Mannica recipes for kefir in the oven for health and pleasure. How to cook the manna on kefir in the oven for the joy of children and adults?

Mannica recipes for kefir in the oven for health and pleasure. How to cook the manna on kefir in the oven for the joy of children and adults?

Pie-based decoys are a good way to diversify the dessert table.

This is a wonderful breakfast that can create a feeling of satiety for 5-6 hours, because carbs from semolina are absorbed longer than from flour.

This is a hearty afternoon snack.

This is a good snack, if you can not cook something more serious.

And, of course, this is a great addition to tea on an ordinary day, as well as on some not very big celebration, when the cake seems to be irrelevant.

General principles of cooking manna on kefir

As is clear from the name, mannit on kefir in the oven is prepared from semolina, which is finely chopped wheat. It's still not flour, so baking on the basis of cereals is healthier and more satisfying. Kefir is used to make the cake lush, better rise. With the same purpose baking powder or soda is added. It is not necessary to extinguish it, because kefir contains enough acid.

Before cooking the semolina must be soaked in kefir. Usually soaked for one hour. After an hour of swelling, the semolina is made soft and airy, and baking from it is practically the same as baking flour.

You can pour the cereal with the necessary amount of kefir and leave it overnight in the refrigerator, covered with a lid or cling film. The effect will be the same, just delicious, fragrant mannich on kefir in the oven will be ready in time for breakfast.

Kefir can be taken yesterday and even the day before yesterday, just make sure that it is not very sour. If you want to surprise your home with an unusual mannica on kefir in the oven, take a fermented milk product with fruit filling. You can also use drinking yoghurt or yogurt.

The advantage of mannica on kefir in the oven is also the fact that its preparation does not require much time, nor a lot of work, nor special skills. You can assign part of the work to the child (or even the whole, if it is a teenager; just familiarize yourself with safety precautions and turn on the oven yourself). Chocolate, cocoa, apple, any berries, condensed milk, fresh or canned pineapples, peaches, plums, apricots, bananas, raisins and other dried fruits (all this, of course, without stones) can be used as additives, and for giving flavor - vanilla cinnamon, cardamom, etc.

If, according to the recipe, you need to add eggs to the manna in the kefir in the oven, it is better to get them in advance, and beat them with a mixer with sugar separately, and then connect them with the decoy and kefir.

The cooking time is indicated approximately: it depends on the oven, on the form and so on. It is necessary to check the readiness of baking. For this purpose, it is best to use a torch, but you can use a wooden skewer for a barbecue or even a toothpick if the shape is not too deep. Luchinku need to stick into the pie in the middle of the middle and remove. If the splinter is dry, the cake is ready, if it is with the dough stuck, not yet.

Recipe 1. Mannik on kefir in the oven with raisins (dried fruits, candied fruits ...)

This is, in fact, the classic version of manna on kefir in the oven.


Semolina - 1 full glass

Granulated sugar - half a cup

Vanilla sugar - a couple of teaspoons

Kefir - half a liter

Eggs - 3 pieces

Baking powder or soda - half a teaspoon

Raisins, candied fruits, sliced ​​dried apricots - a glass as a whole

Condensed milk for serving

Lubricating oil

Method of preparation

Pour semolina kefir, cover with a lid or cling film and leave for an hour or night.

If the raisins are too dry (or other dried fruits), soak them in cool water.

Bring eggs with sugar and vanilla or vanilla sugar with a mixer. Add baking powder or soda and gently mix with semolina, soaked in kefir.

Pour the raisins into the dough (candied fruit, chopped dried apricots). To bake a form for an oven with any buttermilk, to pour a dough there.

Bake the manna on the kefir in the oven for about 30 - 40 minutes at 180 degrees.

Cut the baked cake into pieces and serve with condensed milk.

Recipe 2. Mannik on kefir in the oven “Marble”


Semolina - 1 cup Kefir - 0.2 L

Granulated sugar - 200 g

Eggs - a pair of pieces

Butter - 150 g

Flour - half a cup

Salt, soda (or baking powder), vanilla sugar - 1 teaspoon

Peel of one large orange

Chocolate - 50 g

Cocoa powder - half a cup

Method of preparation

Pour the kefir over the rump and let it swell for an hour. Stir in the flour. Whip butter with sugar separately, then add eggs, salt, then vanilla sugar and baking powder or soda. Combine both mixtures and mix gently.

Spread the dough equally in two bowls. In one half mix cocoa and finely broken (not grated) chocolate. In the other - crushed orange zest.

Form the form should be greased with butter and lay out alternately chocolate and orange dough, sometimes slightly shifting it with a splinter in a circle.

Bake the manna on kefir in the oven at 180 degrees for half an hour.

Recipe 3. Mannik on kefir in the oven with black currant


Semolina - one and a half cup

Kefir - one and a half glasses

Eggs - 1 piece

Black currant - one - one and a half glasses

Granulated sugar - one and a half glasses

Butter - half a bag

Cardamom - half a teaspoon

Salt - Pinch

Baking Powder - 1 small spoon

Method of preparation

Pour kefir over the semolina and place, covered with foil, in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes. Soften the butter.

Mix butter with egg and sugar using a blender. Add cardamom, salt and baking powder to kefir mixture. Wash and dry the black currant with a towel.

Combine kefir-manna mixture and egg-cream. Mix.

Spread out the form, sprinkle with flour and send about a third of the dough into it. In the remaining two thirds, be very careful not to bruise, mix currants. Pour dough with berries into shape.

