Ruddy cakes on kefir in the pan - an airy delicacy! Lush and tender cakes on kefir in the pan: recipes, subtleties and secrets of cooking

Ruddy cakes on kefir in the pan - an airy delicacy! Lush and tender cakes on kefir in the pan: recipes, subtleties and secrets of cooking

Sometimes you want to please your family and friends with delicious pastries, and you have so little free time.

In this case, the best solution would be to prepare hearty cakes on kefir, fried in a pan.

For many, it is also the taste of childhood, when a caring grandmother baked mouth-watering cakes with a golden crust along with warm milk.

Simple ingredients, fast preparation and unforgettable taste!

To prepare them, do not need expensive products.

All that is needed is sure to be at hand. And the preparation of airy and tender lozenges takes only half an hour of your time.

Flapjacks on kefir - nourishing delicacy. They are served instead of bread to the soup or as a dessert for tea. And with the filling you can carry out any experiments.

General principles of cooking cakes on kefir in a pan

1. Knead the dough gently so that it is of medium consistency, not too steep and soft. Otherwise, the cakes will be hard and dense, and with elastic dough, on the contrary, it is pleasant to melt in your mouth.

2. Flour it is desirable to sift, so that it is filled with oxygen, and the dough becomes more magnificent.

3. You can add vanilla - it will give the cakes a pleasant sweetish smell.

4. To get sweet cakes, you need to add sugar. And if the cakes go as bread - salt.

5. You can make flat cakes with any filling: stew, chicken fillet, crushed potatoes with toasted onions, cottage cheese, stewed cabbage, vegetables, cheese or greens. You can just grease the cake with ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard from the inside - and a light snack is ready.

Classic tortillas on kefir in a frying pan


• flour - 2.5 cups;

• a glass of kefir;

• 3-4 g of soda;

• salt;

• cheese mixture.

How to cook:

1. Add salt, soda to flour and mix well. 2. In the middle we make a small depression and pour a glass of kefir into it, mix again. Knead the dough better with your hands. As necessary, add flour to obtain an elastic lump.

3. We send the dough in the fridge. While it is drawn in a cold place, we begin to make a cheese mixture, with which we make flat cakes.

4. For the filling, grate hard cheese and mix it with squeezed garlic.

5. We roll the dough into sausage and divide it into equal parts.

6. Grease hands with vegetable oil and begin to roll out the dough in the form of circles. The filling, formed into a ball, put in the middle of the tortillas. We gather the edges of the dough up and pinch it, slightly crushing. Gradually press down with your hand and shape the cakes.

7. Fry the tortillas in the pan without oil for 3-4 minutes on each side. At the end of cooking we cover with butter.

Flapjacks on kefir with cheese and mushroom filling


• a glass of kefir;

• salt, soda, sugar - a teaspoon;

• 2 cups of flour;

• cheese - 100 g;

• fresh champignons - 150 g.

How to cook:

1. In a deep bowl, mix a glass of kefir, salt and soda.

2. We start kneading dough, adding flour. The dough should be medium consistency. Not soft, but not hard. Subsequently, remove the dough in the bag in the fridge for half an hour, so that it is infused.

3. Rub hard cheese, fry champignons until done.

4. Divide the present dough into two parts, then into another 4 portion pieces. Roll out cakes 4-5 mm thick. In the middle we spread the mushrooms, on top - the cheese. With one edge of the dough, close the other and roll out, without damaging the structure of the cake, so that the filling remains inside.

5. Pour some vegetable oil into the pan. Fry from two sides to obtain a ruddy golden tortilla. Finished flat cakes perfectly complement the garlic sauce and fresh herbs.

Sweet cakes on kefir in a pan for tea


• egg;

• 3 tbsp. spoons of sugar;

• salt and soda - 3-4 g;

• vanillin;

• vegetable oil - 30 ml;

• quarter liter of kefir;

• 3 cups sifted flour.

How to cook:

1. In a deep bowl, break the egg, add sugar, soda, salt, vanillin and vegetable oil. Mix all ingredients until smooth.

2. Pour kefir and continue to interfere. Add sifted flour. Knead and leave in a plastic bag or plastic wrap for several hours in the refrigerator.

3. After some time, pour flour on the board and lay out the dough. Knead a little more, so that the dough does not stick to your hands.

4. At your discretion, divide the dough into the required number of lozenges.

5. Flat cakes roll out oblong shape. We make cuts and spread the cakes on a preheated pan. 2-3 minutes fry on each side on moderate heat.

Flapjacks on kefir on yeast, fried in a pan


• kefir - 600 ml;

• 2 eggs;

• sugar - 50 g;

• 2 tsp dry yeast;

• 1 teaspoon salt;

• flour - 1 kg.

How to cook:

1. Pour the yeast into a cup and pour 100 ml of kefir, add a teaspoon of sugar and 2 teaspoons of flour. All razbaltyvaem and leave for 15 minutes before the appearance of the foam.

2. In the resulting mixture, break the eggs, add sugar, salt and mix everything.

3. To knead the dough, make a well in the flour and pour the yeast mixture with eggs and kefir. Begin to mix with a mixer. Top as needed add flour and knead. The dough will be quite liquid, but at the same time so that it is easily formed from the cakes.

