Cheese tortillas on kefir are a multinational product. Variants of cake with cheese on kefir: with pumpkin, onion

Cheese tortillas on kefir are a multinational product. Variants of cake with cheese on kefir: with pumpkin, onion

Cheese cakes are considered by many peoples to be a very useful and tasty ancestor of bread.

Although not even an ancestor, rather a harbinger.

There are many types of dough for cheese cakes and many cooking methods. In butter, without butter, in a skillet, in an oven, on yeast, fresh, salty, sweet ...

The taste of the cakes depends for the most part on what kind of cheese you use.

Cheese tortillas on kefir are very popular. In such flat cakes, you can also put the filling: standard like ham, sausage, or unusual in the form of nuts, raisins, and so on.

In addition to hard cheeses, processed cheeses are used, cheese, cheese, cream cheese.

It all depends on your imagination and fiction.

General principles of making flat cakes with cheese on kefir

To cheese cake on kefir is not burnt, they must be baked very quickly.

If you use butter, it is preferable to fry the tortillas on the olive, then it will benefit from more and less cholesterol.

The pellet stove is needed with the lid closed.

Fry the cheese cakes on both sides.

It is advisable to rub the cheese on the largest side of the grater.

Use only flour of the highest grade, it depends on how soft the cheesecakes will be.

If you have conceived cheese cakes on kefir with greens, use only fresh greens. Dried herbs will not give the cakes the necessary flavor and taste.

It is necessary to strictly maintain the necessary proportions. If you overdo it with flour, then the tortillas will taste like rubber.

Finished flat cakes should lie down for some time after roasting, not for long, about five to seven minutes.

If you want to get the maximum benefit, then we recommend baking cheesecakes on kefir in the oven.

Cheese cakes on kefir: taste from distant childhood

Flapjacks in this recipe very much resemble those that we were once treated to by our grandmothers in their village kitchens. In the recipe, one of the ingredients indicates ham, but you can, with a clear conscience, replace it with sausage, or else be completely excluded from the composition. It will turn out not less tasty. Ingredients:

• a pair of glasses of flour

• a glass of kefir

• spoon of sugar

• half a pack of margarine

• one egg

• spoon of soda

• a pinch of salt

• medium piece of cheese

• dill

• The third part of the ham sticks

• olive oil

• pepper and spices


To prepare the dough for cheese cakes, we need not so much time.

First of all, mix the soda with sugar and egg, add kefir there and mix everything carefully.

Margarine must be melted and poured into kefir.

Stir flour with salt and add to kefir and margarine. All very well mixed and cook the dough.

Ready dough leave for 10 minutes. At this time, you can do the filling.

Hard cheese must be grated.

Ham cut into very small cubes.

Dill must be finely chopped. Mix all.

We start making cheese cakes. Divide the dough into three parts. Every roll. In the middle of the cake lay out the filling and gently connect the edges of the cake. After that, turn the cheesecake down the seam and roll to the size of the griddle.

We warm the pan, heat up a small amount of butter and fry the cake. Five minutes on each side.

We give the ready-made cakes a little rest and serve not a table with sour cream or cream.

A quick and simple recipe for cheese cakes on kefir

This recipe for many housewives becomes one of the first in the development of culinary science. Cheese cakes are prepared very simply, the products are also not used very much. Budget option treat unexpected guests.


• a glass of kefir

• the third part of a spoon of soda

• salt

• spoon of sugar

• a pair of glasses of flour

• middle piece of cheese


Flour before cooking pellets with cheese on yogurt, you must first sift through a sieve.

Kefir mix with sugar, soda, add salt.

Cheese is best to take solid varieties, wipe it through a large grater.

Mix flour with cheese, add to kefir. Make the dough, but not very cool.

The finished dough must be divided into three lumps. Roll each to the size of the griddle.

Glow the pan, and lay on the bottom of the cakes. It is necessary to bake cheese cakes on each side for 10 minutes with the lid closed.

Serve with sour cream, milk, cream.

Mexican Kefir Cheesecake

Mexicans in the preparation of cheese cakes use milk powder and water, but on kefir cheese cakes turn out to be thicker and fuller. To make the cakes more airy, you can increase the amount of soda or baking powder.


• a pair of glasses of flour

• salt

• a small piece of butter

• a glass of kefir

• middle piece of hard cheese

• half spoon of sugar

• a small pinch of soda


Mix soda with salt and sugar, add kefir.

