Hollandaise sauce or Hollandez is from France! Recipes of new and classic Dutch sauces with lemon, mustard, wine, juices

Hollandaise sauce or Hollandez is from France! Recipes of new and classic Dutch sauces with lemon, mustard, wine, juices

Contrary to the name, the Dutch sauce was invented by the French. Oily egg mass was served to different snacks and was a component of many dishes. Although, why was? The Dutch sauce is now popular in world cooking, and it is made very simply, consists of affordable products, and it turns out delicious. Cook at home?

Dutch Sauce - General Cooking Principles

• Eggs. The color of the sauce will directly depend on the color of the yolks. As a rule, in farmer and domestic eggs they are very bright, sometimes not even yellow, but orange. Eggs are cooked, but not completely cooked. That is why you need to pay special attention to their quality.

• Butter. For the Dutch sauce, butter is used. Since it will melt, you need to choose a real product with a high fat content. Otherwise, part of the sauce will be water, which can not affect the taste.

• Lemon juice, vinegar. Acid is necessary not only for taste, but also for safety, since it is a kind of preservative. Lemon juice is used in classic Dutch sauces, but more and more variants with vinegar are found, below there are such recipes.

• Spices. Salt and pepper are usually used, but more and more fragrant additives appear in recipes: mustard, herbs, ginger, fruit and vegetable juices.

• Cooking features. Hollandaise sauce is always cooked in a water bath with constant stirring, mixing with a mixer or a whisk. You can not give the egg mixture to boil, otherwise the egg will roll up very quickly, nothing happens.

Classic Dutch Yolk Sauce

A simple recipe for egg classic Dutch sauce. Lemon juice for cooking in this recipe can not be replaced.


• three yolks;

• 100 grams of oil;

• salt, black pepper;

• 30 ml of lemon juice.

Cooking 1. Put the butter in a bowl or in a small saucepan, melt to a homogeneous liquid state, cool, it should not be hot.

2. Combine fresh chicken yolks with lemon juice. Stir well and put in a water bath. We start to warm up and at the same time beat with a mixer or actively wipe the whisk. The mass should become more magnificent, it will brighten a little.

3. Add a thin stream of melted butter, throw a pinch of salt, add a small amount of black pepper.

4. Stir and continue to heat the hollandaise until it thickens.

5. Beat it for another 20-30 seconds, remove from the water bath. Cool the mass to room temperature. The sauce is kept warm for no more than an hour. If necessary, you can put in the refrigerator for some time, then re-beat with a mixer.

Hollandaise sauce with vinegar and mustard

Instead of lemon juice in the recipe of this Dutch sauce there is table vinegar 3%. But you can also use apple cider vinegar or any other type of your choice.


• three yolks;

• spoon of water;

• spoon of vinegar;

• 0.5 packs of oil;

• mustard spoon;

• salt pepper.


1. We melt the butter beforehand so that it has cooled a little, leaving it on the table.

2. We combine water and vinegar, pour it over raw yolks, stir thoroughly, you can immediately add a pinch of salt to them. We send this mixture to a water bath, heat it and simultaneously beat it up to a light concentration of the mass.

3. As soon as the sauce begins to resemble a light cream, add oil to it, continue stirring and warming up.

4. When reaching the sauce, remove the mass from the water bath, cool slightly.

5. Add mustard, add black ground pepper. If the mustard is very spicy, you can add half the norm. If it is fresh and not very sharp, then at will we increase the amount.

6. Beat up the mass until smooth and more pomp with a mixer or a whisk several more times.

Classic Holland Wine Sauce

Another recipe for classic Dutch sauce, which is very popular in his native country. Wine is better for him to use dry and white, with another alcoholic drink it turns out a little bit wrong taste.


• four yolks;

• three spoons of white wine;

• a spoon of lemon juice;

• 0.5 tsp. sugar sand;

• 120 grams of oil;

• salt, 3 peppercorns.


1. Place a bowl in the water bath and place the raw egg yolks in it.

2. Immediately add wine, squeeze out lemon juice, throw sugar and pour in a tablespoon of pure water, but not hot, as the yolk should not thicken ahead of time.

3. Stir with a whisk and heat up the yolk sauce.

4. Melt the butter next to the stove or do it in the microwave.

5. As soon as the yolks become thicker, we add a thin stream of oil into them, continue stirring, but now we do it even more actively.

