Raspberry Jam

What a delight - raspberry jam! In winter, you will open a jar of this ruby ​​delicacy, inhale the raspberry flavor - and transfer to the summer raspberry, sunny green, fragrant, riddled with rays and the sun warmed up, where sweet berries sparkle on the bushes!

Raspberry Jam

So let's quickly collect raspberries and harvest jam for the winter. Like the black currant, raspberry is a wonderful remedy for winter colds. A cup of raspberry tea - antipyretic no worse than pharmacy “terraflu”, is even better, because it is tastier and healthier. The raspberry contains salicylic acid, which reduces the temperature without harm to the body. And raspberry raises appetite! And all its useful properties, surprisingly, remain even after heat treatment. Therefore, if black currant is better to stock up without cooking, then you can make tasty and healthy jam from raspberries.

Ingredients for raspberry jam:

  • Per 1 kg of raspberry 0, 8 - 1 kg of sugar;
  • A pinch of citric acid.
Raspberry Jam

How to make raspberry jam:

Unlike other berries (strawberries, currants), raspberries do not need to be washed. It ripens high on the bushes, so after a rain the berries remain clean. And if you try to wash the raspberries, tender berries will turn into puree. Therefore, we simply sort them out so that the sepals, dry leaves and goosebumps do not get into the jam - we let the inhabitants of the raspberry jam go free, let them live. We take the appropriate volume of dishes (pot, bowl), the best of stainless steel. It is not worth cooking raspberry jam in aluminum cookware, since oxidation occurs when it comes in contact with the container walls, the jam loses its beneficial properties, but a metallic taste can be acquired. Enameled dishes can be used, but in it the jam can burn, and then it will be very difficult to wash the bowl.

Raspberry Jam

Pour into layers in a dish: raspberry - sugar - raspberry, and so on. For 2 cups of raspberry - about a glass of sugar. Pour the remaining sugar on top.

The raspberries sprinkled with sugar can be left for several hours or even for the night, which is very convenient if you are tired after picking raspberries and want to rest, and not to make jam on the same day. After standing, the raspberry will put the juice in, and you will not need to add water or syrup to the jam, it will turn out to be saturated, with a bright raspberry color and taste. By the way, to maintain a bright beautiful color, pour a pinch of citric acid into the jam while cooking - the raspberry will not turn brown, but will remain ruby.

Raspberry Jam Raspberry Jam Raspberry Jam

When the raspberries make juice, it's time to make jam. Put the dishes with berries on a small light and heat. First, the sugar will melt, then the jam will begin to slowly boil and foam. It is not necessary to mix, so as not to knead the berries - it is better to raise the pan, take the handles with tacks, and shake gently, shake - the jam will mix, and the raspberries will not melt, but will remain almost whole berries. With the same purpose, do not give the jam to boil strongly. Boil the raspberries on low heat for 10-15 minutes, turn them off and leave for several hours.

Raspberry Jam

Then bring the raspberry jam to the boil again, cook for another 15 minutes. You can remove the foam with a spoon, and then eat it - it is very tasty.

Raspberry Jam

Hot raspberry jam is poured into sterile jars and rolled up with lids, screwed or with a sealing key. Before cooling, keep jam wrapped up, then put in storage in a cool place.

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