How to store kebabs

How to store kebabs

Barbecue refers to classic meat dishes. For cooking kebabs use different types of meat, but in many ways its taste depends on the marinade. Usually, meat cooked on skewers is eaten immediately, but it also happens that it needs to be preserved. In the process of preserving both the finished and the pickled kebabs have their own subtleties.

Kebab Storage Features

First of all, the freshness of the meat affects the shelf life of the kebab. The fresher the meat, the longer the skewers will not spoil. Choosing meat for kebab, pay attention to its color. The beef should be moderately red, the pork and veal should be light pink, and the lamb should be bright red. It is important that the meat is neither weathered nor too watery. Both that, and another indicates staleness of a product. Fresh quality meat is dense and elastic, has a faint pleasant smell. Sour and musty are inherent in stale meat.

Marinated skewers

  • How much the marinated skewers will stay fresh in the fridge depends largely on the marinade used. Products such as onions, vinegar, lemon juice, garlic and pepper increase the shelf life of the pickled product. It is also worth noting that kebabs are better stored if you use salt enriched with iodine instead of salt. Vegetable oil also extends the shelf life of meat. If you want the kebab to be kept as long as possible before frying, do not use kefir, mayonnaise, sparkling water, wine and beer. The first two products will start to sour in a day, and the rest accelerate the process of marinating meat, which is why the shelf-life of the kebab in the marinade is reduced.
  • A glass container should be used to store meat in the marinade. For example, glass jars are perfect. Enamelware, if it does not have chips, can also be used to preserve the marinated kebabs. Containers made of ceramic and stainless steel are also acceptable. But from the iron utensils must be abandoned. The metal reacts with the product, as a result of which it will deteriorate very quickly.
  • If you purchased marinated kebabs in a store, store it in accordance with the recommendations on the package. It is advisable to store purchased meat in marinade for no more than a day, and it is best to start cooking it immediately. After all, the exact date of manufacture of the product is unknown, besides, the buyer does not know how much the meat was stored before it was pickled.

Ready shish kebab

  • The cooked kebab, after it has completely cooled, should be placed in a refrigerator in an enamel bowl or a deep earthenware bowl. On top of the dish must be covered with several layers of cling film.
  • In order not to spoil a ready-made barbecue during a picnic, it is recommended to put it in a tightly closed container, and then wrap it in foil and a towel. If there is a cooler bag, then cooled skewers should be placed in it in a plastic container, wrapped in plastic. So he will not spoil in about 12 hours.

Both pickled and ready-made kebabs tolerate frost well. To freeze the kebab, you need to put it in a zip package. Do not forget to remove the air from the package as much as possible.

The finished kebab will keep juiciness, if you first defrost it in the microwave, and then send it to the oven turned off, which is heated to 200 degrees, for a quarter of an hour. Note that the meat in the oven should be placed in foil.

Shelf expiration date

Shashlik in marinade, made from fresh high-quality meat, can lie in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2 to 5 degrees for about 2-3 days. This period may vary depending on the marinade.

Outside the refrigerator, that is, under room conditions, the pickled shish kebab can be kept a maximum of one day from the moment of ferment, but it is better to cook it in 12-18 hours of pickling. At a picnic barbecue in the marinade should not lie longer than 2-4 hours, even in the shade. If the kebab is stored without a refrigerator, it should be placed in an airtight container to isolate insects from dust. Outdoors, it is best to store pickled kebabs in a cooler bag. It allows the meat to stay fresh for 6 hours.

The finished kebab may remain suitable for eating for about 3 days, if it is stored in the refrigerator at a temperature not exceeding 5 degrees.

If in the next couple of days you do not plan to eat barbecue, it is better to send it to freeze. Both marinated and ready-made skewers should be stored in a freezer at -18 degrees. Under such conditions, this dish does not lose its taste and properties for about 2-3 months.

Having adopted all the listed recommendations for kebab storage, you can not be afraid that your favorite dish will cause trouble.

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