Gingerbread at home - recipes. Gingerbread cookies on kefir, gingerbread honey: how to make delicious gingerbread at home

Gingerbread at home - recipes. Gingerbread cookies on kefir, gingerbread honey: how to make delicious gingerbread at home

Homemade gingerbread has always been considered one of the symbols of the holiday, joy and fun.

Honey sweet gingerbread brought as a treat, and grandmothers delighted their grandchildren with gingerbread on kefir.

If you don’t already remember how tasty home-made gingerbread is, we advise you to use simple recipes for making honey-cakes and gingerbread on kefir, giving your family a real pleasure.

Gingerbread at home - recipes. Gingerbread on kefir, gingerbread honey - general principles of cooking

Gingerbread on kefir. Cooking this delicious homemade baking does not require a lot of time and effort, products are available and almost always have in the fridge.

The main ingredients are kefir, sugar and flour. Kefir is best to take fresh, any fat content, flour should be sifted in order to saturate it with oxygen. Also in the dough may include eggs, sour cream and other products.

First, mix all the liquid ingredients, then pour dry foods into the mass, kneading the gingerbread dough. Additionally, you can add candied fruits, chocolate, nuts. To impart a special taste and aroma, add peppermint essence, cocoa powder, citrus peel.

Honey gingerbread. Honey cakes can be made of several kinds, chouxes are especially popular. You can also treat yourself to a delicacy during the Great Lent period; neither eggs nor fermented milk products are added to the dough.

The cooking process is similar to the way the gingerbread is prepared on kefir, but in the case of honey gingerbread, honey itself plays the main role.

Honey is best to take liquid, but if you have a candied product - do not worry, you can melt it in a water bath. For cooking use different varieties of honey: buckwheat, floral, lime and others.

The most important thing that you should know when kneading dough, it should be well kneaded - for 8-10 minutes, no less. So the products will be softer, softer and more airy. Gingerbread can be eaten immediately after preparation, but to give them a special taste, aroma and aesthetic appearance, it is best to cover them with icing.

Gingerbread. It is easiest to make sugar icing, you only need sugar and water. Both ingredients are mixed and languished over low heat until a sturdy state is acquired.

In addition, you can make chocolate icing or fudge. Well, if you don’t bother too much, it’s permissible to cover gingerbread with regular icing sugar.

Recipe 1: Brewed honey cakes at home


• kilogram of flour;

• pound of sugar;

• 300 grams of honey;

• four eggs;

• 200 grams of oil;

• 250 ml of water;

• favorite spices.


1. Pour 130 ml of water into a thick-walled pot, heat it to 60 degrees.

2. Add honey, 300 grams of granulated sugar, heat, stirring, to 90 degrees.

3. Add butter, spices, eggs. Mix all ingredients well.

4. Cool the mixture to 60 degrees, add sifted flour, quickly knead the dough.

5. Roll the finished dough into the layer of the desired thickness, but in order for the gingerbread to not turn out to be harsh, the thickness should be at least 1.5 cm.

6. Cut the desired shapes, for this you can use special molds or a sharp knife.

7. Put the honey cakes on a greased baking sheet, you can cover the sheet with oiled paper.

8. Bake at 220 degrees for 25 minutes.

9. While gingerbread is baked, make the icing: pour the remaining sugar with half a glass of water, boil the mixture over low heat until it acquires a stretching consistency. If desired, you can add vanilla.

10. Dip hot gingerbread in icing, dry and cool, laying on parchment paper.

Recipe 2. Gingerbread honey lean at home


• kilogram of flour;

• 250 grams of honey;

• 200 grams of sugar;

• pinch of soda;

• 150 mo water.


1. Pour water into a saucepan, add sugar, add honey, mix. 2. Bring the mixture to a boil, cool to room temperature.

3. Pour the sifted flour, add soda. Knead the dough. At this point, if desired, you can add cinnamon or cardamom to pastries.

4. Remove the dough to the side for 30 minutes, then roll it into a layer and cut the gingerbread of the desired shape.

5. Sprinkle the baking tray with flour, carefully put gingerbread.

6. Bake for 20 minutes in an oven preheated to 220 degrees.

7. Finished gingerbread can be decorated with chocolate or sugar icing. Also, from this honey dough, you can bake gingerbread with a filling, where any ingredients can become fillers: jam, jam, nuts and other products.

Recipe 3: Honey gingerbread on kefir at home


• 500 ml of kefir;

• 100 grams of sour cream;

• two eggs;

• 850 g of sugar;

• 60 g of honey;

• pinch of soda;

• 600 g of flour;

• a glass (250 ml) of water;

• vegetable oil.


