icing.

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