Cranberries, grated with sugar

You thought that harvesting fresh berries is possible only in summer? Imagine that in the winter season you can also harvest vitamin berry supplies, which will be useful all year round. What kind of berries are stored in the winter for the summer? “It was red and sour, it grew in the marshes ...” Guess? Of course, this is a cranberry, which is harvested from September to early spring.

Cranberries, grated with sugar

It's time to stock up on this useful berry, because lovers of “acid vitamins” (much more effective than pharmacy vitamin complexes) always have a great appetite and strong immunity! And all thanks to the bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating properties of cranberries.

Cranberry has antipyretic properties, protects against colds and infections; helps not only with respiratory infections, but also with cystitis - a couple of portions of cranberry juice can eliminate incipient discomfort. Small red berries conceal a pantry of vitamins, antioxidants and organic acids, including benzoic acid, which is a natural preservative. Therefore, grated cranberries are well kept.

Of course, it is best to eat fresh cranberries - for example, with honey, or in powdered sugar. But this is a season, but I want to cuddle a wonderful berry for the whole year. I prefer berries wiped with sugar - they are much more useful than jam, since they do not undergo heat treatment, keeping a maximum of useful substances. Therefore, the best way to harvest cranberries, lingonberries, blueberries, currants - wipe with sugar. And more natural, and less time consuming than cooking. Easier except to freeze the berries. But cranberry, grated with sugar, is an excellent base for various recipes: you can make delicious cranberry juice from it, stuffing for buns and pies, spreading for bread and pancakes. Very tasty and useful to eat it just like tea with jam.

  • Cooking time: 20 minutes

Ingredients for making grated cranberries with sugar:

  • Cranberries;
  • Sugar.

The ratio of berries and sugar is 1: 2, that is, per 100 g of cranberries 200 g of sugar.

Cranberries, grated with sugar

Cooking cranberries grated with sugar:

Cranberry berries should be washed in clean cold water and drain in a colander to glass the water. Then, for better drying, you can pour them on a thick paper towel (thin napkins are not suitable, as the paper will be sodden and stick to the berries).

Pour the pure cranberries into a bowl, add sugar and mash with a wooden spoon. Cookware and kitchen tools that are used to make berries ground with sugar should not be metal. Otherwise, upon contact of cranberry juice with metal, oxidation will begin, as a result of which not only vitamins are destroyed, but also unhealthy compounds may occur. Therefore, you should not use a meat grinder or a blender with metal knives to facilitate the process of wiping berries. Of course, manually mashing cranberries with a wooden spoon is longer, but safer and healthier. Enamel, glass or ceramic bowl will do.

Cranberries, grated with sugar

When almost all the cranberries are ground, ready. If a dozen or two berries remain intact - the billet will still be well kept, and it will turn out even more interesting when the sour “fireworks” get in the sweet and sour jam!

Cranberries, grated with sugar

For storing grated cranberries we use sterile, clean and dry glass containers with screw caps. Fill the jars not to the top, as the sugar will dissolve in the berry juice for some time, accordingly the level in the jar will increase and, if you pour the full jar, the billet can escape from under the lid. Therefore, we fill the jars at 3/4 the height.

Store grated cranberries with sugar in a cool place or in the refrigerator.

Cranberries, grated with sugar

Cranberry juice

Pour 200 ml of warm (not hot to preserve vitamins) boiled water into a cup, add 2 teaspoons of grated cranberries (plus or minus one spoon, to taste). Stir, try. We regulate the acid and sweetness of the drink by adding honey or lemon juice. You can strain the juice, so that the drink does not come across berry skins.

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