Langet - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook a langet.

Langet - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook a langet.

Langet - general principles and methods of preparation

Langet is a real dish of Russian cuisine, although it has a French name. What to do - the time of his invention is characterized by the worship of everything French, even the name given to him in honor of the French chef. This is beef, cut into long thin slices, similar to tongues, and fried in a pan. Before breading, beef tongues slightly beat off and remove the veins. From the French language the word is translated - the tongue.

Usually, the meat is first fried in a frying pan in its natural form, pancake in flour or bread crumbs before frying, and sometimes dipped in lime. Initially, langet was served only in restaurants. At the time of the Soviet flourishing of public catering, this easily standardizable dish was a well-known semi-finished cuisine of the workers 'and peasants' country. A simple meat dish quite successfully can be prepared at home.

Langet - product preparation

Restaurant cuisines of different countries offer special options for beef dishes: beef medallion, steak, natural cutlet and others. All these dishes have different mouth-watering names, but they have the same essence - these are just varieties of the langet. Which meat is better to choose? Of course, the best varieties of veal, for example, the internal lumbar muscles, cut into pieces 10-15 cm thick.

Properly cut the meat in the transverse direction. Portioned pieces slightly beat off and salt, sprinkle with pepper and breaded in flour, and even better in breadcrumbs. You can fry and without any breading. Choosing the degree of roasting meat, we determine the cooking time. Fans of “meat with blood” should understand that this option is allowed only from beef, veal should be roasted more strongly. Langet can be cooked strongly, medium or low fried. General processing does not exceed 10 - 15 minutes.

If you keep the meat in the pan more than this time, you risk getting a so-called “dry sole”. A lightly grilled Langet is obtained if the slices of meat are kept in the pan for about three minutes on each side. To determine readiness, simply pierce it with a fork and press down. Transparent juice signals full readiness of the dish. The garnish looks good potatoes and green salad, and, of course, tomato sauce and a glass of dry wine. You can decorate with olives, herbs and pickled vegetables. Langet - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Classic Langet

This kind of meat was served in all restaurants of the Soviet country, and also abroad. To make the langet dry and well-cooked, take lard to fry it. Otherwise, everything is very simple. As a side dish - vegetables, rice, potatoes or pasta.

Ingredients: beef (tenderloin) (600g), lard (30 grams), meat juice (1 cup), garnish (500 grams), ground black pepper, greens, salt.

Method of preparation

Cut off portions (15-20 thick each), beat off with a wooden mallet. The pieces should turn out to be two times thinner than those of steaks. Sprinkle meat with salt and pepper. Heat the lard on the lid of the barbecue and fry the meat. Toasted crust shows that the meat is ready. Pour over meat juice and melted butter, arrange on a la carte plates with a complex side dish.

Recipe 2: Apple's Langet

Stock up on beef tenderloin, preferably in the back end, cut into portions and prepare yourself mentally for a wonderful dinner. Beef with apple is something! Juicy sweetish meat taste creates a sense of celebration, elegance and satiety.

Ingredients: beef (200 g), vegetable oil, apple (1 pc.), Dutch cheese (50 grams), walnuts (kernels, 100 grams), onions (1 pc.) Pepper, salt.

Method of preparation

Beat off the pieces of beef and salt, sprinkle with pepper and send in a frying pan, fry in vegetable oil. Preheat the pan. Fry the mushrooms in the butter and chop the onion. We spread mushrooms in the center of the meat, around them are finely chopped onions, grated apple and hard cheese at the edges, crushed walnuts. We put in the oven for about 15 minutes.

Recipe 3: Langet with Mushrooms

This langet recipe is a real ready-made lunch where the stew in sauce is served with a side dish. Mushrooms and tomatoes are laid out in one container and pour meat juice, simmer.

Ingredients: beef (half a kilogram), butter (2 spoons), tomatoes (3-4 pieces), onions (2 pieces), fresh porcini mushrooms (200 grams, champignons can), salt, some sugar, pepper. Method of preparation

Cut into pieces of meat and repel. Salt, pepper and spread on a preheated pan and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown appetizing crust. Separately, fry the onions until golden brown and the tomatoes, cut into slices. Transfer to a cast iron or thick-walled high griddle, add water and add meat juice. Simmer on moderate heat for about an hour.

Recipe 4: The Langet in the Egg

In principle, this is an ordinary chop from the beef, when pieces of beef cut off are dipped in lime. So they become softer and more appetizing, the meat juice remains under the crust.

Ingredients: beef (400 grams), egg (1 pc), little or frying fat, mayonnaise (1 spoon), salt, pepper.

Method of preparation

Cut slices of beef fillet, beat off on both sides. Cooking ice cream - beat egg, salt, pepper, add half a spoonful of flour and a spoon of mayonnaise. Mix well. Then we dip the meat in ice cream and fry until cooked on medium heat.

Langet - useful tips from experienced chefs

- The taste of classic langet can be enhanced with an additional ingredient, for example, ordinary roasted tomatoes. Remove the stem and cut them in half. Fry on both sides in vegetable oil, salt and put on top of the longge. Beautifully decorate with greens, pickled lettuce and green peas.

- Some national cuisines prepare similar dishes from other types of meat. For example, the Turkmen dish kokmach, is the same, only from beef. The main thing is to fry meat in large amounts of fat on high heat, which in the beef version is not at all problematic. Try, you will not regret!

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