What should not be put on the New Year's table and why?

What should not be put on the New Year's table and why?

Yellow earthen pig - the mistress of the next year. According to the eastern calendar, this unpretentious animal eats, loves almost all food and beverages, it is easy to please her, but you still need to know something. What is absolutely impossible to put on the festive table? Let's celebrate the New Year by all the rules!

What can not feed the mumps?

The first and main product that can not be put on the holiday table is pork. It is not only about meat, bacon and bacon. We carefully study the compositions of sausage, ham, purchased aspic, and other ingredients that will be used to make salads, appetizers, hot dishes. The mistress of the year will get angry if they want to eat her. Without jelly at all? Cooking it from beef, chicken, you can make fish aspic or beef tongue, for thickening we use ordinary gelatin.

The omnivorous mumps does not like artificial products, gives preference to all natural, natural, which is minimally processed. Therefore, it is better to cook dishes at home and on your own. Carefully study the composition of components.

What should not be in dishes, snacks:

  • chips;
  • purchased crackers;
  • semi-finished products;
  • fast food.
What should not be put on the New Year's table and why?

If the salad needs chips or crackers, then they are easy to make yourself. Use spices sparingly and in small quantities, no need to drown out the natural taste of the products. With care we add ready mixes of seasonings, their structure is far from ideal. Purchased mayonnaise is desirable to replace the home analogue. The sauce will please the composition, while simple and easy to prepare from the available ingredients.

By the way, the design of dishes is a very controversial point. On the one hand, people are trying to cajole the piggy, make decorations in the form of an animal, stick pork ears and heels into salads. On the other hand, edible decorations are eaten. Will the totem animal be offended? This question is still considered open, so no one came to a consensus.

What is not to water the yellow mumps?

On the table, you can put absolutely any alcohol, but try not to mix. Eliminate harmful drinks with chemical dyes, flavor enhancers, huge amounts of sugar in the composition. Pig does not like this, we focus on naturalness. It is advisable to pour alcohol from bottles into decanters and jugs of glass, crystal, or at least remove labels from the native tableware. What not to put on the table:

  • Coca-Cola, Fanta and other lemonades;
  • ready-made industrial cocktails;
  • energy;
  • packaged juices, nectars.
What should not be put on the New Year's table and why?

Instead of all this, you can make a compote of fresh or frozen fruits, berries, make juice, uzvar, homemade cocktails and fresh fresh juices.

Of alcoholic drinks, homemade wine, homemade liqueurs, home-brewed, brandy are ideal for a festive table.

Mulled wine will be a great choice on a festive night. Everything is possible, but not immediately. The expression “get drunk as a pig” has nothing to do with the symbol of the year.

Watch out for indigestion!

When you meet the year of the pig, it is possible (and even necessary) to eat nourishing, tasty, but you should not turn the festive feast into a gluttony. It is important to remember about the compatibility of products, as well as the rule of alternation: after a piece of meat, poultry, mayonnaise salads, we make a layer of fresh vegetables. They will improve digestion, and plant fiber will help to remove heavy compounds from the body, clean the intestines. The next day, the digestive tract will say thank you!

What do not put on the “right” table:

  1. Fresh vegetables with fatty dressings. There are usually a lot of hard snacks and dishes. It is better to put vegetable cutting without spices and sauces. In addition, as fresh food longer retain the appearance.
  2. Milk, sour cream, cottage cheese. They can not be combined with meat, fish dishes and alcoholic beverages. The body the next day will begin to rage. The exception is cheese and desserts using dairy ingredients.
  3. Heavy side dishes. Fried potatoes or rice with fatty dressings in combination with meat or fish - killing the body, stomach and body. It is reasonable to confine light vegetable side dishes, greens.
What should not be put on the New Year's table and why?

It is also important to remember about the norms of alcohol. If you want to meet the upcoming year and spend the whole night in good judgment, then we consume no more than 100 ml of alcohol per hour. Periodically be sure to get up, move.

What else will not like the New Year's pig?

If with the choice of dishes for the holiday table the question does not arise sharply, the pig is omnivorous, then you need to pay special attention to the design and setting. Down with plastic, cheap glass, oilcloth and synthetic tablecloths. We use dishes made of wood, glass and clay without fanciful elements. On the table we made a linen or cotton tablecloth. Gilt loves luxury, gold or silver embroidery, sparkles are allowed. What colors to exclude:

  • blue;
  • purple;
  • neon shades.

For table decoration, we use colors that are close to nature: yellow, orange, brown, celestial, terracotta, brick and green. Choose muted shades, they are perfectly combined with each other.

Do not put a vase with flowers on the table, it is better to appease the pig with fruits and vegetables.

If you want the year to bring prosperity into the house, then you cannot do without a pot of grain. You can put millet, corn, barley, rice in it or mix several types of cereal. It’s good if it is yellow.

What does the eastern calendar say

With trepidation, we are preparing for the 2019 meeting, we are trying to study all the nuances, exclude forbidden products, choose a suitable outfit, but we should not approach everything so scrupulously. No need to cheat yourself and get upset over accidentally eaten a piece of bacon or a drunk glass of Coca-Cola. All impossible to consider.

What should not be put on the New Year's table and why?

According to the Eastern calendar, the yellow earthen pig will take the reins in their claws only on February 5, 2019. Up to this point, the yellow earth doggie continues to rule. She loves a person, is faithful to him, ready to forgive any mistakes.

Let the holiday night give only positive emotions!

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