Mix all with pre-sifted flour.

Spread the butter in the mass and grind the dough to make a crumb.

Cheese three grated and mix with the test crumb. Knead the dough gently so that no lumps remain.

Grease the pan a little with oil, glow.

Divide the dough into 6 parts, each roll out a couple of cm thick.

Put the cakes on the pan and cover with foil, fry for 10 minutes.

Turn over to the other side and fry for 10 minutes as well.

Such cheese tortillas should be eaten while they are hot.

Cheese cakes on kefir: the benefit is proven by the ancients

It is believed that the benefits of cheese and kefir were mentioned by the ancient Greeks. They proved that cheese is nutritious and contains many vitamins, and kefir is rich in minerals. Many people replace yogurt with yogurt, its composition both products are similar, but when cooking cheese cakes, it is still best to use kefir.


• middle piece of salted cheese

• spices

• mint

• a glass of kefir

• green onions

• a small piece of butter

• a pair of glasses of flour

• salt

• spoon of sugar

• half a spoon of soda


Gently mix the kefir with sugar and salt, add there soda and flour, sifted in advance. Knead the dough, you need to make it very elastic.

Leave the dough for half an hour under a clean towel.

Mint and onions are washed and crumbled, grated cheese, mix everything well, add spices.

Divide the dough into 6 parts, roll out each.

In the center of the cake lay out the cheese filling, connect the edges. These “pies” gently rolls to the size of the griddle.

Heat the pan, do not lubricate it with anything, fry the tortillas on it. Each side is five minutes.

When the cakes are ready, grease them with butter.

Cheese cakes with kefir: Chechen note

These cakes are cooked with pumpkin filling. It turns out the dish is very juicy and tasty, such flat cakes will become worthy rivals to real Chechen flat cakes Hingalsh.


• half a liter of kefir

• one onion

• kg of flour

• spoon of soda

• sugar

• one medium pumpkin

• a pair of eggs

• a small piece of butter

• salt

• a piece of cheese


Mix eggs with salt, soda and sugar, pour kefir into the cup and mix gently. Gradually add the sifted flour, knead softish dough.

Leave the finished dough for 15 minutes.

Rinse the pumpkin, peel the seeds and peel, cut into small cubes.

Peel the onion and cut it into small half rings.

In a saucepan stew the pumpkin with onions in butter. When the filling is ready, you need to cool it.

Divide dough into 20 parts. Each thin roll. Put pumpkin stuffing in the center, distribute it over the whole cake. Sprinkle with grated cheese. Put another cake on top, connect the edges.

In a skillet, not smeared and heated, bake flat bread. Each on both sides for five to seven minutes. Grease the tortillas with butter and serve hot.

Cheese cakes on kefir: there is something to surprise your relatives

This recipe is similar to chapati. Only when preparing the dough is not water, but kefir is used. Flapjacks are tasty and perfectly suited to soup or borscht.


• a glass of kefir

• half kg flour

• spoon of vegetable oil • salt

• a piece of butter

• dill

• garlic

• basil and parsley

• middle piece of hard cheese


Mix sifted flour with kefir and vegetable oil, add salt. Knead softly dough. Leave it under a clean towel for half an hour.

After that, you can prepare a mass for the filling. Crumble greens, rub cheese, crush garlic in garlic press. Salt everything well and mix well.

Divide the dough into 10 lumps, each roll.

In the center of the cake lay out the filling, connect the edges. Roll again and fry in a griddle. Do not grease the pan. Fry the cakes on both sides for five minutes.

Serve hot on the table, you can decorate it with finely chopped greens.

Tips and tricks of making cheese cakes on kefir

  • To make the dough soft and elastic, add flour gradually. The perfect dough for cheese cakes does not stick to your hands.
  • You can use a variety of greens for cheese cakes for kefir: from dill to rosemary.
  • It is preferable to fry the tortillas for no more than 10 minutes, if you grease the pan with butter, then you need to fry the tortillas even less.
  • To make the cheesecakes juicy, grease them with butter after cooking and leave under the lid for a couple of minutes.
  • Remember to make the dough elastic, do not overdo it with flour. It is better not to sleep than to pour.
  • If you use baking powder instead of baking soda, double the amount of baking powder compared to soda.
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