Radish salad - a selection of the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to cook radish salad.

Radish salad - a selection of the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to cook radish salad.

Radish salad - general cooking principles

Radish, despite the sharp and peculiar taste, is widely used in cooking. This is possible due to the combination of radish with other ingredients, sausages, meat, fish, vegetables, and even fruit ingredients. The radish allows not only to be filled with new interesting dishes, salads and snacks, but also allows the body to enrich itself with useful microelements. The secret is that radish contains a large supply of ascorbic acid, who can form a defense against viral diseases. You can be sure if you use light radish salads several times a week, cold and ORVI will not be dangerous for you. Radish is an indispensable product in the winter and spring periods, when the body experiences serious discomfort and lack of vitamins.

Radish salad - preparation of products and dishes

Do you rarely want to get sick and feel comfortable, cook fresh radish salads. Fortunately, you can get this root vegetable all year round, and all sorts of recipes will allow you to prepare delicious and fresh salads from such a useful ingredient as radish every day. Fine salads can be prepared by combining radish with fresh cabbage, green onions and cucumbers. However, no less exciting combination of meat ingredients with radish. This option is more nutritious and satisfying. We will offer the most interesting recipes for salads with radishes, perhaps among them will definitely find a couple of recipes that will become your favorite.

Radish salad recipes:

Recipe 1. Radish salad with pickles

Perhaps we will begin our excursion on radish salads from winter dishes, which are based on the winter root vegetable. In addition to salad, this dish can serve as an appetizer for alcoholic beverages. At the festive table, alcohol will not be able to fool your mind.

Ingredients Required:

• 300 g - winter radish;

• 300 g - pickles;

• 200 g - canned tomatoes.

Ingredients for the sauce: • 4 tbsp. l - olive oil;

• 1 PC. - lemon;

• 50 ml - natural yoghurt.

Cooking Method:

Greater emphasis in this salad is on the sauce, but we will deal with it later. First, cut all the ingredients, dice the cucumbers, cut the tomatoes into small pieces, and grate the winter radish. Everything is cut, you can proceed to the main source of taste and aroma of this winter dish. So, mix the olive oil with natural yogurt and filter the juice from half a lemon. For a more refined taste, you can add a little spice to the sauce. The simplest thing is to fill the salad and serve it on the table. Salad will not be afraid of winter colds and diseases that so often attack the body during the winter.

Recipe 2. Radish salad - the easiest and fastest way

In the arsenal of each housewife should be a couple of recipes that can be prepared even in seconds. It's time to fill this list with another amazing recipe. Perhaps this salad is the simplest, but no less tasty and healthy dish that can be made from radish.

Ingredients Required:

• 350 g - radish;

• 1 bunch - fresh onions;

• 50 ml - vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

In this case, it is recommended to take spring varieties of radish. True, if you got bitter root vegetables, do not rush to despair. Grate the radish on a coarse grater or chop finely with a knife, then pour the root vegetables with boiling water. Immerse the radish in a colander and let the water drain. This procedure will allow you to get rid of the pungent smell and bitter taste of the product. After seasoning the roots with butter, season with salt and pepper, and sprinkle with chopped onions at the very end. Salad turned out to be minimal in calories, but very useful. If you do not follow your figure and the number of calories is not so important, this salad can be filled with mayonnaise.

Recipe 3. Radish salad with breadcrumbs

The second name of this dish is “Crunchy”, thanks to the use of crackers, which give the dish a characteristic crunch. Croutons can be used purchased, ready in the bags, but you can also cook yourself using the oven.

Ingredients Required: • 150 g - crackers;

• 300 g - radish;

• 1 bunch - green onions;

• 50 ml - kvass;

• 50 ml - vegetable refined oil.

Cooking Method:

Even doctors recommend at least once a week to prepare this salad, claiming that the person will feel much healthier. At the very beginning, you need to cut radish. Winter varieties are better to grate, and more tender roots cut into half rings with a knife. We put the radish in a salad bowl, crackers come here, sprinkle with chopped onions. It's time to start refueling. To do this, mix the bite with butter, it is better to choose refined varieties. Mix the salad with the mixture and serve immediately until the croutons are crisp.

Recipe 4. Radish salad with honey

So often it happens that the hostess has difficulties not with preparing the main course, but with the choice of a side dish, a light salad, which could help the body a little with the processing of heavier foods. So, if you decide to cook a pork or beef steak, serve this light but unique salad.

Ingredients Required:

• 1 tsp. - icing sugar;

• 300 g - radish;

• 1 tbsp. l - vinegar;

• 2 tbsp. l - honey

Cooking Method:

The organism suffers the greatest deficiency of vitamins during the winter period, which is probably why the tendency for radish salads increases by this period. So, we need a winter root crop of radish, peeled and cut into strips, you can grate, but through large holes. Who does not like the sharp smell of radish, can pour the product with boiling water. After rubbed radish, powdered with powdered sugar, cover and leave for a couple of minutes. During this time, radish will highlight the juice that needs to be drained.

Honey must be melted in a water bath. After we send the sweet dressing to the radish, here comes the vinegar. Mix and sit down at a delicious and healthy table. By the way, cinnamon is perfect as a seasoning for this salad.

Recipe 5. Radish salad with prunes

The recipe includes not only prunes and radish, but also beets. If we know a myriad of salads with beets and prunes, then prunes with radishes is a rare combination. However, choosing the right amount of ingredients you can cook a tasty and low-calorie dish that does not make you worry about your body shape. Required ingredients for dressing:

• 4 tbsp. l - olive oil;

• 1 PC. - lemon;

• spices and salt.

Ingredients for salad:

• 250 g - radish;

• 300 g - beets;

• 150 g - prunes.

Cooking Method:

In this dish, the taste of salad is largely determined by the beets. Try to pick tasty and juicy root vegetables. After boil them until cooked. Winter radish radish grated on the grater, pre-peeled. Cut the prunes, but before that it should be soaked for 20 minutes in boiling water, which will allow the prunes to keep soft.

Beets are cut into strips, mix with radish and chopped prunes. Salad is seasoned with butter and lemon juice. For refueling it is better to use table salt, you can add a pinch of cinnamon.

Radish salad - secrets and tips from the best chefs

Indeed, it is difficult to assume that from only one radish you can make such a range of interesting and healthy salads. However, we hasten to note that these are not all recipes that allow to cook amazing radish dishes. In addition to vegetables and dried fruits, radish goes well with dairy products. Combine radish with cottage cheese and taste the delicate and delicious salad. Grand delight allows you to experience a salad made from radish and walnuts. Enumerating the beneficial properties of this dish is endless, and the taste is just overwhelming. Radish is also cooked with mushrooms, you can fry them in a pan, and you can take marinated mushrooms. This option is perfect for holiday feasts. In general, the radish provides unshakable ground for experimentation and cooking interesting and unique salads. Food should be healthy, but very tasty!

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