Strawberry jam without cooking - that's where the summer flavor! Recipes of different strawberry jam without cooking for a sweet life

Strawberry jam without cooking - that's where the summer flavor! Recipes of different strawberry jam without cooking for a sweet life

Strawberry jam - the dream of any sweet tooth!

Delicacy has an amazing taste of berries, if properly cooked.

The maximum flavor of summer is stored in a jam that is not heat treated.

But how to do it right?

Strawberry jam without cooking - general cooking principles

Usually for jam use different berries: broken, crushed, overripe. But this move does not work here. The billet is not subjected to heat treatment, so the strawberries must be clean, without traces of spoilage and rot. Otherwise, souring cannot be avoided.

General cooking technology:

1. Tails are removed from strawberries, spoiled and sorted out.

2. Berries are washed from dirt and dust.

3. Strawberries are spread in a large sieve or on a spreading diaper and allowed to dry.

4. Combine the main ingredient with sugar.

Berries can be harvested whole, cut into slices or cook mashed potatoes from them. The exact treatment depends on the formulation used.

Any jam is desirable to lay in sterile jars. This will prevent souring and premature molding. All utensils (spoons, bowls, pans) must also be clean, dry. Water for washing berries need to use drinking.

Recipe 1: Strawberry pre-brewing “Fast”

Recipe simplest strawberry jam without cooking, which requires storage in the refrigerator. To make it you need a blender.


• 0.5 kg of strawberries;

• 0.8 kg of sugar.


1. Wash the berries, remove the tails and lay out on a clean towel. Give dry.

2. Fold the strawberries in a bowl, add half of the sugar and whip with a blender.

3. Once all the grains have dissolved, add the rest of the sugar and whisk again. Now it will be harder for him to dissolve and some of the grains may remain. Over time, they will melt.

4. Put the prepared jam in pre-sterilized jars, close tightly with lids and send to the refrigerator.

5. The billet will perfectly stay for 3 months, if no debris, water or other impurities are inside.

Recipe 2: Strawberry jam without cooking with slices

Recipe for strawberry jam, which is also stored in the refrigerator, but it does not need to be mashed.


• 1 kg of berries;

• 1 kg of sugar.


1. The washed and dried strawberries cut into small pieces.

2. We put the berries in layers in an enamel or glass dish, pour each row of prescription sugar. The remains of the sand just pour out the top.

3. Cover the pot and leave it overnight or all day to highlight the juice.

4. Take a big spoon and mix. Leave for another hour.

5. Banks are treated over steam, dried.

6. Spill the jam and cork with sterile caps.

7. Sent to the fridge for storage.

Recipe 3: Strawberry jam without cooking berries

The recipe is very interesting jam, which is cooked only syrup. This technique allows you to keep the fresh taste and aroma of berries. But in order for everything to work out, and the workpiece is preserved, you need to precisely follow the technology.


• 2 kg of berries;

• 1 kg of sugar;

• 100 ml of water.


1. Wash the berries. It is advisable to use small strawberries. Large specimens can be cut into several pieces. For now we leave aside.

2. From the recipe water, boil the syrup with sugar, it will turn out to be very saturated, we begin to cook over low heat so that the sugar does not burn. Boil three minutes.

3. Fill strawberries with boiling syrup, cover and leave for an hour. The berries will make juice, the syrup will become thinner.

4. We throw the berries into a colander, let the new syrup drain and again set it on fire. Boil a couple of minutes.

5. Pour boiling syrup into berries, again leave for an hour.

6. Drain the syrup, boil it for the last five minutes. Berries at this time spread on sterile jars.

7. Fill strawberries with syrup, close the lids, you can roll up, it will be more reliable. Cool under a blanket and store in a cool cellar for storage. Can be left in the fridge.

Recipe 4: Strawberry preserves without boiling with warming

Option strawberry jam without cooking for those who do not like the crunch of sugar. The mass is not boiled, but heated on the stove until the grains are completely dissolved.


