Meat stew with mushrooms: the opinion of nutritionists and experienced chefs. Proper preparation of recipes for stewed meat with mushrooms

Meat stew with mushrooms: the opinion of nutritionists and experienced chefs. Proper preparation of recipes for stewed meat with mushrooms

The assortment of meat and mushroom dishes is impossible to count and systematize, since such dishes are very popular in world cooking.

At the same time, each housewife often has her own brand recipe, or an improved or adapted version of one or another recipe for meat stewed with mushrooms.

Meat stew with mushrooms - the basic technological principles

Among all products, mushrooms have a special place: they are not meat and not vegetables.

Dishes from mushrooms are hard for the body to assimilate, but none of the fans of this product thinks to give up their use. Therefore, the only way out of this situation is to cook them so that it is tasty and that there is no discomfort in the process of digesting food.

The first and basic requirement for the preparation of mushrooms is the observance of precautions. Everyone knows that among these most ancient inhabitants of the planet are poisonous specimens. Even the best and edible mushrooms can be poisonous if they are collected in places that are environmentally polluted. Therefore, the first and most important requirement: not sure - do not eat, and do not even touch an unfamiliar mushroom. Let such fungi remain in the forest in order to exclude the emergency call and long-term treatment. Mushrooms that are sold in supermarkets, are suitable for cooking any dishes with this ingredient, and their use is absolutely safe for health. If, however, you prefer mushrooms collected during a “quiet hunt”, then they should be boiled for at least 40 minutes, changing the water twice. Only after that you can start preparing them.

Nutritionists are unanimous that mushrooms are a useful product, exceeding meat with a protein content three times and containing many useful vitamins and valuable microelements for humans. However, the structure of chitin molecules in fungi does not allow the human body to absorb this substance in the process of digestion. Too large molecules that could provide invaluable assistance to our body by eliminating cholesterol and fatty acids do not participate at all in digestion and create a feeling of rapid satiation, and when overeating - a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. There is also good news: even after heat treatment, the fungi, entering the digestive system, absorb the harmful substances that are in it, and remove them, clearing the body from everything unnecessary. For this reason, even nutritionists consider mushrooms useful food, although with some restrictions in their use, and additional recommendations on the preparation of mushroom dishes.

On this basis, in cooking there are some rules for preparing mushrooms.

The highest content of chitin in the legs of mushrooms. Therefore, they need to grind more carefully. Hats can even in some cases be left whole, for example, for stuffing. Given the complexity of the assimilation of the product by the body, it is better to use mushrooms in combination with vegetables, dietary meats, cereals, fermented milk sauces, but the number of mushrooms in a dish should be significantly less than other products. But it should also be borne in mind that more than 80% of raw mushrooms consist of water, which will evaporate during the heat treatment, and the mass of mushrooms in the dish will decrease significantly.

Enhance the aroma of mushrooms and blacken their presence in the dish can be using some culinary tricks. For this purpose, use dried and powdered porcini mushrooms. Dairy products restore the mushroom smell very well. Finally, by adding spices, choose a priority for the flavor of the dish. Remember that there are seasonings, the aroma of which is too aggressive and is able to drown out even the smell of the main ingredient of the dish. Some of the spices and herbs, on the contrary, can serve as an excellent background for the mushroom smell, emphasizing it. These are, first of all, peppers: red, cayenne, black, hot. By stimulating the mucous membrane in the mouth, they stimulate the organs of touch and smell for the perception of odors. Onions, garlic (in small quantities), tarragon, cumin, basil, marjoram, wormwood, thyme, rosemary, nutmeg and parsley in a moderate amount emphasize the smell of mushrooms. Now a few words about meat. Rather, about combining it with mushrooms in stews. Given all the above, including the fact that mushrooms contain protein, you should not overload the dish. Even if you use non-dietary meats, then try to avoid its abundance. Choose lean meat, and use vegetable fats, sour cream or cream to extinguish it, but without fanaticism.

In stews, meat and other products are brought to readiness with slow processing with steam or water, meat or vegetable broth, which are added to bring spices and spice to the desired flavor. The oil is used for pre-frying, and dairy products containing organic acids, penetrating into the fibers of meat products, improve its consistency, making it soft and juicy. As a result of stewing meat juice is released, which creates the taste of broth along with other ingredients of stews.

