Dandelion jam: is it tasty? How to cook dandelion flower jam

Dandelion jam: is it tasty? How to cook dandelion flower jam

Once at a party I was treated to an incomprehensible, unlike anything “jam” - a transparent, sunny color with a honey aroma. It turned out - dandelion jam.

It is very interesting: how it tastes, whether the plant benefits it and how it is boiled.

ATTENTION! Not all dandelions are suitable for jam. More on this later.

The benefits of dandelion jam

Dandelion flowers contain organic gums, vitamins of various groups, glycosides, essential oils, saponins and other useful substances. Even in ancient Russia, tea from dried or fresh dandelions was treated for a cold, lingering cough, diseases of the liver, kidneys, and joints. As for jam, then part of the nutrients dies with increasing temperature, water-soluble vitamins practically does not remain. But, something nevertheless remains.

How useful dandelion jam:

  • Treats respiratory and bronchopulmonary diseases, improves the discharge of sputum, reduces cough. Jam can be an alternative to honey, if it is not tolerated.
  • It cleanses the liver, kidneys, blood vessels, lowers cholesterol and dissolves plaque, promotes the removal of bile from the body.
  • Increases tone and endurance, improves health, gives strength. It is useful to use in the winter when the body lacks sunlight and vitamin D.
  • Antioxidants, which are contained in dandelion jam, inhibit aging, prevent the formation of tumors, keep skin young.
  • Displays swelling. Jam can be taken during pregnancy, but after consultation with the doctor.
  • Strengthens immunity. Dandelion jam is useful to use in the season of viruses and colds, it will help the body to resist pathogens.

There are a lot of useful properties of jam. This simple and cheap delicacy will give health, replace harmful sweets, protect the whole family from diseases, while simply preparing. Boil it under the power of any hostess.

What does dandelion jam taste like?

For many people, dandelion is associated with bitterness. Stems and leaves really have an unpleasant taste. As for the flowers from which the jam is prepared, they are not bitter at all. If you make jam only from flowers and sugar, then it will turn cloyingly sweet, like syrup. When used, it feels rich aroma of flowers, pollen, honey aftertaste remains. It is for this reason that the treat is called dandelion honey.

Often there is a lemon in the recipes. It enhances the beneficial properties of jam, adds its taste, dilutes the sweetness, besides being a preservative. Sometimes jam is prepared with orange or other citrus, less often added mint, lemon balm, cinnamon. All of these ingredients affect the taste.

Dandelion jam: is it tasty? How to cook dandelion flower jam

What dandelions to use for jam

Jam is made from spring dandelions only. In most regions of Russia, they bloom in May. Flowers are used without stems and leaves, but with a green cup. Sometimes only yellow needle-shaped petals break off, but this is unnecessary.

You need to collect dandelions for jam in clean places away from the road, working plants and other pollutants. We choose only blooming flowers without ripening. Usually in recipes they are listed in pieces, you can immediately count the right amount.

It will be useful to set the time for collection and preparation, since the picked flowers will not be stored. They need to use the next 3-4 hours. If this did not work out, then the flowers can be dried, and for the jam you will have to pick new dandelions.

Recipe for dandelion jam with lemon

The most common recipe for dandelion jam. Delicacy will please with a rich taste, it really looks like honey. Preparing in two stages, at one time to cook will not work. Lemon take a small size, you can replace the orange or other citrus.


  • 200 dandelion flowers;
  • 1 lemon;
  • 700 g of sugar;
  • 0, 5 l of water.

Preparation Method

  1. Pour the flowers of dandelions, cover them with water, stir well, rinse, drain into a colander. Leave for half an hour, let the water drain.
  2. Lemon will be used with the peel, we wash the poet thoroughly, pour boiling water over it. Then cut into thin slices, remove the bones in the process.
  3. We combine lemon and dandelions in a saucepan, add water, put it on the stove. Bring to a boil, reduce the fire, cover. Tomim on minimum heat for about ten minutes. Then turn off the stove, leave to insist on the day or at night.
  4. Strain the infusion. It is better to use two layers of gauze, through it and carefully squeeze all the liquid. The flowers should remain practically dry.
  5. Add prescription sugar to the infusion, put it on the stove, melt it and bring to a boil.
  6. We turn down the fire, prepare the jam for about half an hour, do not let it boil actively. Foam, which will be formed, carefully remove the spoon.

Finished dandelion jam should be poured into sterile jars, after cooling it should be hermetically sealed. You can store it even at room temperature, but it is better to clean it in a cool place, protect it from sunlight.

How to eat jam

This is the usual jam in which you can dip pancake. It can also be served separately in a vase or bowl, there is a spoon. If the delicacy is prepared for medicinal purposes, then it is taken daily for 3-4 weeks separately from the main meals. Can be combined with light snacks: drinks, fruits, dairy products. Why not fill the dandelion honey cottage cheese? When coughing, cold, runny nose, jam is added to herbal tea or eaten with a bit of sugar. The daily portion should not exceed 5 spoons. On average, an adult will need about three liters of dandelion honey for treatment and recuperation.

Possible harm of dandelion jam

There is a lot of pollen in the jam, which can cause allergies, like lemon (if it is added by prescription). Care should be taken delicacy to people who are overweight. Since it mainly consists of sugar, the caloric content is quite high, on average, it ranges from 190 to 250 kcal. In addition, the product affects the content of insulin in the blood, causes fluctuations in it, can provoke a sharp feeling of hunger, subsequent overeating.

The main contraindications:

  • diabetes;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • gallstones;
  • increased acidity of the stomach.

If there are no such diseases, then you can safely try the jam, use it for various purposes, but observing the measure. Any medicine can become poison if you use it in unlimited quantities.

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