Pickle with rice and pickles, recipes with fish, mushrooms, tomato paste

Pickle with rice and pickles, recipes with fish, mushrooms, tomato paste

Today I want to offer you some pickle recipes with pickled cucumbers, just not with barley, but with rice. I cook this soup on chicken, beef or pork broth, sometimes I can cook on sausage or in general without meat.

Alas, not everyone has the sour and spicy taste of this first dish, well, I will not force anyone to taste and color. But for lovers of Russian cuisine I recommend trying more original recipes. Although my family members prefer pickles with pearl barley and pickled cucumbers, you always want to diversify the menu.

In general, Russian salt pickles are cooked with different cereals, buckwheat, barley, rice. Also, instead of meat you can boil broth on chicken or rabbit liver, beef lung or turkey legs.

How to cook pickle with rice and pickles, recipes and cooking rules

What good is this dish, it can be cooked with any ingredients that only you like. It can be a rich and fatty soup with pork and tomato paste, or it can be a light, dietary dish with buckwheat. But today we will focus on the version with rice, because it is the most common.

  1. In vintage cookbooks, cucumber pickle is added to this dish. But this is an amateur. Because, if both the cucumber and pickle are in the broth, the taste may seem too sour to someone.
  2. Cucumbers are always laid at the end of cooking, five to seven minutes before the end. Use both pickled and salted, it also depends on preferences.
  3. In addition to cucumbers, we cook potatoes, carrots, and onions in pickle. There are lovers add there canned olives or mushrooms. It is not forbidden to chop up Bulgarian pepper in a soup or to chop up celery root. Thus, your first dish can always surprise you with different flavors.
  4. Meat broth is the basis of pickle. Boil it in advance. To make it transparent, after boiling, the fire must be lowered so that the boiling is slow. After cooking it is necessary to filter it.
  5. Ten minutes before the end of boiling pickle, we add a fry. I usually do it in vegetable oil, first passering onions, then carrots, I can add fragrant celery and parsnips.
  6. Spices are usually added at the end as well, as is salted in pickle last, because cucumbers give their taste and salt at the beginning, you can overdo it.
  7. If you come across large cucumbers, then it is better to remove the skin from them, it is likely to be tough.

Pickle with rice and pickles, recipes with fish, mushrooms, tomato paste

Recipe for pickle with rice and chicken

Our favorite version of pickle with chicken. I always boil the broth at first, and at the end I separate the meat from the bones and put it into small pieces in the soup.

We need:

  • Breast or chicken leg, about half a kilogram
  • Five medium potatoes
  • Three medium salted cucumbers
  • Three large spoonfuls of rice cereal
  • Small carrot
  • Medium Bulb
  • A pair of spoons of sunflower oil
  • A leaf of laurel
  • A bunch of fresh dill
  • Salt, hops-suneli, a mixture of peppers
  • Sour cream

Cooking process:

Wash chicken meat and pour water. After boiling, reduce the temperature and leave to boil slowly for half an hour. After the meat with a fork we take out and divide into pieces, remove the bones. Strain the broth into a clean pan.

To make the rice cooked as soon as possible, rinse the cereal and fill it with water. Chop the vegetables, first fry the onions a little, then add the carrot. At the request of cucumbers, you can also fry. Potatoes washed, peeled and cut into cubes. Dip in boiling broth along with rice, from which water was previously drained. Then we lay the roast and cucumbers, chicken and spices. Cook for ten minutes.

While the soup is boiled down, we crumble dill. Ready rassolnik spill, sprinkle with herbs and lay sour cream.

Cooking pickle in a multicooker

Soups using the multicooker cook easier, although the waiting time and longer. But you do not need to stand all the time on the pan. And this method of cooking retains all the flavors of the dish.

We take:

  • Three hundred grams of pork with fat
  • Two liters of water
  • Four medium potatoes
  • Three pickles
  • Small carrot
  • Three spoons of tomato paste
  • Half a cup of cucumber pickle
  • Small bulb
  • Two large spoons of rice cereals
  • Two cloves of garlic
  • Two spoons of sunflower oil
  • Spices to choose from, salt
  • Sour cream

Cooking process:

First we need to remove the meat from the meat and cut into cubes or cubes. We cut potatoes, carrots and onions with the same dimensions. Cucumbers also cut in small pieces, if necessary, then cut off the skin.

Add oil to the bowl, turn on the frying mode for fifteen minutes and lay out onions, carrots and cucumbers. Fry a little, then pour in the brine and add tomato paste. Stirring while waiting for the program to expire. Lid at this time is not covered. When the time is over, lay the vegetables on a plate.

Now put the pieces of meat, potatoes and washed rice into the bowl. We put the “soup” mode for sixty minutes. We notice half an hour. As time comes, add vegetables, garlic, spices to the broth. Close the lid and just wait for the end of the process. Sour cream is added to the plates when the pickle is already poured.

Pickle with rice and pickles, recipes with fish, mushrooms, tomato paste

Vegetarian pickle without meat

This soup will be relevant in the post, it is good to do it in the summer, when a lot of fresh greens. Broth is made on vegetables, and dill with parsley will give a rich aroma and taste. Alternatively, pickle-free pickle can also be cooked on mushroom broth.

