Mannik on kefir: a classic, step-by-step recipe. Gentle classic mannich in the oven or multicooker (step by step)

Mannik on kefir: a classic, step-by-step recipe. Gentle classic mannich in the oven or multicooker (step by step)

To prepare a delicious lush manna for everyone. It will take a little time and a minimum set of products available in every home.

This cake will be a great treat for tea!

Step-by-step classic mannica recipe for kefir - general principles

We need four basic ingredients:

• Manka.

• Kefir - fermented milk product must be fresh, without sour. You can replace the natural yogurt, yogurt.

• Sugar.

• Eggs.

For fluffiness, put some soda in the dough. It is not necessary to quench it with vinegar, kefir contains acid. First, the semolina is soaked in kefir for some time before swelling, the eggs are whipped separately with sugar, then both masses are mixed and the batter is kneaded in consistency resembling thick sour cream.

Additionally, cocoa, chocolate pieces, berries, fruits, candied fruits, raisins, condensed milk, and citrus zest can be put in the dough. Vanillin, cinnamon, cardamom are added to the fragrance if desired.

Mannica cooking time varies from 20 minutes to an hour depending on whether the oven or the slow cooker is used, what size and diameter the shape, etc. It is simple to check the readiness of the cake — insert any wooden skewer into the mannica, if the stick is dry — ready, wet or with dough sticking to it — stand the cake still.

The finished product can be sprinkled with powdered sugar, pour over the icing. Often, manna is used as a sponge cake for making cakes.

1. Mannik on kefir: a classic, step-by-step recipe in the oven

Perhaps this is the easiest step-by-step recipe for mannik, where there are no superfluous ingredients, everything is extremely simple and clear. Its advantage is also the fact that you can adapt it to your taste by adding certain products, choosing a multicooker instead of an oven, varying according to the amount of sugar.

Ingredients: • semolina - 200 grams;

• 250 ml of kefir 20% fat;

• 2 chicken eggs;

• sugar - half a glass.

As an additional ingredient, take 10 grams of soda, thanks to the soda, mannik will turn porous and will rise well when baking. It is acceptable to replace soda with baking ripper. And you will also need a small piece of butter or margarine to lubricate the form and about half a glass of icing sugar for sprinkling baked manna.


1. First, turn on the oven so that it warms to a temperature of 170 degrees. Expose a higher temperature regime is not worth it, otherwise the manna burns on top, and inside will not have time to bake.

2. Into a deep bowl, add semolina, pour kefir, stir well with a spoon until the lumps disappear, cover the container with a towel, set aside for a few minutes so that the semolina will absorb all the kefir.

3. In a separate bowl with a mixer, beat the eggs with sugar to a stable foam.

4. Beat eggs with sugar, enter into the swollen semolina, mix well until smooth.

5. Add soda to the resulting mass, or add baking powder for the dough, stir well again.

6. Take a split mold or baking tray. Capacity for baking must be deep, otherwise the dough during baking can flow out of the mold. Grease the baking dish with oil, sprinkle with semolina (if there is no extra semolina, sprinkle with wheat flour).

7. Put the cooked dough, surface smooth with a plastic spatula.

8. Place the form in a hot oven, bake the manna for a little more than half an hour. You should not open the oven when baking, because the manna can settle and lose its pomp.

9. After the allotted time, make sure, looking through the glass of the oven, that the manna has covered with a beautiful light brown crust. Open the oven, check the pie for readiness with a skewer.

10. Directly hot, remove the manna from the mold, carefully transfer it to a flat, large plate, cool, sprinkle with powdered sugar. You can also lubricate the manna at will with any jam or jam. 11. When serving, cut the manna into portions, serve with tea or milk.

2. Mannik on candied fruit kefir: a classic step-by-step recipe in a slow cooker

In this recipe, you can use absolutely any candied fruits: kiwi, orange, berries, apricots. If desired, you can substitute candied fruits with dried fruits, for example, raisins or dried apricots. If you decide to use dry fruits, they must first be soaked, then, if necessary, cut into small pieces.


• semolina - 320 grams;

• medium fat yogurt - half a liter;

• 320 grams of wheat flour;

• butter - half a pack;

• three chicken eggs;

• sugar - 400 grams;

• three handfuls of candied fruits.

