Korean carrot salad with beans - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked salad with Korean carrots and beans

Korean carrot salad with beans - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked salad with Korean carrots and beans

The daily meal can be made unique if you serve different salads to the table each time. Salads are the dish that needs your improvisation.

Sometimes you want to update not only the wardrobe, but also to diversify the usual menu and cook a delicious culinary masterpiece, and from the usual products. In this post we offer our readers to get acquainted with salads, where the main ingredient is beans and spicy carrots in Korean. Carrot treats are very simple, but vitamin, and the orange vegetable is “friendly” with many products and various dressings.

Interesting variations in the preparation of Korean bean and spicy carrot salads.

Recipe 1. Salad “Bright” of Korean carrots and canned beans

It has already been proven that bright and beautifully decorated treats arouse appetite and elevate mood. This salad does not need additional design, since its components already have an appetizing look, and the rich taste of the dish will appeal to even a gourmet.

Ingredients Required:

- Korean carrot - 250 grams;

- red canned beans - can;

- Bulgarian pepper of all colors - 1 piece each;

- soy sauce - 2 tablespoons;

- Crimean onion - 2 pieces;

- parsley - bunch;

- Salt, chili pepper, lemon juice, olive oil.


Step-by-step plan of cooking "bright" salad.

Preparatory stage:

- Canned beans are exempt from unnecessary juice, the carrot in Korean should be a little out.

- Bell peppers are cut into long strips.

- The Crimean onion is cut into thin, almost transparent half rings.

- Chili pepper (without seeds), parsley finely chopped.

Cooking dressing: mixed olive oil, soy sauce, lemon juice. The prepared ingredients are combined in salad bowls, mixed, poured with dressing and infused for 10 minutes. Ready salad laid out a slide in a transparent salad bowl, so as not to hide the saturated colors. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe 2. “Cobweb” Korean carrot and bean salad (puff)

This layered salad is 100% considered to be a festive dish in taste and design. Beef, boiled chicken, piquancy - Korean-style carrots give satiety to the dish.

Ingredients Required:

- White canned beans - 250 grams;

- Chicken breast - 2 pieces;

- eggs - 5 pieces;

- cheese (durum) - 200 grams;

- Korean carrots - 200 grams;

- Salt, mayonnaise (for dressing), olives 3 pieces for decoration.


Step-by-step plan of cooking puff salad "Web" from carrots in Korean and canned beans.

Preparatory stage:

- Chicken breast is boiled in the usual way, and then finely chopped and salted.

- Eggs, boiled hard boiled and cheese, cut on a grater.

- Canned beans are exempt from unnecessary juice, carrots in Korean should be slightly squeezed.

The prepared ingredients are placed in a salad bowl with balls in the following sequence: chicken, smeared with mayonnaise, white beans, carrots, eggs, smeared with mayonnaise and cheese.

On top of the salad is decorated with a Korean carrot in the form of a cobweb, and in the center sits a spider from olives. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe 3. Asparagus Bean and Spicy Korean Carrot Salad

A light, dietary salad with an unusual combination of Korean carrots and wholesome sea kale will be a frequent treat at the dinner table as soon as you risk connecting incompatible products at first glance.

Ingredients Required:

- Asparagus beans - 300 grams;

- sea kale - 200 grams;

- half of one lemon;

- Korean carrots - 200 grams;

- soy sauce - a tablespoon;

- vegetable fat, salt.


A detailed recipe for cooking salad in Korean "seaman" from asparagus beans, seaweed and spicy Korean carrots. Preparatory stage:

- Asparagus beans are cut into 2-4 parts and boiled in salty, boiling water for 7 minutes. Then it falls into cold water and is sprayed with lemon juice.

In a salad bowl laid out beans, sea kale, carrots. The ingredients are seasoned with salt, soy sauce, dressed with oil and mixed. Useful and tasty salad is ready in 10 minutes, enjoy your meal!

Recipe 4. Bean, Korean Carrot and Prune Salad

Many men are sure that a salad without meat or sausage, it can not be satisfying. But this dish is proof that this salad can be served as an independent treat, as its basis is beans and prunes, which are very filling.

Ingredients Required:

- Korean carrot - 300 grams;

- large beans (raw) - 0.5 cups;

- prunes - 300 grams;

- dill - a bunch;

- salt, mayonnaise for refueling.


Detailed recipe for the preparation of "hearty" salad of beans, carrots in Korean and prunes.

Preparatory stage:

- Beans are boiled until cooked.

- Prunes steamed in boiling water for 15 minutes. Chop the soft prunes and dill.

- Korean carrots are exempt from marinade.

It remains to combine all the ingredients, fill with mayonnaise and salad “nourishing” can be served to guests. Enjoy your meal!

Korean carrot salad with beans - tips from chefs

Many salads, the basis of which is beans and spicy carrots in Korean, are seasoned with mayonnaise or sour cream, but supporters of a healthy diet can replace them with a dressing of lemon juice and flavored olive or vegetable oil.

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