Polish sauce - spicy dressing for a dish. Variants of Polish sauce with sour cream, onions, greens, citrus and spices

Polish sauce - spicy dressing for a dish. Variants of Polish sauce with sour cream, onions, greens, citrus and spices

Polish sauce is an ideal dressing for fish dishes. And here it does not matter how cooked fish is: boiled, fried, stewed or baked. In any case, in addition to this sauce, the dish turns out much softer and looks much more appetizing.

Prepare such a delicious and delicious sauce will not be difficult. You just need to stock up on fresh produce and a special cooking container in which the butter does not burn. Ingredients in the classic recipe of the sauce can be changed to interchangeable, due to which get the most interesting and varied options. Fish can be cooked immediately with the sauce, or you can pour the finished carcass before serving.

Polish Sauce - General Cooking Principles

This Polish sauce should contain two essential components - boiled eggs and dairy products.

As a basis for the sauce, you can use sour cream, mayonnaise, butter or cream. Most cooks prefer to cook the Polish sauce with butter. Or different dairy products combine with each other. Oil for the sauce and other components should be chosen fresh and proven brands, otherwise you can simply spoil the taste of the dish.

Eggs for the dish should be used only fresh. Will approach both usual chicken, and quail. They should be pre-washed under running water and boil in brackish water until ready (at least 10 minutes). Then you need to drain the hot water, and instead pour cold. After some time, you can clean the eggs from the shell. Finished eggs should either be finely chopped with a knife, or grated, or grind into mush with a blender.

Oil must first be melted in a special container, but do not need to bring to a boil. After it should be immediately mixed with the rest of the ingredients prepared previously for the sauce. For spiciness, hot red pepper and ground black pepper are added in moderate amounts to the sauce. For a more interesting taste, you can add any chopped greens, and for spiciness, you can add any spices to taste. To make the sauce slightly sourish, they add lemon, lime or orange juice.

Serve sauce can be in a special saucepan or watering them a dish. Basically, this sauce is served with fish. Rice or pasta will suit this dish as a side dish.

Polish sauce with quail eggs and sour cream


• 350 grams of butter;

• three tablespoons of liquid sour cream;

• 8 quail eggs;

• lemon;

• small amount of salt;

• bunch of parsley.

Cooking process:

1. Sort greens, place in a cup with cool water and rinse, then rinse under running drinking water. Then chop finely.

2. Scald lemon with boiling water and wash in cold water. Remove the zest with a special tool or carefully cut it with a knife and chop it on a cutting board. Then cut the lemon into two parts and squeeze the juice, strain it to remove the seed.

3. Boil quail eggs in salted water, cool and peel off the shell. Finely chopped.

4. Smooth out the softened butter from the packaging and melt in a small saucepan.

5. Add lemon juice to the butter and add zest, sour cream, eggs and chopped parsley. Sprinkle with salt.

6. Mix everything thoroughly. The sauce is ready!

Polish classic sauce with basil


• 360 g butter;

• 4 raw chicken eggs;

•? hl citric acid;

•? hl salts;

• 100 g of green basil.

Cooking process:

1. Basil, like any other greens, to sort, wash and dry. After that, finely chop or chop into a mush using a blender.

2. Wash eggs, boil in water with salt, then cool and peel. Finely chopped.

3. Dilute butter in a pan with a thick bottom.

4. Once the oil is completely melted, add citric acid and salt. Stir and then a couple of minutes. 5. Pour the mixture from the pan into any container. Add crushed eggs and basil. All mix and clean for half an hour in the cold. Serve chilled sauce.

Polish sauce with ghee and orange


• 200 g of melted butter;

• 3 chicken eggs;

• half a lemon;

• half an orange;

• salt;

• pinch of tarragon;

• pinch of coriander.

Cooking process:

1. Rinse chicken eggs and cook until ready in salted water. After cooling them under running water. Then peel and chop.

2. In a small bowl squeeze the juice of half an orange and lemon. Add crushed eggs to citrus.

3. Warm up melted butter, add eggs and orange and lemon juice to it, fill the mixture with salt, tarragon and coriander. Mix. Immediately serve to the table in the form of heat.

Spicy Polish Lime Sauce


• a couple of thyme sprigs;

• one lime;

• 200 g butter;

• Wasabi at the tip of the knife;

• ground ginger;

• salt to taste;

• pinch of black pepper;

• 3 chicken eggs.

