Pasta carbonara with ham and cream: tradition in a new way! How to cook pasta carbonara with ham, cream, parmesan, mushrooms

Pasta carbonara with ham and cream: tradition in a new way! How to cook pasta carbonara with ham, cream, parmesan, mushrooms

Traditional Italian dishes - just happiness for a gourmet.

One of the most simple, hearty and wonderfully delicious dishes is pasta carbonara.

According to the traditional recipe, it is made from spaghetti, bacon (or brisket) and a special egg sauce and grated parmesan.

Despite the fact that there is no cheese, cream, garlic, eggs in traditional pasta a la carbonara, these ingredients are often used in various versions of this dish. Experiments can go so far that the ingredients are ham, cream, mushrooms. Popular, for example, pasta carbonara with ham and cream. It turns out also very tasty! And most importantly, the Italians do not mind.

Pasta carbonara with ham and cream - the general principles of cooking

You can cook a tender, juicy carbonara paste with ham and cream in just half an hour. The main thing is to cook the pasta correctly and not be late with the sauce.

To achieve the perfect result in cooking spaghetti, details are important. For example, for cooking you need to pick up a large saucepan so that you do not have to break pasta. This moveton. The proportions of water, salt and pasta should be as follows: a pound of pasta needs five liters of water and two tablespoons of salt. This is a fundamental point, which allows to achieve almost Italian quality dishes.

Throw spaghetti in boiling, pre-salted water. If long pasta is not entered completely in your pan, it does not matter. Literally in 5-10 seconds they will soften enough, and it will be possible to gently push the tips into boiling water with a fork.

As soon as the pasta is immersed in water, you need to note the time and measure it in strict accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation. Longer can not cook, so overcooked spaghetti spoil the whole thing. (The ideal state of al-dente is achieved in five to seven minutes). Rinse the paste with water is also impossible: starch on the surface of pasta is needed in order to keep the sauce better.

Pasta carbonara with ham and cream

Delicate pasta carbonara with ham and cream - a simple and quick dish. It is prepared very simply, but it turns out magical!


• four hundred grams of pasta;

• two hundred grams of any ham to taste;

• three cloves of garlic;

• incomplete tablespoon of vegetable oil;

• incomplete glass of cream (150 ml);

• a little black pepper to taste;

• salt.

Cooking Method:

Put water for cooking pasta on the stove. When the water boils, put spaghetti.

Ham cut into cubes or small cubes, as you want.

Peel and chop the garlic as small as possible.

Heat the butter in a skillet and fry the garlic for a minute or longer, stirring constantly. It is important that the garlic does not burn, otherwise you will have to do it all over again.

After a minute, send the ham to the pan and fry for about three minutes with garlic. Stir again almost continuously.

Drain the spaghetti, return the pasta to the pan.

Spread ham on pasta, pour in cream, pepper.

Heat on medium heat for about three minutes so that the cream becomes hot.

Immediately file.

Pasta carbonara with ham, cream and parmesan

A completely different taste is obtained if you add a little spicy fragrant parmesan into carbonara pasta with ham and cream. Gourmets will certainly prefer this version of the dish.


• two hundred grams of pasta;

• one hundred grams of ham;

• two hundred milliliters of cream;

• three cloves of garlic;

• tablespoon olive oil;

• fifty grams of parmesan;

• three chicken yolks (raw).

Cooking Method:

While the water boils, cut the ham into strips.

Grind the garlic, but do not pass it through the press, but simply chop it with a knife.

Separate the yolks.

Mix yolks with cream, whip.

A piece of parmesan grate on the shallow side of the grater and combine with beaten eggs. Mix.

Put the paste in boiling water and immediately put the pan on the fire.

In a well-heated butter, throw garlic, after a minute - ham (constantly stir the spoon with both garlic and garlic with ham). Frying time is three minutes. Drain the water from the pasta, return them to the pan, immediately put the fried ham and egg-cheese mixture.

On the middle ring, warm all minutes for two or three.

As soon as the cheese and yolks in the sauce thicken, turn off the fire. The main thing is not to overdo the dish on the fire, so that the cheese spreads.

When serving, sprinkle with a pinch of grated Parmesan.

Pasta carbonara with ham, cream and bacon

A nourishing and very tasty pasta variant, which involves the use of bacon and ham immediately. Cheese in this recipe is also a must. But Parmesan can easily be replaced with any semi-hard cheese.


• a pound of pasta;

• half a liter of cream (10%);

• three hundred grams of bacon;

• three hundred grams of lean ham;

• tablespoon olive oil;

• three eggs;

• salt;

• pepper to taste (you can add spices, if you really want).