Bake the manna on kefir in the oven, heated to 190 degrees, for about 35 minutes.

Recipe 4. Mannik on kefir in the oven with pineapples


Kefir - 1 cup (can be used with fruit filling, but better without fruit pieces; then take less sugar) Flour - half a cup

Eggs - 3 small

Sugar - 1 cup

Canned Pineapples (Washers)

Semolina - 1 glass

Soda (put out lemon juice) - half a small spoon

Vanilla sugar, cardamom, ginger - a total of 1 tsp.

Oil - to lubricate the form

Method of preparation

Pour semolina and flour kefir (if you take the usual kefir, it can be diluted with pineapple syrup) for about an hour.

Beat eggs with sugar (it is better to do this with a mixer), add spices, slaked soda and mix. Carefully combine the egg mixture with mann-kefir.

The baking dish should be slightly greased so as not to burn, and a little bit at the bottom and walls sprinkled with semolina. It is beautiful to lay on the bottom and walls of her pineapple washer. Pour dough.

It remains only to bake the manna on kefir in the oven at 180 degrees, which should be enough for 40 - 50 minutes. Then leave the cake for a few minutes to “rest”, and then take it out, turning it over on a plate so that the pineapples are at the top. If desired, you can sprinkle the surface with powdered sugar.

Recipe 5. Mannic on kefir in the oven, chocolate with cherry

One of the most refined and tasty options for manna on kefir in the oven, while simple in cooking and does not require large expenditures.


Flour - half a cup

Semolina - half a cup

Cocoa powder - half a cup

Sugar - 1 cup

Dried cherries (or candied cherries) - 200 g

Kefir - 1 cup

Eggs - 2 large

Soda - less than half a teaspoon

Method of preparation

Mix flour with semolina and cocoa powder, pour the mixture with kefir, mix well and leave overnight.

In the morning, beat the eggs with sugar and soda, and then very gently mix with the mixture of kefir, flour, cocoa and semolina. Stir in the cherry.

Grease the form suitable for cooking in the oven with oil and lightly spray it with flour or decoy. Put the dough there, level the surface.

For about an hour this mannin on kefir will be baked in the oven at 180 degrees.

After removing the cake from the mold, it can be coated with frosting, whipping protein with 3 - 4 drops of squeezed lemon juice and an incomplete cup of powdered sugar.

Recipe 6. Mannik on kefir in the oven “Cheese”

This is a savory recipe for mannica on kefir in the oven. But if you like bold combinations, you can add a little sugar in the dough - with a third of a glass. The taste will be original, but not for everybody.


Semolina - one and a half cup

Kefir - one and a half glasses

Salt - a teaspoon (or more, if the cheese is not particularly salty)

Cheese type “Kostroma” - 250 g (can be different, and even melted; funny taste is obtained when using smoked cheese)

Eggs - 3 medium sized

Butter - half a pack

Ground crackers

Baking Powder - Half Teaspoon

Method of preparation

First you need to fill the semolina kefir, mix and put in a cool place for an hour.

Cheese grate quite large.

Mix butter (for example, in a microwave) and mix it with salt, grated cheese, baking powder and eggs.

Both mixtures (with butter and kefir) carefully combine and mix with a spoon.

Cover the form with a thin layer of oil and lightly sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Put the dough into it, smooth and place in the oven at 190 degrees for approximately 40 - 60 minutes.

Remove the prepared cake from the mold and sprinkle with grated parmesan. It can be served as a breakfast or dinner on its own, or with a salad or broth.

Recipe 7. Mannik on kefir in the oven with halvic cream

Such a mannich on kefir in the oven can be a treat at a family holiday, because it is very tasty and unusual.


Semolina - 1 glass

Kefir - 1 cup

Butter - 350 g

Eggs - 2 pieces

Sugar - half a cup

Salt - Pinch

Baking Powder - 1/2 small spoon

Halva - 80 g

Condensed milk - 100 g

Vanilla sugar - 1 bag

Method of preparation

In advance semolina pour kefir and leave to swell for an hour or even two.

Soften 100 g of butter in the microwave or in a water bath, mix with sugar and eggs, then beat the mixture well. Pour the same salt, vanilla sugar, baking powder, mix again. Then gently connect the mixture with the semolina, filled with kefir. The shape of a suitable size (the pie should turn out to be quite high) should be oiled and sprinkled with semolina or breadcrumbs. Bake the manna on kefir in the oven, heated to 180 degrees, about an hour.

Meanwhile, rub the halva (can be crushed in a blender). Soften the oil (the remaining 250 g), carefully ensuring that it does not become liquid. Mix oil with halva and condensed milk in a homogeneous dense mass with a mixer. Put in the fridge briefly.

The baked tasty manna is carefully removed from the mold and cut into three cakes with a fishing line. Allow them to cool slightly (until warm, not hot) and fluff cream. Assemble the cake. The top can also be smeared with cream or condensed milk.

Mannik on kefir - tricks and useful tips

  • To make it easier to remove the cake from the mold, sprinkle the bottom and walls with decoys or crackers, sprinkle with flour or cover with oiled paper.
  • You can turn the form upside down and cover the bottom of the hot form with a wet towel.
  • You can add any fruit or finely grated carrot to the mannab on kefir in the oven.
  • When serving, you can also garnish with berries and fruits, smear with cream or condensed milk, pour with honey, etc.
  • Some people like it when the mannik on kefir in the oven turns out to be slightly “coarse”, that is, it slightly crunches on the teeth. In this case, it is necessary to soak the cereal only for 20 - 30 minutes, this is quite enough.
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