4. Cover the dough with cling film and ship to a warm place. After half an hour, the dough will increase by 2 times, after which it is necessary to precipitate it, cover again and send to come up a second time. After another half an hour, we can begin to form cakes. 5. We form cakes on the table, sprinkled with flour. A plait of dough divided into round pieces. It is better to form the flat cakes with your hands; before baking, shake off the extra flour from the flat cakes and put them on the preheated frying pan. Fry on minimal heat with the lid closed so that the cake is baked. When the cake has reddened enough, turn it over to the second side and fry it without a lid.

6. If you lubricate the surface of the cake with butter or vegetable oil, it will make its crust softer and more beautiful, and the cake itself is appetizing and tasty.

7. You can cut the finished cake in half, make a longitudinal cut in it, smear the resulting deep pocket with mayonnaise, sauce and put sausage, meat or vegetables there.

Country-style flatbreads on kefir in a frying pan


• kefir - 250 g;

• flour - 400 g;

• soda - 3-4 g;

• potatoes - 3-4 pieces;

• Adyghe cheese - 150 g;

• sweet butter - 30 g;

• seasonings for potatoes;

• salt and pepper.

How to cook:

1. Pour kefir into flour, add salt and soda. Knead the dough, wrap in foil and leave in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

2. Potatoes should be boiled in salted water, then crushed with the addition of oil, salt, pepper and seasonings. Add mashed Adyghe cheese to mashed potatoes - the filling is ready.

3. We divide the dough into equal pieces, roll out flat cakes, in the middle of which we start mashed with cheese. The edges of the cakes are collected in the “bag”. The main thing is not to damage the integrity of the cakes, so roll out with little effort.

4. Fry the tortillas until tender (about 3-4 minutes on each side on a moderate fire).

Kefir cakes with coconut


• flour - 400 g;

• kefir - 250 ml;

• soda - 3 g;

• salt - 3 g;

• 2 eggs;

• coconut chips - 4 tbsp. spoons.

How to cook:

1. Add flour to kefir. Beat 2 eggs, add salt, soda and mix. If it seems to you that flour is not enough, you can add, but it is not recommended to delay the dough too much. Add the coconut chips and continue to combine the ingredients into a total mass. 2. Knead the dough on the table with the addition of flour. The dough should be a little less steep than on dumplings. Leave the dough to rest for half an hour.

3. After a while, roll out the dough in a thin layer no more than a centimeter thick. Then we form diamonds with a special or ordinary knife.

4. Fry the cakes on both sides in sunflower oil. Fry in small batches.

5. Plates for pyshechki can be pre-greased with chocolate sauce, melt chocolate bar with butter. Or decorate with powdered sugar.

Cheese cakes


• kefir - 300 g;

• salt;

• 3 g of soda;

• flour - 600 g;

• cheese;

• sausage;

• egg;

• garlic;

• spices;

• dill.

How to cook:

1. Mix kefir, salt, flour. Putting soda, kefir will start to foam, which means that the dough will rise during baking. Stir the mass with a whisk, then with your hands. Knead the dough to hardness should not be. Cover with cling film and leave to infuse for 15-20 minutes.

2. Rub cheese, sausage. Add egg, garlic and spices. Mix well and add dill. You can put everything you want into the filling - this is your choice and your preferences.

3. Divide the dough into equal pieces and begin to form cakes. In the center of the cake lay the filling and pinch the edges, giving the shape of large dumplings. Roll out the rolls with a rolling pin. The diameter of the cake should match the diameter of the pan.

4. The pan should be dry, without oil, preheated. Fry for 8-10 minutes under the closed lid, then turn it over.

5. Grease tortillas with butter.

Ham Cakes


• kefir - 300 g;

• salt, sugar, soda - 1 tsp;

• ham (or sausages);

• flour - 500 g

How to cook:

1. In flour, add kefir, salt, sugar and quenched soda with vinegar. Stir the mixture. Rub cheese and ham, send them to the test. 2. Make a ball out of dough and start rolling it out. In the center of each cake put the filling and roll out again.

3. Fry tortillas on medium heat for several minutes on each side.

4. Serve flat cakes with sour cream and herbs. In sour cream for piquancy, you can squeeze garlic.

Flapjacks on kefir in a pan - useful tips and tricks

• Finished flat cakes are recommended to put on a paper towel so that it absorbs excess fat.

• One of the secrets of kefir dough is the following: kefir, on the basis of which we make flat cakes, must be warm or at room temperature.

• Be sure to add soda - it will make the dough airy and fluffy.

• The dough needs rest, so leave it for 15-20 minutes to infuse in the refrigerator.

• Roll the cakes are not thin, with a diameter of about 10-15 cm, depending on the size of your pan.

• Pellet can be fried without oil in a dry frying pan.

• To make the cakes more appetizing and soft, they should be smeared with butter or vegetable oil.

• Serve flat cakes as an independent dish, and as bread.

It is impossible to disagree that the cakes cooked in a pan are much tastier than shop bread. The kefir cakes are perfectly combined with hot tea, milk, cocoa or coffee.

Cook with pleasure!

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