Cooking Method:

While the pasta cooks, make the sauce.

Grate the cheese.

Beat eggs with cream, cheese crumb, pepper and spices (if used).

Cut ham and bacon into thin slices.

Heat olive oil in a skillet, fry the meat slices.

Put boiled pasta in the same pan, mix.

Pour in the whipped cheese-egg mixture, mix again (the fire should be on all this time).

When the sauce is completely saturated with pasta, turn off the fire. If it's a bit thick, you can pour in some more cream.

Serve pasta carbonara with ham and hot cream, sprinkled with grated cheese and greens if desired.

Pasta carbonara with ham, cream and mushrooms

Fans of mushroom dishes can cook an unusual mushroom paste carbonara with ham and cream. Despite the significant departure from the original, the dish turns out amazingly tasty.


• three hundred grams of spaghetti;

• two hundred grams of ham;

• two hundred grams of semi-hard or hard cheese;

• two hundred grams of fresh mushrooms;

• a glass of cream;

• spoon of vegetable oil;

• Traditional Italian dried or fresh herbs (origano, basil).

Cooking Method: Boil the paste according to the main recipe.

Cut ham into strips and mushrooms into thin slices.

On hot oil, fry the ham.

After a few minutes, add the mushroom slices and fry all together.

Pour in the cream when the mushrooms are sufficiently browned.

While stirring, reduce the cream until thick.

Add dried or fresh chopped herbs to the sauce.

Grate the cheese.

Stir the sauce and pasta.

When serving, add grated cheese to each plate.

Pasta carbonara with Parma ham and cream

Spicy jerked ham gives any dish a mild taste and exquisite look. No exception and pasta. In a duet with cream and parmesan, it turns out something absolutely delicious.


• spaghetti packaging;

• two hundred grams of Parma ham;

• two hundred grams of parmesan;

• half a cup of drinking cream;

• three yolks;

• two tablespoons of olive oil.

Cooking Method:

Cooked spaghetti according to the basic recipe. When cooking, you can add spices to the water, but this is an amateur.

Separate the yolks from the whites, combine with the cream and beat slightly.

Grate the parmesan, add a tablespoon of cheese crumb to the eggs and mix again.

Ham cut into translucent slices.

Fry ham in butter literally two minutes. Fire off

When the oil and fat cease to sizzle, pour the creamy egg mixture into the pan.

Again, turn on the minimum heat and wait for the cream to boil, without stopping stirring them. If you stop stirring, the yolks will go lumpy, curl.

Broil the bacon sauce for five to six minutes.

In a deep saucepan, combine the pasta and sauce, mix everything well.

Serving, sprinkle with cheese crumb.

Pasta carbonara with ham, cream, pancetta and white wine

The original spicy flavor gives pasta carbonara with ham and cream a white wine. Delicious delicate spaghetti sauce is the perfect end to a long day. You can serve a dish with a glass of red wine.


• a pound of spaghetti;

• 200 grams of tender ham;

• 150 grams of pancetta (meat bacon);

• five yolks;

• 150 grams of grated parmesan; • 50 grams of sheep cheese;

• three cloves of garlic;

• salt;

• three tablespoons of olive oil;

• half a cup of white dry wine;

• pepper to taste.

Cooking Method:

Cut the bacon (pancetta) and ham into semi-transparent plates.

Grate two pieces of cheese.

Knife chop garlic.

Heat olive oil well and fry until bacon crispy, first bacon, then ham.

Add to the pan garlic, literally half a minute to pour in the wine.

Simmer the sauce until the liquid is boiled for 7-8 minutes.

Leave under tightly covered lid.

Beat yolks with cheese crumb.

Put boiled macaroni into a large bowl, pour over cheese-egg sauce, mix gently.

Put the bacon and ham stewed in white wine and mix well again.

Pepper and serve immediately.

Pasta carbonara with ham and cream - tricks and tips

  • A glass of water in which spaghetti was brewed must be left. If something goes wrong and too thick sauce needs to be diluted, the decoction will work best.
  • The worst in pasta carbonara with ham and cream is overcooked spaghetti. It is better not to cook pasta than to digest.
  • Cooking pasta and sauce should be at the same time. If the pasta is already cold, you can not mix them with hot sauce: it will not soak up the spaghetti.
  • The combination of several types of cheese gives a special charm to the pasta. Something special happens if you add a small piece of blue cheese with mold to the sauce. An excellent substitute for it may be the more familiar Mascarpone cheese.
  • Salting the sauce is not allowed: ham and cheese give enough salt in combination with pasta boiled in salted water.
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