We'll take:

  • Three large potatoes
  • A half glass of rice
  • Small carrot
  • Medium onion
  • Three large barrel cucumbers
  • One and a half large spoons of lean butter
  • Salt and spices optional
  • Half a bunch of dill and parsley
  • A big spoon of tomato paste (homemade ketchup can be used)

Cooking process:

Wash rice, dice potatoes, chop greens, carrots at will with three or cut into strips.

They should be poured over with water and boiled for ten minutes after boiling, after throwing potatoes into the pan. While everything is cooked, fry the vegetables in oil, at the end add tomato paste for color.

We try potatoes, if it becomes soft, then we lay out a fry and at the very end add greens. On request, in a platter we fill with sour cream.

Pickle with rice and pickles, recipes with fish, mushrooms, tomato paste

How to cook pickle with sausage

This option is also delicious, by the way, sausage can be taken of different types, well, like a hodgepodge. I like this recipe because the broth is cooked much faster. So, if you had a piece of sausage in the fridge from dinner and you think what to feed yours for lunch, make such an unusual pickle.

We take:

  • Three hundred grams of smoked sausage
  • Three medium potatoes
  • Small carrot
  • Bulb of medium size
  • Two pickles
  • A half glass of rice
  • Lavrushka
  • For half a bunch of parsley and dill
  • Spices as needed
  • Vegetable oil for frying
  • Half a glass of pickle with cucumbers

Cooking process:

Washed rice is set to cook, one it will boil for ten minutes. In the meantime, grind carrots with onions, cucumbers and sausage. First, fry the vegetables, after we throw the sausage to them, further cucumbers, stew for seven minutes.

In rice, add potatoes, cut into cubes, let boil for about fifteen minutes. After throwing vegetables with sausage, cook for another seven minutes and add herbs, pickle and spices. We salt at the very end. As a dressing you can serve sour cream.

Pickle on mushroom broth

Very original taste of pickle with mushrooms, for such a broth, I always choose champignons, because the taste is softer. Good for this cap of white mushrooms or mushrooms.

We need:

  • Three hundred grams of fresh champignons
  • Three medium sized potatoes
  • Three small salted cucumbers
  • A large spoonful of sunflower oil
  • Small carrot
  • Onion
  • Three large spoons of rice
  • Spices

Cooking process:

Mushrooms clean, wash and cut plastics. We set to cook on medium heat. While we are boiling we chop the onions with the carrot and fry them.

After the mushrooms boil for twenty minutes, add the washed rice. Ten minutes later, we toss the potatoes, after another five minutes, vegetables and cucumbers. We also add all the prepared spices. Cook for another five minutes and turn it off. Very tasty to serve such pickle with cream or sour cream.

Classic recipe of pickle with rice, step by step

That recipe can be taken as a basis, for good reason it is considered classic. You can add tomato paste, olives, different types of meat, spices that you like.

We take:

  • Half a kilo of veal
  • Half a kilo of lean pork (neck)
  • Three large spoons of round grain rice
  • Five Potatoes
  • Average carrot
  • Large turnip-bulb
  • Three salted barrel cucumbers
  • Half a glass of cucumber pickle
  • Two Lavrushki
  • Three peppercorns allspice
  • Cook salt
  • Greens
  • Sour cream

Cooking process:

  1. Meat is washed and removed films, cut into pieces and set to cook the broth.
  2. After an hour and a half, we filter into a clean pan.
  3. Carrot cut into half rings, dice onions, fry in butter.
  4. At this time, we pour the washed rice cereal into the broth and mark it for ten minutes.
  5. After immediately throwing potato cubes.
  6. Ten minutes later, we put vegetables and finely chopped cucumbers in a saucepan, add brine first, then spices.
  7. Cook for another five minutes.
  8. After pouring it into plates, sprinkle with chopped greens and arrange in a spoonful of sour cream.

Pickle with rice and pickles, recipes with fish, mushrooms, tomato paste

Fish pickle recipe with rice

I did not even expect that it would be so tasty when I first tried pickle with fish. Then she even began to make it with canned fish in a tomato.

We take:

  • Sea fish with white meat half a kilo
  • A half glass of rice
  • Three Potatoes
  • Three pickles
  • Medium-sized carrot
  • Small onion bulb
  • Half a lemon
  • Three large spoons of lean butter
  • Cook salt
  • A bunch of fresh dill
  • A spoon of tomato

Cooking process:

Fish cut into fillets and boil. While she is boiling, soak the rice, then pour it into the pan. While it is boiling, we make an onion, carrot and cucumber fry. Cut the potatoes into bars and send them to rice, after seven minutes zazharka goes there.

After adding the spices. At the end, chop the dill and fall asleep to the soup, put a few slices of lemon, in three minutes the pickle is ready.

I hope you will appreciate at least one of my recipes. I also want to share one rule, the most delicious pickle should be insisted, so that all the ingredients give their flavor to the broth and mix.

I remember how my grandmother cooked such soups in the pot as a child and then tormented them in a Russian stove. Here it was a real yummy.

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