Choosing a slab for a garden house

A stove in a country house is no less important than furniture or heating appliances. A variety of prices, types and brands of plates, suitable for use in the country, can bring anyone into difficulty. Let's try together to figure out how to find your ideal plate for the garden from a practical point of view.

Choosing a slab for a garden house

Today, the possibilities of equipping country houses with household appliances are in no way inferior to the options available to city apartments. And the most diverse cooking technique is no exception. The market of modern household appliances provides a really huge selection of stove options and additional devices, but you should not rush to install a full set of equipment at the cottage. In this matter, it is better to be guided by needs, not opportunities. What kind of stove is needed in the country, is influenced by two major factors:

  1. Actually, your cooking habits, namely, how much you do cooking during your visits to the cottage.
  2. The power source for the plate. Devices that run on gas and electricity are radically different in their functionality, and in their capabilities, and even - on the budget.

Gas or electricity?

The most important criterion for choosing a stove for the dacha has always been the type of “fuel” on which it will work. Electric and gas models have their advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing a slab for a garden house

Electric cookers offer the largest range of heating elements, but require stable and high voltage and significantly increase the cost of electricity. Gas stoves can be installed not only where there is an opportunity to connect to the gas pipeline or to ensure constant delivery of gas cylinders, but also involve explosive and fire hazards. But they better preserve the useful properties and taste of the products, do not make them dependent on the voltage in the electrical network, which outside the city can be unpleasantly surprising, and they can also work in portable mode, and not only on the general gas pipeline.

The range of plates for giving

Among all the devices that can be installed in the country, there are 5 main options, or standard types of plates, each of which has its own functional features. The main types of slabs to give include:

  • Portable tile.
  • With gas hob, or stationary stoves.
  • Glass ceramic hobs.
  • Ovens.

Portable tiles

Do you cook at your country site from time to time, never cook several dishes for lunch and dinner at once, your family is not numerous and leisure at the cottage does not require a constant process of cooking, you visit the site no more than 2 - 3 Once a week in the active season, you absolutely do not need a regular stove, and even more so a stove with an oven. The ideal option is a small tile.

Choosing a slab for a garden house Choosing a slab for a garden house Choosing a slab for a garden house

The simplest and cheapest portable tile is an ample option in order to be able to cook vegetables or a hot dish, cook breakfast or get a quick meal if you want. Lightweight, compact and portable, this tile not only does not require much space, but can also be transferred from corner to corner. It can be placed on the veranda, in the kitchen, and even on the terrace or in the barbecue area, if you like to spend time cooking barbecue and grilling.

Portable tiles are divided into electric and gas. All of them are the same mobile and differ limited, but sufficient to meet the modest needs of functionality. The only drawback of the gas stove is the need to move along with it the gas cylinder, which requires a very special safety precautions and careful handling. You can’t take a gas stove onto a sun terrace or terrace, but if mobility is not the main criterion for you, this circumstance will not interfere. Although, from all points of view, compact stoves still lead among portable tiles. Lightweight, but light and simple, they are ideal for giving. You can take gas stoves for one burner with you on camping trips, when going fishing or having a picnic, and models for 2 and 4 burners will allow you to cook even several dishes at the same time.

Stationary plates

A standard cooker is necessary if even in the country you continue culinary experiments and actively do cooking, constantly inventing new dishes and experimenting with recipes, the dacha menu provides for several dishes for dinner or lunch. Such a stove is the best choice for those who have a large family who loves to spend time at the dacha.

Choosing a slab for a garden house

Ordinary plates with an oven and a hob or a built-in hob - there is nothing to choose from. Stationary plates have a lot of disadvantages. They create a heavy load on the electrical wiring or require connection to the main gas pipeline, constant supply of gas cylinders, the use of which is associated not only with the need to additionally equip the stove with the appropriate nozzles, but also with the requirement of extreme care in handling. Ordinary plates are not cheap, and before buying, it is necessary to weigh all the options, taking into account the peculiarities of the electrical network, the resource on which the stove will work, and the possibilities to pay for such an acquisition by its active use. If you do not care about the parameters of the oven, the budget can be reduced by buying more modest models or choosing a simple gas hob.

For giving, the ideal option is considered to be models with cast-iron pancake burners, which cost less, retain heat for a long time and allow to significantly reduce costs. Today, the range of such suburban plates is actively expanding with electric models with express hobs that heat up to a high temperature 3 times faster. They are easily recognizable by the red indicator in the center of cast iron pancakes.

When choosing a gas stove, make sure that it is equipped with a special system to protect against gas leaks, which will automatically shut off the gas when extinguishing the flame. Gas control for country houses is more important than for urban kitchens, because there are much more chances to be distracted by garden troubles and forget about a working stove.

Stylish Glass Ceramics

For those for whom the style and aesthetics of the interior of the garden house is more important than the functionality and costs, who need the conditions and comfort that are available in the city, it is best to prefer glass ceramic hobs. This option is appropriate only if the power grid allows you to install any equipment (power), and you spend a very large amount of time on the country estate.

Choosing a slab for a garden house

Surprisingly stylish and modern, built-in hobs allow you to maintain the usual conditions of life and offer maximum ease of use, allow you not to worry about dishes of various sizes, equipped with practical indicators. One of the advantages of glass ceramics is the safety of touch, which is an important factor for families with small children. But such panels consume very large amounts of electricity, require special care, caution and care, do not tolerate the treatment of conventional means of care and, in fact, are more luxurious model than the need at the cottage. To install high-power models of glass-ceramic you will need to lay a power cable and special wiring, since the requirements of such a plate for installation are really very high.


The most active hostesses who can not imagine leisure without baking and a variety of dishes baked in the oven, it is best to install a quality stationary stove with oven or built-in oven as an addition to any hob. A variety of heating modes, the ability to choose a gas or electric model, different volumes of the oven and the presence of additional functions - from convection to grill - all this allows everyone to find their ideal version of the oven.

Choosing a slab for a garden house

Ovens for giving are selected in the same way as for ordinary kitchens. They allow you to cook and pies, and a variety of desserts, bake meat and fish, vegetables, not to deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy even the most complex culinary masterpieces. But they are necessary nevertheless in those cases, if only you spend really a lot of time at the cottage.

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