6. Salt the sauce, crush the black peas of the pepper, add next. Boil the hollandaise sauce after adding the melted butter for a few more minutes, until it reaches the right consistency.

7. Remove the bowl from the water bath, pour the contents into a sauceboat.

Hollandaise sauce with orange juice

To prepare a fragrant hollandaise sauce, an orange is not so much needed as its zest. Similarly, you can cook with a grapefruit zest, or make a more pronounced lemon flavor.


• three yolks;

• spoon of lemon juice;

• two tablespoons of orange juice;

• 80 g butter;

• salt, pepper, zest.


1. Before removing the zest, wash the orange well, brush off the wax, then wipe thoroughly with a napkin. We take a grater, rub the upper crust in a circle, we need small chips. If there is no grater, then you can use a knife, ordinary or vegetable.

2. Mix chopped zest, lemon juice, yolks, add orange juice, pressed from the used citrus. We put in a water bath, beat and heat.

3. The oil is melted and cooled. 4. In a sauce, throw a pinch of salt. For sharpness, add pepper, the amount at the owl discretion.

5. Enter the oil, continue to warm up and beat.

6. To achieve the desired consistency, remove the sauce from the heat.

Classic Dutch Airy Sauce with Protein

A variant of the classic Dutch sauce, which is prepared not only from yolks. Also, it will need balsamic vinegar.


• two eggs;

• 100 grams of oil;

• a spoon of lemon juice;

• a spoonful of balsamic vinegar;

• spices.


1. Separate the yolks, whip them until smooth.

2. Combine lemon juice with balsamic vinegar, pour to the yolks, continue beating until light skins appear.

3. Put the yolk mass on fire.

4. Melt butter.

5. Beat in a separate bowl of squirrels to a dense and fluffy foam.

6. Add spices to the yolks, stir and heat.

7. Gradually pour in the butter, continue to heat the Dutch sauce.

8. We enter at the very end whipped whites in a lush foam. Heat until the sauce has the desired consistency, do not forget to stir continuously.

Dutch Cream Sauce

Recipe for creamy Dutch sauce based on yolks. Here, the list uses lime juice, but you can take a regular lemon. Cream use only fatty at least 20%.


• 70 g of oil;

• 50 ml of cream;

• 3 yolks;

• 2 tbsp. l lime juice;

• salt, white pepper.


1. Beat yolks and lemon juice, put the bowl to warm up in a water bath, continue beating with a whisk.

2. Melt the butter in a separate bowl.

3. Add salt and pepper to cream, dissolve. Pour the mass into the yolks, continuing to stir the thickening mass.

4. At the end add melted butter. We warm the sauce until it becomes homogeneous, thick enough.

5. Remove from heat. Let the mass cool to room temperature, beat with a mixer for about three minutes.

Asparagus with Hollandaise

The most popular dish with hollandaise sauce is asparagus. This duet goes great. For the dish you need to choose fresh green pods. At the same time we will get acquainted with another technology of cooking popular egg sauce. Ingredients

• 20 asparagus shoots;

• 2 large yolks;

• 100 g of oil;

• 10 ml of lemon juice;

• 1 tsp. wine vinegar.


1. Mix lemon juice and wine vinegar, heat up to a boil together with a pinch of salt.

2. Melt the butter in a separate bowl.

3. Beat yolks, add boiling vinegar-lemon mixture.

4. Add the melted butter drop by drop, beat at the highest speed of the mixer until it is all over. If the oil is of high quality and everything is done correctly, you will get an emulsion resembling mayonnaise, but only with a creamy taste. Add to the mass a little pepper. Put the sauce aside.

5. Asparagus is collected in a bundle, tied with thread. Dip in boiling water so that the tops remain outside, they will be steamed. Cover the pot with a lid.

6. Cook asparagus for four minutes, remove from the pan, shake off excess water, lay out on plates. Pour over the hollandaise sauce.

Dutch Sauce - Tips and Tricks

• Before melting the butter, it is better to chop into small cubes and stir constantly. In this case, it will melt evenly, not much overheat.

• If you do not like the flavor of raw yolks, you need to remove a thin film bag that holds the contents, the smell comes from her.

• Initially, the main seasoning sauce was white ground pepper. But it is not as popular as the black pepper, it began to be replaced, what they are still doing.

• Where are the whites of squirrels from eggs; In no case do not throw away, add to the omelette, use for the dough, you can make wonderful meringues from them or simply eggnog.

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