Lenten pickle - tasty, satisfying, economical. The best recipes for lean pickle with pearl barley, pickles, rice, beans

Lenten pickle - tasty, satisfying, economical. The best recipes for lean pickle with pearl barley, pickles, rice, beans

The post restricting the use of some products is not the time to give up the pleasure of eating delicious, hearty dishes.

Today we will cook fragrant fast pickle.

Lenten pickle - general principles of preparation

For the preparation of lenten dishes do not use meat, so cooked soups in vegetable broth. Such a decoction is delicious, if you cook it with the addition of various roots: herbs, onions, carrots.

Usually a lot of vegetables are put into the lean soup: carrots and potatoes. For the satiety of such cereals as barley, rice, millet, and legumes. To impart a special brine flavor, add pickled or pickled cucumbers and cucumber pickle to the hot. An interesting taste, color and aroma give tomatoes or tomato paste.

The principle is simple: put sliced ​​diced potatoes in a saucepan with water, boil it until half cooked, add cereal. If barley is used, it is pre-boiled in another container until cooked, rice, millet and other cereals simply wash. When using beans, dried legumes are first soaked in water, then boiled, like barley, in another saucepan, and canned beans are put in broth to potatoes without preliminary preparation.

The last is laid out in the preparing pickle pickle fried from onions, carrots, tomatoes. You can also take for sauteing leeks, greens.

Cucumbers put in chopped or grated form in the broth at the end of cooking after the readiness of all the vegetables or in sautéing. The brine is also poured at the final stage, and in order not to dim the soup, it is better to bring it to the boil.

For aroma, various spices and spices to taste are added to the fast rassolnik. Serve the soup, seasoned with your favorite permitted sauce, sprinkling greens with fresh bread or croutons, and bread crumbs.

1. Lenten pickle: a classic recipe with pearl barley


• 5 medium potatoes;

• allspice - 4 peas;

• 3 pickled cucumbers;

• 1 carrot;

• onion head;

• sunflower oil for roasting vegetables;

• 1 leaf of laurel;

• pickles from cucumbers - 5 tbsp. spoons;

• pearl barley - 150 g.


1. First rinse the barley and leave it in water for 40 minutes to soften.

2. Put the swollen grits in a pan with cold water, put them on the stove and cook over moderate heat until ready.

3. After softening the cereal, add potatoes - medium-sized dice, Lavrushka, peppercorns, some salt (if needed) and boil for 25 minutes until the potatoes soften.

4. Meanwhile, fry the chopped carrot and onion in a pan with butter.

5. Finely chop the cucumbers with a knife and simultaneously with the vegetable zazharyku add to the soup, boil for another 5 minutes and pour in the cucumber pickle.

6. Serve hot, sprinkled with finely chopped parsley leaves.

2. Lenten pickle with rice groats


• pickled cucumbers - 4 pcs .;

• 2 potatoes;

• a couple of carrots;

• onion head;

• rice cereal - 80 g;

• garlic - 5 cloves;

• tomato - 20 g;

• half a bunch of fresh cilantro, parsley and dill;

• oil for frying;

• allspice, salt - 10 g


1. Fill the metal container with water, a little more than half of the volume, add some salt, put on moderate heat and boil until bubbling bubbles form.

2. Cut potatoes into cubes and throw them into the pan.

3. After a few minutes, pour the washed rice into the pan and cook for 30 minutes until the rice and potatoes have softened.

4. Place the finely chopped carrots and onions in a frying pan and fry in butter for several minutes.

5. To vegetables, put a little tomato puree and warm 3 minutes.

6. Together with zazharka and chopped parsley, cilantro and dill, put cucumbers in a soup, grated on a grater, boil a little, remove from the stove and leave for half an hour. 7. Serve with sour cream.

3. Lenten pickle with red beans


• 1 can of canned red beans;

• a couple of potatoes;

• carrot - 1 pc .;

• 1 onion;

• 1 large pickled cucumber;

• leaf of laurel;

• salt - at will;

• a few peas fragrant pepper.


1. Cut the potatoes into small squares, place in a metal container with hot water, add laurel, allspice and cook until soft, over moderate heat.

