All that is necessary for happiness is a picnic in nature and grilled wings! Delicious marinades for grilled wings with wine, citrus, kefir, berries

All that is necessary for happiness is a picnic in nature and grilled wings! Delicious marinades for grilled wings with wine, citrus, kefir, berries

Camping with a shish kebab is one of the most favorite activities of citizens. You can cook a grill in the apartment using modern electrical appliances, but no fried meat can compare with the fact that it smells like the smoke of a real fire and fresh air.

How many variants of the marinade would not be offered by the producers, the best of them - only their own marinade, according to classic recipes and the most unusual. In addition, when there is confidence that the personally pickled meat will be the freshest, tasty and useful, there is confidence that the rest will benefit.

For example, for marinating and frying on the grill, choose the most budget option - chicken wings. He is the easiest. We collect a picnic bag, but before you go out of town, read which marinade is suitable for chicken meat, how to prepare it.

Grilled wings - features of cooking marinade

It never hurts to make sure that your knowledge and ideas on any issue are correct. Especially when it comes to healthy eating, getting only positive emotions during the “wild” rest, for which you need to prepare in advance.

Choosing wings. The benefits and enjoyment of food are the basis of cooking, but the real cook begins his work with the right choice of ingredients.

Try to avoid the meat that has been frozen. This is, at best, ordinary biomass, without taste or smell. Not for nothing, its cost is lower than that of fresh meat: the seller is not his enemy. Such meat can be revived by adding lots and lots of spices, spices, vinegar or wine, or juice, but why? Always keep in mind that the seller has already done everything possible to provide the product with the best presentation.

Chicken meat that has not been frozen has a pleasant pinkish tint, the skin is not sticky, the smell is characteristic of chicken meat, without any hints of rotting or injections for extending shelf life.

Domestic chickens are more often grown in free-range conditions, so their meat is tastier, has a fat layer that is melted when it is cooked on an open fire, drains onto hot coals and gives the same unique grill flavor with smoke. It is impossible to achieve such an effect at home, on an electric barbecue hut or grill, given the fire safety rules. Meat is selected - proceed to the preparation of the marinade. Here, too, have their subtleties.

Marinade has long been used to extend the shelf life of meat. So, it is necessary to take the meat out of the city, without a refrigerator, and have time to make a fire. Acetic or citric acid does not allow reproduction of putrefactive and other harmful bacteria. It also gives taste. Remember, these acids are found in many fruits and vegetables. Considering that a solution concentration of 3–15% is sufficient for preparing a marinade, the range of acidic ingredients expands significantly with ordinary fruit juices. Choose a favorite flavor that perfectly matches chicken meat. This may be the juice of citruses, apples, quince, pears, melons, wild berries, tomatoes. Do not be afraid to break stereotypes, because this is how new well-known recipes appear.

Can be used for marinade brandy, dry wine, wine vinegar, beer. Alcoholic beverages allow you to quickly marinate the meat, giving it a special flavor. You can marinate the wings in lactic acid, using yogurt, kefir or sour cream, but keep in mind that fermented milk bacteria will not help to save meat in hot weather, so you have to add citric acid to this marinade. But dairy products perfectly enhance the flavor of the spices, and if you need to emphasize the smell of dill, parsley, cilantro, mint, then whey will have the way.

Separately, a few words about marinade from mayonnaise: this is a sauce for cold dishes. In principle, if you like, add. It has vinegar, oil, mustard, but the percentage ratio of vinegar is not so large as to contribute to the preservation of meat.

It is advisable to include vegetable oil in the marinade for grilled wings. It perfectly absorbs the smell of spicy herbs and spices, protects the meat from drying during frying, while holding meat juice. Choose an oil with a neutral taste and smell, so that it does not drown out the smell of other marinade components. Oil with a more intense aroma can be used to impart a special flavor accent.

When adding spices to chicken meat, it is easy to create any flavor. Thanks to the Caucasian seasoning, you can get the grilled wings in a Caucasian way, Mediterranean herbs will give the character of Balkan cuisine to meat, Asian spices will give the opportunity to enjoy Oriental cuisine. It remains to balance the taste of meat with sugar and salt. Sugar when frying binds meat juice, but do not rush with the addition of salt. If you add it to the marinade immediately, it will dry the meat. Therefore, add it to the mixture of dry spices, which you need to rub the surface of the meat after pickling, just before frying. To prevent the dry spicy mixture from falling off into the fire ahead of time, it is desirable to cover the meat with a special solution that will hold the dry spicy mixture with salt, quickly create a ruddy crust when frying, sealing the juice inside. It is a mixture of syrup and mustard. Syrup, of course, can be replaced with honey. Choose a consistency in the range between liquid and medium, so that you can cover the meat with this honey-mustard syrup during frying, thereby enhancing the effect of golden brown.

Go to the marinade recipes.

1. Marinade for wings grilled from homemade fruit wine with nutmeg and rosemary

Ingredients for 1 kg of wings:

Wine, homemade apple (dry) 200 ml


Vegetable fat

For mop sauce:

Honey, liquid or syrup 50 g

Mustard, dry

Wine 100 ml

Dry mix, for rubbing:



Pepper Mix



Resin Wings After that, cut off the extreme phalanges, rinse and blot with a napkin. Fold in the prepared plastic bag. Wine mix well with vegetable oil and pour into the package. Put 2-3 cloves of minced garlic there. Close the bag tightly, shake so that the marinade covers everything. Put in the fridge for 2-3 hours.