Recipe 1. Stewed meat with mushrooms: home-made roast




Veal (tenderloin)





Margarine (premium)


Cut peeled and washed medium-sized potatoes into slices and boil until half cooked. Do not salt. Chop onions and grate carrots. Peeled greenhouse mushrooms cut into plates. Cut the meat into 2x2x3 cm bars.

Pass the onions and carrots by adding a little flour and filling them with tomato paste. Fry mushrooms and meat separately on margarine. Season with spices separately, but be very careful that in the total mass all ingredients are seasoned in moderation.

Put the potatoes, fried meat, mushrooms and tomato dressing into the pots. Fill the pot contents with boiling water (water or broth). Put the pots in a deep pan and send to the oven preheated to 220ºC for 25-30 minutes. Turn off the oven, add chopped greens to each pot separately, cover with lids and let it stand for a while.

Recipe 2. Stewed meat with mushrooms and rice


Chicken drumstick - by the number of servings

Mushrooms, fried - 50 g per serving

Onions, browned - 30 g each

Rice, long grain - 150 g (stewed)

Butter (for stewing rice)

Prunes 100 g

Egg 1-2 pcs.

Onions, white (for sauce)

Carrots, grated (for sauce)

Salt, ground pepper (red sweet and spicy), bay leaf, turmeric

Yogurt, savory


Pittered and washed chicken legs dry with a napkin. Use a sharp knife to separate the skin from the meat with the bone and chop off the bone at the base, leaving the skin on the bone, 2-3 cm long. Treat the removed parts of the leg: separate the flesh from the bone, and chop the meat finely. Bones come in handy for broth. Combine the flesh with finely chopped fried mushrooms and passaged onions. Cooked minced seasoning with spices, add an egg and carefully beat. Next, stuff the chicken skin on the leg and fasten it at the top with a skewer or toothpick. We lower the semi-finished products into boiling water and steam them so that the skin adheres to the mincemeat and does not slip under further heat treatment. After get the legs and remove the toothpicks. From the rest, in which the legs were cooked, prepare the sauce. Dissolve the butter in it, season with spices, enter the yogurt, diluted with cold water, so that it does not curl up from the temperature difference. Let the sauce boil and add the finely chopped onion, prepared prunes and carrots. After boiling reduce heat to minimum and place washed and pre-soaked rice on vegetables. On the rice “pillow” we place the stuffed legs. If the liquid to extinguish the rice is not enough, add boiling water so that it covers rice for 3-5 cm. Stew until done. Put rice on the dish, stewed vegetables from above and chicken leg stuffed with mushrooms.

Recipe 3. Stewed Meat with Mushrooms, Peppers and Eggplants

Ingredients (net weight in the same ratio): Sweet pepper


Pork tenderloin


Eggplant, blue

Sweet and Spicy Tomato Sauce

Onions (not sharp grade)




The washed and peeled ingredients are cut: pepper and sweet onions - into large cubes, carrots and pork - into thin cubes, eggplants - with halves of plates not thicker than 1 cm; mushrooms - in half. Fry all ingredients separately, then layering them in layers of heat-resistant dishes in layers. Fresh chanterelles pre-boil and rinse, drain the water. In the process of frying each of the components of the dish lightly season with spices. To fry vegetables, use the “wok”, adding quite a bit of oil. Before you fold the fried foods in the general dish, be sure to let the excess oil drain.

For a dish, take a sauce of the type “Krasnodar”. If this is not available, then the sauce can be prepared from tomato paste: dilute it with boiled water to the consistency of the sauce and add sugar, salt, red hot pepper, ground coriander seeds and 1 g of ground cloves. Fill the folded ingredients with sauce and simmer for about fifteen minutes over low heat. Five minutes before the end, add chopped greens and bay leaves.

Recipe 4. Meat stew with mushrooms “Bear's paw”

Sometimes there is a need for steamed food. This method of heat treatment of products refers to one of the options for quenching.


Pork tenderloin 1.2 kg (for 6 servings)

Champignons 700 g (fresh)

Onion 250g (net)

Pepper, ground; nutmeg; salt

Nuts (roasted kernels) 150 g

Parsley, chopped

Cheese (hard) 400 g


Cut the tenderloin into portion pieces, 200 g each, across the fibers, and beat them off. Prepare the stuffing: finely diced mushrooms and pass the onion with a little butter, seasoned with spices. In the minced meat, add the chopped parsley, ground nutmeg and mix. In the cooked, battered pieces of pork wrap mushroom stuffing. Place the semi-finished products on the grill and cook for a couple. Crush the cheese on a fine grater and chop the nuts. Combine cheese and chopped nuts, add one slice of chopped garlic. Sprinkle zrazy with a mixture of the mixture before removing from the grid, cover the dishes with a lid and wait for the cheese to melt. Prepare sour cream sauce.