• 1 kg of strawberries;

• 1.5 kg of sugar.


1. We pour out the berries washed and released from tails in a pan or in a basin. 2. Add at once all the sugar, mix, leave for 3 hours to highlight the juice. You can do it the day before. It is better to cover the vessel so that nothing gets into it.

3. As soon as the strawberries give juice, stir and put the jam on the stove. Heat to 80 degrees and turn off. Stir.

4. After an hour, turn on the stove again and reheat again.

5. Repeat the procedure four times, and more.

6. For the last time, preheat the jam and, while it is hot, pour it into sterile containers. We cool and send for storage.

Recipe 5: Strawberry jam without cooking with lemon

A wonderful variant of raw strawberry jam with lemon. Fragrant citrus not only gives its taste, but also helps to preserve the workpiece and does not allow it to quickly disappear.


• 1 kg of strawberries;

• 1 big lemon;

• 1.2 kg of sugar.


1. Cut the washed berries in half and fill with sugar. Withstand 10 hours, it is advisable to stir occasionally, so that the grains dissolve.

2. Lemon washed and cut into several pieces to remove bones. If you leave them, then the jam will be bitter.

3. We twist the citrus through the meat grinder or grind in a combine.

4. Shift lemon into strawberry jam and stir again. If the grains of sugar are not dissolved, you can warm up a little bit on the stove a bit, but do not boil it.

5. Fold aromatic billet in sterile jars and put in the fridge.

Recipe 6: Strawberry jam without cooking with ginger and white chocolate

Recipe amazing strawberry jam without cooking, which is not worth a long time and needs to be consumed within a week. But this is not a minus of the recipe. Preparation can be a great addition for desserts, ice cream, baking.


• 1 kg of strawberries;

• 40 grams of ginger;

• 0.05 kg of white chocolate;

• 1 kg of sugar.


1. If the berries are large, then you can cut into pieces.

2. Fall asleep with sugar and leave for 10 hours to highlight the juice, it is desirable to stir.

3. Put the jam on the stove, heat it a little until the juice is dissolved, and pour the berries into a colander.

4. Ginger garnish fine chips or mash with a blender.

5. Add ginger to the juice and warm up to 80 degrees. 6. Break the chocolate into small pieces and add to the syrup, stir. You can not dissolve the tile completely, let the pieces remain.

7. Stir fragrant syrup with berries and you can lay out the blank in jars.

8. Store ginger jam for up to 10 days in the refrigerator.

Recipe 7: Strawberry jam with raspberries without cooking

Recipe of jam, which combines summer flavor and retains all the benefits of berries. Harvesting for those with whom they are sown at the same time.


• 0.5 kg of strawberries;

• 0.5 kg of raspberry;

• 1.6 kg of sugar.


1. We wash the strawberries and cut the berries into several pieces so that the pieces are small.

2. Add to the strawberries washed raspberries. It is not necessary to grind it, so it is well soaked with syrup.

3. Add sugar and stir. Leave for five hours.

4. We put on the stove and heat it over low heat to dissolve the remaining sugar.

5. Fold the mass in sterile containers, cork. Store in a cool place with a temperature not higher than 8 ° C.

Strawberry jam without cooking - useful tips and tricks

• Souring is a frequent problem of sweet preparations without cooking. Everyone knows about sterility, but few people pay attention to sugar. And after all, it is often found in it that litter, crumbs, various impurities. For jam, use only fresh sand from the packaging and in any case not from the sugar bowl.

• To prevent jam from mold on the surface or candied crust, you can simply powder the billet on top of the powder. And it is very important to seal the product.

• To prevent the preparation from being candied, you can add a little citric acid or fresh citrus juice to the jam and mix it.

• Many store jams in plastic bottles, and they are remarkably placed in the refrigerator door. But few people know that plastic releases a harmful substance bisphenol-A, which goes into jam and pollutes the human body.

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