After marinating, remove excess moisture with a napkin. Immediately before frying with a silicone brush, apply a small layer of honey and mustard mixture onto the surface of the wings. Sprinkle or roll them in a dry, spicy mixture.

Crush the Jamaican pepper and nutmeg, add in a mixture of large table salt, ground paprika and chili, rosemary.

2. Citrus marinade grilled wings

Ingredients for 1 kg of chicken meat:

Orange Fresh 200 ml

Lemon 1/2 pc.


Hot peppers

Garlic 20g

Parsley, fresh 100 g

Sesame oil 70 ml

Mop sauce:

Confiture or orange syrup 100 g Salt

Cognac 50 ml




Prepare juice from fresh citruses. To enhance the flavor, use zest: it is more convenient to remove it from citruses before extracting the juice. Add cinnamon and pepper to juice to taste. Crush the garlic and parsley by adding butter. Combine all the components of the marinade, and rub them well prepared wings. Fold them in a bag, close them tightly, add the marinade residues, shake. After a couple of hours, remove excess moisture from the wings by blotting it with a napkin. Brush with cooked sauce and start to fry. To prepare the sauce, combine all the ingredients to obtain a mixture of medium consistency (it should not drain from the surface of the meat). Mix the sauce well and grease the wings.

3. Japanese-style marinade grilled wings


Chicken Wings 1.0 kg

Soy sauce 400 ml

Ginger, ground 70 g (fresh)

Honey 100 g

Oil, sesame 120 ml

Vinegar, wine 150 ml

Curry 30g

Hot green pepper 50 g

Sesame seeds 100 g





Mix the soy sauce with honey, oil and vinegar, and add to these components all the spices, except salt and sesame seeds. Rub the wings, put in a bag for an hour or a half. After fry on both sides. Combine the fourth part of the marinade sauce with salt, sesame, add a little flour for the thickness. Stir and grease the almost finished wings, alternately, on each side, to give a crisp.

4. Mexican marinade grilled wings


Tomato puree 300 ml

Fresh paprika 150 g (net)

Hot pepper

Onions 200g

Olive oil 120 ml

Ground coriander

For mop sauce:





Dry white wine

Maple syrup


Chop the onion and paprika using a blender, add tomato puree, butter, hot pepper and ground coriander. Boil the marinade 10 minutes on low heat, cool and pour in the dry wine. Use part of the marinade for soaking the meat, and combine the remaining solution with plenty of chopped cilantro and parsley, garlic, salt and maple syrup, cook until thick. 2 hours after soaking the chicken in the marinade, blot with a napkin and fry. Serve thick sauce with prepared meat.

5. Grilled wings in fermented milk pickle


Kefir (natural yogurt) 2 cups

Lemon, medium 1 pc.


Pepper, ground (red and black)

Paprika, sweet dried

Mint, fresh



For crisp: a mixture of honey and mustard


Prepared meat, place in bulk dishes, and pour the fermented milk marinade. To make it, pour the kefir in a bowl, add the zest and lemon juice. Turmeric will give chicken meat a beautiful golden color. If you want to get a more pronounced oriental taste, then turmeric can be replaced with curry seasoning. Add all the spices to taste, but make sure that everything is balanced. Pour the meat with marinade and put in the refrigerator overnight, be sure to cover with film.

Before roasting, take out the meat, dry with a napkin and brush with a mixture of mustard, salt and honey.

6. Grilled wings in berry marinade


Cherry, gooseberry, currant (in assortment) 0.5 kg




Bay leaf

Pepper Mix


Sugar syrup



Chop the berries, garlic and spicy greens to a puree-like consistency. Add the spices. Try the marinade to taste. Process the prepared meat, carefully rubbing it with the prepared mixture.

This marinade recipe is also very good for duck, game, turkey, quail, pork, lamb and beef. Only chicken wings are enough to hold it for a couple of hours, and duck, game, turkey and other meats should be kept twice as long, and for more rigid meat it is advisable to add 100 ml of vodka or 50 ml of alcohol to the marinade. You can use rum, brandy, brandy, paying attention to the strength of the drink (at least 40%).

As usual, before frying, the meat is removed from the marinade, dried and rubbed with a mop-sauce, to give a crispy crust. When using this marinade, you can combine part of it with sugar syrup or honey, and lubricate portions of meat before frying.

Grilled Wings - Tips & Tricks

It is not necessary to immerse the meat in a large dish filled with marinade. This is inconvenient and not economical. It is enough to fold the meat in a plastic bag with a sealed clasp, put the necessary ingredients there, pour a small amount of the marinade, close tightly and put it in the refrigerator. For high-quality marinating the product, 20% marinade with respect to meat is sufficient.

Small portions of chicken meat are marinated fairly quickly. You can pour them with marinade a couple of hours before frying.

Old chicken needs to marinate longer. To fry the meat of an old bird faster and not be tough, add natural pineapple juice, strong wine or brandy to the marinade.

It is known that meat should be roasted on hot coals, and not over an open flame. But sometimes the fire breaks by itself - it is very difficult to control it. So that during the frying process it was easy to churn the flames, prepare in advance the fresh green leaves of cherry, apple and spicy herbs. You can throw fresh citrus peels into the fire. At the same time, the green mass will start smoking, reducing the temperature of the fire and preventing the flame from turning the dish into embers. The second benefit is that the spicy aroma of leaves and citrus peels will envelop the meat in the form of smoke. It is dizzying!

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