Sweet cherry without sterilization - we save time, effort, vitamins! A selection of cool cherry preparations without sterilization for the winter

Sweet cherry without sterilization - we save time, effort, vitamins! A selection of cool cherry preparations without sterilization for the winter

Sterilization is a reliable way to preserve fruit from berries.

But it kills vitamins, distorts the taste and takes extra time.

There are wonderful ways to harvest cherries without sterilization.

Get to know them?

Sweet cherry without sterilization - general principles of preparation

Berries for preservation always get over. Removed tails. Damaged and wormy cherries should be thrown away immediately, they will not be useful. Next, the berries need to be washed. Better to do it twice. First, wash off the dust and dirt, then rinse with clean water. For this purpose it is convenient to use a large sieve or a colander.

In addition to sweet cherries, you can add other seasonal berries, fruits: strawberries, early cherries, apples. Often put lemon and other citruses. For flavor add cinnamon, mint leaves, vanilla, lemon balm. All ingredients must be clean.


The essence of the preparation of cherries without sterilization lies in a single or multiple pouring of the ingredients with boiling liquid. Sometimes they cook the syrup with sugar at once. A frequent guest in compotes is citric acid. After pouring and clogging the jars, you need to quickly turn over and cover with something warm. In the course you can put blankets, old winter clothes. In the process of slow cooling, further self-sterilization occurs. You can not disturb her. Banks are kept covered until completely cooled. Sometimes it may take several days.

How to prepare the dishes

Sterilization of cans and lids is a simple procedure. You can in the old-fashioned way to hold the container over the steam, and boil the lid. Very often, grandmothers simply washed the dishes with soda and roasted them in the sun for several days. Also an option, but not entirely reliable. You can warm the jars in the microwave, pouring some water. But it does not fit the capacity of large volume. A convenient way to sterilize dishes in the oven. You can lay a lot of cans and just warm up well.

Recipe 1: Sweet cherry compote without sterilization

Cool recipe simple and quick compote of cherries without sterilization. The berries retain their natural taste, the drink for the winter turns out to be saturated and very fragrant. Before use, it is desirable to give this blank to brew for at least a month. Calculation on one three-liter jar, in a smaller container such compote is better not to cook.


• 0.4 kg sweet cherries;

• 0.3 kg of sugar;

• 1 tsp. citric acid;

• 2.6 liters of boiling water.


1. Carefully sort out the berries and wash. Dry on a towel and pour into a sterile jar.

2. Add prescription sugar.

3. Immediately pour a teaspoon of citric acid. It is very important not to forget about it, since it serves as the main preservative and is responsible for the safety of the workpiece.

4. Now boil water for about three minutes. In the recipe indicated the approximate amount, and it depends on the size of the berries.

5. Fill with boiling cherries up to the neck.

6. Immediately roll the lid.

7. Now we take a jar from two sides and shake well. You can put on the side and just ride a few times. Use towels so as not to burn yourself. Sugar should break up.

8. Put the jar on the neck and cover it with something warm. We are waiting for complete cooling, sometimes it takes two days.

Recipe 2: Sweet cherry without sterilization with cooking syrup

For sweet cherry without sterilization according to this recipe, you will need to prepare a saturated sugar syrup from water. Citric acid is not added here. But if the berries are sweet and tasteless, then you can pour a teaspoon without a slide per liter of syrup.


• 1 kg of sweet cherries;

• 0.8 kg of sugar;

• 3 glasses of water.


1. Put the prescription water on the stove.

2. Pour sugar into it, stir it.

3. Cook the syrup first over low heat to dissolve all the grains. After that you can add a little. Boil the pot for at least three minutes. If you add lemon, then do it now. 4. While the syrup is being prepared, prepare the berries. Washed sweet cherry need to pierce with a fork.

5. Dip the berries in boiling syrup, boil for a minute and quickly spread on the banks.

6. Corked containers leave under a blanket for two days. Be sure to turn over.

Recipe 3: Sweet cherries without sterilization in their juice

A convenient recipe for making rich sweet cherries in your juice, for which only juicy berries are needed. The same way you can close the cherry. Preparation saves dishes, can be used for different desserts, as a jam, for the further preparation of beverages.


• 1 kg of sweet cherries;

• 0.4 kg of sugar;

• 1 tsp. citric acid.


1. We wash cherries, we prick each berry with a knife or fork. Fall asleep with sugar and leave for an hour. Must stand out juice and sugar completely wet.

2. Stir, add citric acid and set on a small fire. Slowly, regularly stirring, we melt granulated sugar.

3. As soon as the berries begin to boil, bubbles will go and the sugar will dissolve, take a big ladle.

4. Fold the blank into sterile jars, roll up quickly.

5. We turn over and under a blanket. We stand on the neck for two days.

Recipe 4: Sweet cherry without sterilization with honey

For the preparation of sweet cherry compote according to this recipe, you do not even need sugar. It is wonderfully replaced by honey. He also gives the workpiece an extraordinary aroma and pleasant aftertaste. But it is important that the honey was real, bought in a proven place. Calculation of ingredients for 3 liters.