To give the mannica a special flavor, take another small pack of vanillin. And in order to turn out the manna powder crumbly and fluffy, do not forget to prepare ten grams of soda or baking powder for the dough.


1. Pour kefir into a large container, add soda, mix.

2. Soak the semolina in kefir, leave it for a few minutes to swell.

3. Break eggs into another clean deep bowl, add granulated sugar, vanillin and whisk with a mixer until a stable fluffy foam.

4. Put a little butter in a small plate and melt it in the microwave.

5. Cool the melted butter, add the semolina swollen in kefir, add the beaten eggs, stir well with a spoon.

6. Pour the flour in small portions into the prepared mass, but just before that, sift it through a sieve so that the flour is enriched with oxygen, mix thoroughly to a soft thick mass.

7. Add candied dough to the resulting medium thickness. If candied fruit is very large, then before adding, cut them into several small pieces, and if small, then lay the whole. Mix well again.

8. In the slow cooker, set the “baking” mode, heat it up to a temperature of 170 degrees.

9. Grease the capacity of the multicooker with oil, sprinkle with semolina and lay out the dough, flatten the surface with a plastic spatula. 10. Set the slow cooker to 70 minutes, close the lid and bake until the beep sounds.

11. After the beep, gently open the multicooker lid, remove the mannica from the container, put it on the metal grill to cool it.

12. If desired, you can coat the finished cake with jam, jam, or sprinkle with powdered sugar. When serving, cut the manna into portions, serve with tea.

3. Mannik on kefir: a classic, step-by-step recipe with a banana and condensed milk

This recipe differs from the previous ones in that the manna is used here as a basis for making a cake with a banana and condensed milk filling. You can replace any other stuffing to your liking. Mannik is perfectly combined with melted chocolate, protein cream, canned peaches, various nuts.


• 300 grams of semolina;

• kefir 20% fat - 350 ml;

• wheat flour - 15 tablespoons;

• sugar - 7 large spoons;

• condensed milk - one jar;

• butter - 150 grams;

• soda;

• three medium bananas.


1. A mannik according to this recipe will be baked in the oven, so first turn it on so that it is heated to the desired temperature (170-180 degrees).

2. As in the previous recipes, mix semolina with kefir, add sugar, stir, cover with a clean cloth and leave for a few minutes to swell the semolina.

3. In a dry, clean pan, melt some butter and cool.

4. To a well-swollen semolina pour in the cooled butter.

5. Mix sifted flour with baking soda, pour the mass into semolina with kefir and butter, mix well with a spoon until a homogeneous thick consistency.

6. Prepare a deep baking dish: Brush it with butter and sprinkle with semolina or flour. The most convenient way to use the split form, so removing the finished baking is much easier.

7. Put the form in a hot oven and bake a little more than half an hour. 8. When the manna is covered with a light brown crust, open the oven, chop the manna with a thin wooden stick, if the stick is dry, then the manna is ready.

9. Remove the baked manna from the mold, put on a metal grid, cool.

10. Cut the manna along into two identical cakes.

11. Pour condensed milk on cakes and smear well with a plastic spatula.

12. Peel the bananas, slice them. Spread the bananas on one cake, cover with the second cake, press firmly, put on a flat plate and leave to soak for half an hour.

13. You can sprinkle with powdered sugar on top.

14. When serving, cut the manna into small pieces, serve with tea or coffee.

Step-by-step classic mannica recipe for kefir - tricks and tips

• If you like a “crusty” cake, so to speak with a slight crunch, do not soak the semolina in kefir for too long, 20-30 minutes will be enough.

• Manka will swell faster if you put it not in cold kefir. Remove the fermented milk product from the refrigerator beforehand.

• Mannik is easily removed from the mold if it is greased with butter or sprinkled with semolina, flour, before baking.

• If you decide to put dried fruits in the dough, do not forget to soak them beforehand and dry them.

• If you are not allergic to honey, you can substitute sugar for it. He will give mannicus a beautiful golden-brown color, will improve his taste.

• Was the dough watery? Pour some flour, the same semolina or ground oat or corn flakes.

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