Cooking process:

1. Wash the lime, scald with boiling water, remove the zest from half and cut the lime in half. Squeeze the juice into the container and strain. All you need is zest and juice.

2. Wash eggs, boil. Cool and clean a little. Cut into arbitrary pieces.

3. Rinse thyme, combine with eggs. Transfer to a blender bowl and grind into a homogeneous mush.

4. Melt butter, mix with zest and lime juice. Add gruel from a blender, salt, wasabi, ground ginger and ground black pepper. Stir and serve to any fish.

Polish sauce with dried onion and cilantro


• 6 quail eggs;

• 310 g butter;

• 2 tbsp. l lemon juice;

• 2 tbsp. l orange juice;

• a couple of cilantro twigs;

• 1 tbsp. l dried onions;

• salt to taste;

• pinch of black pepper.

Cooking process:

1. Boil quail eggs, cool in cold water and clean. Each egg is cut into 2-3 pieces. 2. Cilantro sort and rinse, dry a little on the air.

3. In the bowl blender load eggs, cilantro, lemon and orange juice. All grind into a mush conditionally homogeneous consistency.

4. In a skillet or large turk, melt butter, add previously cooked gruel of eggs, cilantro and citrus juice, sprinkle with salt, dried onion and ground black pepper. Mix everything and warm up for a minute. Serve the sauce immediately on a platter or in a separate saucepan.

Pike cutlets with Polish sauce


• one small pike (700 g);

• 60 grams of raw pork fat;

• 100 grams of dry wheat bread;

• 100 ml of heavy cream;

• one onion;

• 4 chicken eggs;

• sunflower oil;

• 150 g of wheat flour;

• 180-200 g butter or melted butter;

• 30 ml of lemon juice;

• half an orange;

• a couple of parsley twigs;

• pinch of black pepper;

• pinch of tarragon;

• sprig of thyme;

• salt.

Cooking process:

1. Pike wash, remove the insides, cut off the head, tail and fins. Rinse again with cold water. Cut the fillets and remove the skin with scales.

2. Peel onions, wash and cut into arbitrary pieces.

3. Smash dry wheat bread with your hands and pour cream in a bowl. Leave for a few minutes to soak.

4. Cut the fillet into pieces and grind in a meat grinder. Then chop the pork lard, bread together with cream and onions.

5. Fill the minced meat with salt and black ground pepper, add one raw egg and mix. Carefully beat off 1-2 times. Set aside for a couple of minutes.

6. From the resulting stuffing hands to form small balls and give them an oval-flattened cutlets. Sift flour into a dry, wide bowl in which to bake cutlets.

7. Heat the sunflower oil in the pan and put the patties. When a crisp pattern appears on their bottom, turn the patties over. Close the pan with a lid, and reduce the heating plate. Then, during the frying process, turn the cutlets another 1-2 times until they are fully cooked. 8. For now, do the dressing. Boil three eggs hard, cool and peel, chop each egg into several pieces.

9. Parsley and thyme leaves, sort, wash and lightly dry at room temperature. Coarsely chop.

10. Squeeze orange juice and strain. Mix with lemon juice and pour into a blender bowl. Add the same eggs and herbs. Grind everything at low speed until a slurry of uniform consistency.

11. In a separate saucepan, dissolve the butter and add the contents of the blender bowl to it. Season with salt, tarragon and black pepper. Stir and warm for 1-2 minutes.

12. By this time cutlets should be ready. Put the burgers in a baking dish and pour over the sauce.

13. Send to a heated oven for 10 minutes. You can optionally sprinkle with grated cheese.

14. Serve the dish hot.

Polish Sauce - Tricks and Tips

• To make the sauce a rich yellow, add fresh, homemade boiled eggs.

• Lemon juice can be replaced with citric acid.

• To prevent the oil from burning, it can be melted in a water bath.

• If desired, Polish sauce can be served with chicken fillet.

• For sauce it is better to use cream and sour cream of high fat content.

• To make the sauce taste even richer, add lemon zest to it.

• To make the sauce look beautiful and appetizing, add any chopped greens to it.

• The sauce can be prepared in advance and stored in refrigerators under a tightly closed lid. Before serving, it should be slightly heated.

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