Recipe 5. Stewed meat with mushrooms, rice and cabbage


White cabbage 350 g

Rice, round 200 g

Mushrooms 800 g (fresh champignons)

Onions 150g

Fillet of beef 0.5 kg

Ryazhenka 250 ml

Milk 300 ml

Flour (for passaging) 50 g

Spices, chopped dill, salt

Margarine for passaging 75 g


Wash and soak the rice for two hours in cold water. Chop the onions and cabbage and slice the fresh mushrooms. Cut veal into bars and fry until half cooked on creamy margarine in a roast or other suitable container, until golden brown, add onions and continue to fry, with continuous stirring until the onions are transparent. Add the mushrooms, reduce the heat and continue stewing, stirring the stew continuously. From milk, ryazhenka, flour, prepare the sauce. Milk and ryazhenka combine and mix, adding flour, until a homogeneous consistency. Dress the sauce with spices and pour into the stew. Bring the dish to a boil and add the rice, smoothing it over the entire surface of the pan or roaster. Rice should be covered with sauce 5-6 cm above level. Continue to simmer the rice, but without stirring the ingredients, cover the pan with a lid. 10 minutes before the end of cooking put in a pan a layer of slaw and chopped greens. Close the lid. After turning off the plate, let the stew stand for about half an hour.

Recipe 6. Stewed meat with mushrooms: duck breast with buckwheat porridge and porcini mushrooms, in Russian


Breast (musk duck) 500 g

Buckwheat, 180 g

Carrots 100 g

Onions 150g

Celery (stem) 50 g

Boiled white mushrooms, 200 g

Thyme, rosemary

Broth, meat 0.5 l


Garlic 1 slice

Butter, melted 75 ml

Red wine 250 ml

Pepper Mix


Slice the breast into thin slices, across the fibers and, putting it in a lockable container, pour the wine, adding garlic and pepper. Do not salt. Soak the meat for at least an hour. In the meantime, prepare the remaining ingredients. Wash the cereal and dry it by steaming in a dry cast iron pan. Carrots, celery stalk and onions cut into plates or half rings. Finely chop the legs of white mushrooms, and the cap can be cut in half. Heat the oil and fry the mushrooms, add the rest of the vegetables to them and pass until soft. Add buckwheat to vegetables and add broth. Put one sprig of rosemary and thyme; extinguish Heat the butter in a separate pan and fry the duck breast slices. When lightly browned, pour the wine into the pan and wait for it to evaporate. Meat shift in buckwheat and simmer another 10-15 minutes, covered with a lid.

Recipe 7. Stewed meat with mushrooms, pumpkin and cherry


Goulash set 0.5 kg

Pumpkin 250 g (net)

Boneless Cherry 150 g

Milk, salted 300 g

Orange zest, fresh 50 g

Onions, white 100 g


Muscat, red paprika, dried

Refined oil 70 ml


In hot oil, fry the pieces of lean beef, add chopped onions and thin plates of salted mushrooms presoaked in water. Season the meat and mushrooms with paprika, ground nutmeg, add a few sprigs of rosemary and cover with broth. Stew on low heat. Separately without butter, fry the pumpkin cubes with cherries, in a hot frying pan, slightly watering them with maple or regular sugar syrup for caramelization. Ready berries and pumpkin, add to the meat with mushrooms and immediately put the orange zest. Check the readiness of the meat to determine when the stove can be turned off. Soak the finished dish under the closed lid for about 20 minutes before serving. On the side, make rice with saffron and prunes.

Stewed meat with mushrooms - tips and tricks

  • Experts advise to use more rigid parts of carcasses to extinguish, so that the meat in the process of extinguishing, oh, there is a long-term heat treatment is not digested. But this question can be approached from the other side: approximately knowing the duration of cooking of one or another type of meat, it is possible to bring it up to simultaneous readiness with other components of dishes by adjusting the time of laying.
  • Softer and varieties of meat products are laid in a saucepan, pot or pot along with mushrooms, or vegetables and stew together.
  • Meat with a dense and rigid fiber structure can be pre-aged in a marinade, with the addition of acidic components, roasted, and then stewed or laid to extinguish before other components that do not require prolonged heat treatment.
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