• 0.35 kg sweet cherries;

• 80 grams of honey;

• 1 tsp. lemon leaves.


1. Put the washed berries into sterile jars. You can throw a stick of cinnamon or a vanilla pod. With them, cherry compote turns fragrant.

2. Boil water with honey and lemon for at least three minutes, so that all germs will die. 3. Fill the prepared berries with boiling water and immediately cork.

4. We overturn, we send under a warm blanket.

Recipe 5: Cherry compote without sterilization with mint and nutmeg

For this fragrant sweet cherry compote without sterilization, you will need nutmeg and some fresh mint leaves. It is she who will give the drink a refreshing aroma and accentuate the taste of summer berries.


• 0.3 kg sweet cherries;

• 7 mint leaves;

• 1 pinch of nutmeg;

• 1 tsp. citric acid;

• 230 grams of sugar.


1. Boil sugar with nutmeg and 2.6 liters of water. The calculation goes to one three-liter can of compote.

2. While the filling is being prepared, we rinse and sort out the cherries. We make in each berry a needle puncture.

3. Mint leaves are also washed and dried. Instead of ordinary mint, you can take lemon balm. The aroma of compote will be even more interesting.

4. Lay the sweet cherries together with the washed leaves in jars. Tanks must be sterilized.

5. Fill with boiling syrup, throw citric acid and quickly tighten the lid with a special key.

6. Cool compote in an inverted form under a warm cape. As soon as it reaches room temperature, the workpiece is sent to storage in the basement or in another cool room.

Recipe 6: Strawberries without sterilization with strawberries (with double filling)

Double pouring allows steaming berries and much more reliable than a single one. It is recommended for preparation of dense berries and fruits, just for cherry, sweet cherry, ranet.


• 0.15 kg sweet cherries;

• 0.15 kg of strawberries;

• 0.5 tsp. lemon;

• 160 grams of sugar.


1. Boil a little more than two and a half liters of water.

2. While the water boils, we put the washed berries into the jar. With strawberries remove tails.

3. Fill the contents of the jar with boiling water. Close the lid with holes, two minutes later pour all the liquid from the jar into an empty pan. 4. Add sugar, recipe lemon and boil pouring after boiling for two minutes.

5. Fill the re-berries in the bank, spin.

6. We turn over, we send under a warm blanket for self-sterilization. After complete cooling, sent to storage.

Recipe 7: Cherry without sterilization with lemon

It turns out that not only citric acid, but also citrus itself can be used for harvesting sweet cherry berries without sterilization. Similarly, prepare a compote with oranges.


• 0.35 kg sweet cherries;

• 5 slices of lemon;

• 0.35 kg of sugar;

• 1 tsp. dried peel;

• 1 leaf of mint or lemon balm.


1. In banks lay the washed berries cherries.

2. We throw lemon slices and zest. It is easy to remove from the whole citrus using an ordinary grater. After cutting it is already difficult to do.

3. Throw one leaf of mint or lemon balm. It will give a special aroma and emphasize the taste of citrus.

4. Boil prescription sugar in two liters of water for several minutes. Separately put the kettle.

5. Fill the berries with syrup and top up with boiling water from the kettle or simply from another saucepan.

6. We twist a cover, we send under a blanket.

Recipe 8: Sweet cherry without sterilization in a syrup with triple pouring

The beauty of this recipe is that the jar is full of berries. In winter, they can be used for different desserts, baking. Per liter capacity will take about 600 grams of berries and 0.5-0.6 liters of potting.


• 1 liter of water;

• 0.5 kg of sugar;

• 1.4 kg sweet cherries;

• 2 grams of lemon.


1. We sort out and wash the cherries. We spread on a clean towel and let it dry well, there should not be any water droplets.

2. Put the berries in two-liter jars to the top.

3. Fill with boiling water, cover and leave for five minutes.

4. Drain the liquid in a saucepan, boil.

5. Fill the berries again, stand five minutes again. 6. We merge the received liquid, we measure liter and we put on fire. Add sugar with citric acid, boil syrup for about three minutes, it can take a little longer.

7. Fill the berries last time, cork. We send to cool under a blanket, turning upside down.

Sweet Cherry without Sterilization - Tips and Tricks

• To easily drain syrup from a can or just water, you can use a special lid with holes. Such a device with a spout is especially convenient. The liquid does not splash and it is easy to direct it to the right place.

• Drops of water on the berries reduce sterility, contribute to the rapid cooling of the fill and dilute the taste of the workpiece. To prevent this from happening, the sweet cherry must be dried well before use.

• Sugar lowers the sterility of the workpiece and also contributes to the rapid cooling. If you are preparing a very sweet compote, then it is better to cook syrup from the sand and only then pour the berries.

• A teaspoon of acid is added to a three-liter jar of compote. But this is not the rule. If sweet cherry is fresh and tasteless, then you can add more lemon.

• Citrus peel in perfect harmony with the cherry. Any hostess should have a billet of dried lemon peel, which is very convenient to add to the sweet billet.

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