How to cook wild garlic

How to cook wild garlic

In the North Caucasus, ramson is one of the most popular foods. Arrows bearish onions, as locals call it locals, appear in early spring, and in some regions in late February. At this time, the body especially needs vitamins and minerals that wild garlic is rich in. Therefore, the locals enjoy eating it fresh, used to make salads, soups, and main courses. The unique taste of wild garlic is also familiar to residents of other countries. For example, in Germany they even hold a festival where skillful cooks and experienced housewives present various dishes from this healthy and aromatic plant. If you have the opportunity to purchase or collect a bear onion, you should learn how to cook wild garlic, and start preparing dishes from this unique product.

Cooking Features

The process of cooking wild garlic has its own specifics, but is neither complicated nor long. Knowing the basic rules of making a bear onion, even an inexperienced hostess can make a tasty salad, soup or main course.

  • Leaves and wild garlic are used for culinary purposes, however, shooters are considered suitable for human consumption only by young ones. Buying wild garlic on the market, it is better to give preference to shooters having bright tips.
  • Arrows of wild garlic are pretty tough, so without boiling them they are used only for making seasonings that resemble adjika. For its preparation, the arrows are ground using a meat grinder to a puree state. In other cases, wild garlic is subjected to heat treatment - stewed or boiled, and sometimes boiled first, and then further stewed, fried or baked, used to make fillings for cakes and pies.
  • Boiling wild garlic makes it possible not only to soften it, but also to get rid of the pungent smell.
  • Before boiling, wild garlic is washed and cut into pieces of the size needed to prepare the selected dish. You can first chop it coarsely, and after cooking, grind it additionally.
  • It is recommended to add salted wild garlic 2-3 minutes before the end of cooking, not earlier.
  • To make the garlic more delicate in taste, boil milk or butter in water.
  • When boiling, wild garlic is usually dipped in already boiling water, but some recipes suggest a different cooking technology.

The heat treatment time of wild garlic depends on what kind of result the cook wants.

Cooking time

Cooking time of wild garlic depends on the way it is cooked and the purpose of boiling.

  • In the soup of garlic should be soft, so it is boiled for 10-15 minutes, pre-cut into small pieces.
  • If wild garlic is prepared to be consumed as an independent snack, then the cooking time is 5-7 minutes.
  • For most salads, as well as for subsequent roasting or stewing, used as a filling for patties, ramson is not required to bring to readiness. It is enough to boil it for 2-4 minutes to make it a little softer, but it would remain firm and crispy.
  • If you want to boil wild garlic in a slow cooker or steamed, it is advisable to double its cooking time.

The longer the heat treatment of wild garlic will be, the less nutrients will remain in it, but the more tender it will be to taste.

Ramson for salad


  • wild garlic - 0, 2 kg;
  • water - how much will leave;
  • salt - to taste.

Preparation Method:

  • Wash the wild garlic, cut into pieces of the desired size, pour into the pan.
  • Fill the wild garlic with water so that the liquid covers it completely.
  • Place on the stove, bring to a boil over medium heat.
  • Reduce heat, add salt, cook for 2-3 minutes.
  • Throw the ramson into a colander, let it drain.

After the ramson has cooled and dried, it can be used to make a salad or other cold snack.

Ramson in milk


  • wild garlic - 0.5 kg;
  • water - 2 l
  • milk - 1 l;
  • butter - 50 g;
  • salt - to taste.

Preparation Method:

  • Wash the ramson, cut it into pieces about 3 cm long, fold it into a large saucepan - the ramson is light and takes up a lot of space.
  • Boil the water. Put the ramson into it.
  • Cook the ramsberry for 2-3 minutes, add some salt and continue to cook for the same amount.
  • Add warm milk, continue cooking the ramson for another 2 minutes after boiling the liquid in a saucepan.
  • Throw the ramson into a colander, pour the melted small, mix.

Cooked wild garlic in this recipe can be served as a hot snack or side dish.

Ramson in tomato juice for the second


  • wild garlic - 0.5 kg;
  • water - how much will leave;
  • tomato juice - 0.5 l;
  • salt - 15 g;
  • sugar - 10 g;
  • onions - 0, 2 kg;
  • refined vegetable oil - 100 ml;
  • hops-suneli - to taste.

Preparation Method:

  • Wash the wild garlic, put it into a large saucepan - the wild garlic is light and takes up a lot of space.
  • Pour water into the pan so that it covers the ramson almost completely.
  • On medium heat, bring the contents of the pan to a boil. Add 2 teaspoons of salt, boil the ramson for 3 minutes. Drop in a colander.
  • Onion, freeing from the husk, cut into thin half-rings.
  • Heat the oil in a deep frying pan, put the onion in it and fry it until golden brown.
  • Transfer to the onion ramen. Fry for a couple of minutes with it.
  • Fill the products with juice mixed with salt, sugar and hops-suneli. Extinguish the food in it for 5 minutes.

Meals prepared according to this recipe can be served as a hot or cold snack. Also, it will serve as a good addition to meat dishes.

Ramson is an aromatic plant, taste and aroma reminiscent of garlic. She appears in early spring. Rich in nutrients and possessing a unique taste, it is in demand in cooking. If you know how and how much to cook it, you can make salads, side dishes, hot and cold appetizers, soups from it.

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