Pink petals in sugar

The beginning of summer is a time of fragrant, healthy and tasty preparations from tea roses - the most popular edible flowers. The fragrance of tea rose can not be confused with other colors. The sweet, delicate pink aroma beckons to inhale it again and again, and not only to smell, but also to try! What we are going to do now is by preparing a universal supply of tea roses for the winter - petals ground with sugar.

Pink petals in sugar

Harvesting frayed petals is simpler than jam, moreover, without heat treatment, more useful substances are stored in them. And they gave the tea rose nature generously: the petals contain vitamins C, K, B1 and B3. Eat a little bit regularly - and your immunity will be strong, your ability to learn will be excellent, your mood will be balanced, and the level of optimism will be high!

Tea rose is a wonderful natural remedy for colds. Why buy potions if you can hold a spoonful of sweet medicine in the mouth or cough with a sore throat and cough, or take tea with wiped petals instead of tea leaves? Rosa is used for stomatitis and angina; “Tasty flower” will help cure thrush in children. And, of course, it is very pleasant to eat in reserve from rose petals just like that, for pleasure.

Pink petals in sugar

You can add it to tea or eat it as if it were jam or honey; Use as a donut and roll stuffing. Let's stock up on the aroma and taste of Summer, while the season of tea roses lasts!

They bloom in late May - early June. Hurry up, because on hot days, delicate flowers quickly fly around. It is best to collect a tea rose in clear weather at dawn - there is still no heat, bird chirping rings in the air, it is filled with morning coolness and floral aroma ... And most importantly, rose petals are most fragrant and saturated with essential oils at this time of day, therefore they have more and taste, and good. It is believed that for blanks of tea roses is better to take only varieties with pink petals. In fact, there are many other suitable varieties - apricot, beige, cream, raspberry; each with its own aroma - with notes of honey, lemon, peach ...

But still the most fragrant and tasty - pale pink flowers, from which they make essential oil, rose water, jam, winter supplies and candied flowers to decorate cakes and desserts. I always take exactly delicate pink variety. And what varieties of tea roses do you stock up?

Ingredients for Sugar Rose Petals

For 1 liter jar of rose petals

  • 1 cup of sugar;
  • Several grains of citric acid.

Variant of proportions - For 500 g of petals

  • 1 kg of sugar;
  • A pinch of citric acid.

Dry sterile cans with screwcaps will also be needed. It is better to pack up the petals in a small container - up to 0.5 liters, as the food is very sweet and is eaten little by little (unless you are ready to make baking with a filling with roses).

Method of making rose petals in sugar

After collecting the flowers, carefully tear off the petals and carefully select them, clearing the sepals, the leaves, and let the bugs randomly fall back into the garden - let them live!

Wash the rose petals is not necessary. Pour them in an enamel bowl. We pour sugar there and add citric acid - it will help to preserve a beautiful pink color. If you do without citric acid, the petals eventually turn brown.

Pink petals in sugar Pink petals in sugar Pink petals in sugar

Grind the petals with sugar with clean, dry hands until they begin to secrete juice. As an option - you can grind the petals with a pestle in a mortar. It is sometimes advised to use a technique like a blender and a meat grinder for grinding petals to make it faster. But do not do this: when in contact with the metal, the petals lose useful properties. And then, why rush? In the dynamic rhythm of our days, it is useful and pleasant sometimes to slow down the pace to relax and enjoy the moment. And manually grinding the petals is just such an occupation that promotes relaxation.

Inhaling the scent of roses, you tune in to a calm, peaceful mood, and for good reason - rose essential oils have a calming effect. And how nice it is to pour the silky petals in your hands - it seems that the skin becomes softer from contact with them.

Pink petals in sugar

Filled petals fill the prepared jars. You do not need to tamp too much, but still pack more tightly - then the petals will settle.

The frayed pink petals can be stored in the refrigerator, in a glass dish with sealed lids for a whole year - until the next pink season.

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