2. Shumovka put lauret from the pot and add canned beans.

3. In a skillet with sunflower oil, fry for about five minutes carrots - grated, chopped onion.

4. Add the diced pickled cucumber to the fried vegetables and sweat until softened.

5. Lay the frying in the soup after the potatoes are ready, add a little fresh parsley, boil.

6. Remove from heat and let stand 40 minutes.

7. Pour into plates.

4. Lenten pickle with barley and pickles in a slow cooker


• barley - 30 g;

• 2 potatoes;

• 1 carrot;

• onion head;

• 2 pickled cucumbers;

• some oil for browning vegetables;

• pepper ground allspice, salt - at will;

• a little pickle from cucumbers.


1. In a heated multicooker in the “baking” mode, fry the onion head for 15 minutes - fine chips, carrot - on a grater.

2. Add to them salted cucumbers, cut into thin strips, and fry for a few minutes.

3. Put the prepared frying in a separate dish.

4. Place potatoes in a clean multicooker container - medium-sized cube, washed swollen barley, add some salt, pepper, add a two-liter jar of water, set the “stewing” mode and cook for about 60 minutes.

5. When the contents of the multicooker are fully cooked, add pickle from cucumbers, boil.

6. Switch the device to “heating” mode and insist 25 minutes.

7. Serve to the table in portions with bread from the flour of the second grade.

5. Lenten pickle with rice in clay pots


• potato - 4 tubers;

• rice cereal - 50 g;

• a pair of onions;

• carrot - 2 pcs .;

• 4 pickled cucumbers;

• a little tomato paste;

• vegetable broth - 3 liters;

• flavored ground pepper, salt - at will.


1. Pour cold water in an enameled deep three-liter saucepan, put diced potatoes, carrots, onions also in cube and rice cereal, cook until done.

2. Put boiled rice and vegetables in clay pots, add pickled cucumbers to them - thin strips, tomato puree, add some salt, pepper, add greens and any seasoning, add all the vegetable broth.

3. On top of the pots, close the small piece of lean puff pastry, tightly sticking to the edges of the pots.

4. Put the pots in a hot oven and stew at a low temperature of 15 minutes.

5. After this time has elapsed, turn off the fire and leave the soup in the oven for half an hour.

6. Serve this infrequent pickle directly in pots with black bread.

6. Lenten pickle with millet and cucumbers


• potato - 3 tubers;

• leek - 3 leaves;

• 1 carrot;

• millet groats - 100 g;

• garlic - 4 cloves;

• 2 medium salted cucumbers;

• some tomato puree or 1 tomato;

• allspice - 5 peas;

• Lavrushka - 1 leaf;

• salt - as needed.


1. Fill the metal deep container with 2.5 liters of water, put it on the stove and wait for the appearance of bubbling bubbles.

2. Slice the potatoes into small cubes and throw them into hot water, boil until bubbles form.

3. Rinse the millet grits well and pour them into the pan to the potatoes, boil for a few minutes.

4. While the potatoes are being boiled with millet, make a fry: in a frying pan with butter, put chopped carrots with chopped leek, grill for a few minutes.

5. Chop pickled cucumbers with a knife and put in the soup along with roasted vegetables, finely chopped garlic, tomato puree, lavrushka, salt, pepper, season with any seasoning and boil for another 10 minutes. 6. Turn off the heat, cover the pan with a lid and leave the soup for 40 minutes.

7. Pour a fragrant pickle with millet into portions, sprinkle with parsley and place a small piece of lemon on top.

Lenten pickle - Tricks and tips

• If you add cereal to pickle, be careful with its preparation. Rinse the barley first, then transfer it to a saucepan with plenty of water, cook over low heat until ready, then rinse in cold water. Wash the rice cereal several times, then transfer it to boiling water for a couple of minutes, pour out water and then add to the soup. All this will help you maintain the transparency of your broth.

• Do not like the crunch of pickled or pickled cucumbers in the soup? Just boil the ingredient in before boiling.

• Love experiments? Replace cucumbers with capers. In addition, together with commonly used products, you can put baked or fresh Bulgarian pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic fried in vegetable oil, in the soup.

• Greenery! Another important component of the dish, which will give the soup a delicious aroma, and decorate the look of hot. Use fresh, frozen or dried herbs: dill, basil, parsley, if you like the taste of cilantro - take it too.

• Pickle soup is a soup that tastes better after steaming, it tastes even better on the second day. Let the prepared dish stand under the lid closed.

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