Wild garlic salad

Have you tried the most spring salad? No, we are not talking about “Mimosa” - it is spring only in design, but not in composition. And it's not even about the first greens - spinach, lettuce and all the other pastures are better to buy in early spring - there is a risk that there are more nitrates there than vitamins - and later, when the soil greens appear. A clean, real, first greens for the most useful salad can be found ... in the forest! Guess? Of course, this is ramson, it is wild garlic or bear onions.

Wild garlic salad

Why such a name? But because for sleepy hungry bears of ramson - the best breakfast after hibernation! There are no berries yet, but vitamin greens after winter are useful even for a bear. And you try it - the taste is much brighter than homemade green onions grown on a window sill or in a vegetable garden. Although forest garlic can be grown in the garden.

And if you collect wild garlic in the forest, be careful not to confuse it with the leaves of the lily - the form is very similar. But it is easy to check whether the ramsha is in front of you: it is enough to rub a leaf - the characteristic garlic flavor is recognized immediately.

Bright, impetuous, like green arrows, wild garlic leaves make their way through last year's foliage and reach for the spring sun. Prepare salad with wild garlic - and the unstoppable energy of spring nature will charge you too!

Ingredients for ramson salad

  • A bunch of wild garlic;
  • 1-2 eggs;
  • 2-3 tablespoons of sour cream;
  • Salt to taste.
Wild garlic salad

Preparation of wild garlic salad

Since the stems of wild garlic are cut off near the ground, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse them before cooking. First, put the leaves in a bowl of cold water for five minutes. Do not drain the water, but catch the ramson - and you will see that particles of soil from the leaves have settled at the bottom of the bowl. Now carefully wash the leaves in running water.

Wild garlic salad

Then the ramson needs to be cleaned. See, each stem is “dressed” in a translucent case? This cover must be removed, and the leaves themselves will go to the salad. Arrows with buds can also be eaten.

Boil a hard boiled egg, peel and dice. Greens are also finely chopped. Optionally, you can add to the salad of wild garlic and other herbs: onions, a couple of dill, parsley - but not necessarily, wild garlic is tasty and healthy by itself. And its bright taste will overshadow all other components.

Wild garlic salad Wild garlic salad Wild garlic salad

Mix the products in a salad bowl, add salt, season with sour cream.

Serving spring salad freshly prepared - so you get the maximum benefit from it. Very good salad with wild garlic is combined with mashed potatoes, rice garnish, and you can devour a plate of salad and just with bread.

Wild garlic salad

Bon appetit!

What kind of spring salads do you like to cook? Share the recipe in the comments to the article. We will be very grateful to you!

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