1. Beat the eggs in a bowl, beat them with two cups of sugar and honey.

2. In another bowl, mix the yogurt and sour cream, add soda. Beat with a whisk to form an air foam.

3. Combine both mixtures, pour a couple of spoons of vegetable oil.

4. Pour the sifted flour, mix gently, and then knead the elastic, not sticky dough.

5. From the finished dough to form a kind of ball, put it in a dry bowl, cover with a towel, set aside for half an hour to the side.

6. Roll out a layer two centimeters thick, cut gingerbread.

7. Bake the product, putting it on the oiled baking sheet for 30 minutes at 200 degrees.

8. From the remaining sugar and water, cook a boiling syrup.

9. Cool gingerbread cookies, put in a deep pan, pour hot mixture and mix thoroughly.

Recipe 4: Mint gingerbread on kefir at home


• pound of sugar:

• half a liter of kefir;

• 50 ml of sunflower oil;

• a tablespoon of vinegar and a pinch of soda;

• three glasses of flour;

• a teaspoon of mint essence.

Preparation: 1. Pour kefir in a bowl, add sugar and sunflower oil, mix. Add a drop of mint essence, hydrated soda, mix again.

2. Gradually pour the sifted flour in small portions, kneading not too steep and thick dough.

3. Roll out the dough into the layer of the desired thickness, cut out the figures.

4. Bake 40 minutes in the oven heated to 180 degrees.

5. Finished gingerbread can be coated with icing or left in this form, tasty and so and so.

Recipe 5: Curd gingerbread on kefir at home


• 450 grams of flour;

• 300 grams of cottage cheese;

• 120 ml of kefir;

• egg;

• half a pack of margarine (80-100 grams);

• 150 g of sugar;

• pinch of baking powder;

• 150 g of powdered sugar;

• 60 ml of lemon juice.


1. Grind the egg with sugar, pour into the mass of yogurt, put the curd, mix well.

2. Pour the sifted flour, baking powder into the mass.

3. Add melted, cooled margarine. Knead soft dough.

4. Roll out the dough, cut out the figures.

5. Put gingerbread on greased parchment paper.

6. Bake for half an hour at 200 degrees.

7. Cool the finished products and pour glazes made from lemon juice and powdered sugar.

Recipe 6: Chocolate gingerbread cookies on kefir at home


• a glass of kefir;

• one and a half glasses of sugar;

• 50 ml of oil grow .;

• one egg yolk;

• A handful of ground peanuts;

• two glasses of flour;

• half a teaspoon of soda;

• two egg whites;

• 30-40 grams of cocoa;

• at will vanillin.


1. Pour kefir into a deep container, add a glass of sugar, soda, crushed peanuts and yolk. Mix well the mass.

2. Pour the flour and two spoons, knead the dough.

3. Roll out the dough into a layer and a half centimeters thick on a floured table.

4. Cut with the help of glass circles.

5. Put gingerbread on a greased baking sheet, bake at 190 degrees for 25 minutes.

6. Prepare chocolate cream from egg whites, half a cup of sugar and two spoons of cocoa with vanilla: add everything into one bowl and beat well. 7. Chocolate flavored hot gingerbread topping.

Gingerbread at home - recipes. Gingerbread on kefir, gingerbread honey - secrets and subtleties

• Reach all required foods about an hour before cooking so that they are at the same room temperature.

• If suddenly your gingerbread is burnt - do not worry. Before filling them with glaze, cool the products, and scrape off the burnt places with a knife.

• To prevent gingerbread cookies from burning and sticking to the baking sheet, use parchment paper for baking.

• It is best to store ready-made honey cakes and gingerbread cookies on kefir in a plastic bag or in a bowl covered with a towel, so they will not dry out and remain soft.

• If you doubt your oven, then check the readiness of the gingerbread is not by the hour, and piercing pastries with a toothpick. If the dough does not stick and the toothpick is dry, the gingerbread is ready.

• When making honey cakes, do not overheat the honey, because when boiling this ingredient acquires a taste that is not peculiar to honey, losing its flavor.

• If you put spices in the dough: cinnamon, coriander and others, proceed carefully, put a little, just to add flavor.

• You can also add raisins, coconut chips, lemon or orange zest, candied fruits, nuts, and more to the gingerbread dough to give your products a special flavor.

• Honey cakes are especially tasty and fragrant, if you use buckwheat honey.

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