How to cook pilaf in a cauldron? Old recipes for cooking crumbly pilaf in a cast-iron cauldron: with different types of meat

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron? Old recipes for cooking crumbly pilaf in a cast-iron cauldron: with different types of meat

Pilaf is a national dish of Asian peoples, as well as Persians and Azeris.

The main feature of the preparation of pilaf is that it turned out crumbly.

We will reveal to you the secrets of cooking such a pilaf in a cauldron!

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron - basic principles of cooking

The main ingredients are rice and meat. Meat for cooking pilaf fits any. It can be chicken, goose, duck, turkey, rabbit, and of course the traditional types of meat - beef, pork, lamb.

Rice is usually washed under running water and soaked briefly. But in some recipes for cooking pilaf in a cauldron, already boiled rice is used.

The meat or poultry is cut into small pieces, you can pre-rub garlic and spices, especially if you took a whole carcass of goose, duck or chicken. The cast iron cauldron is strongly heated to gas, then the oil is poured and heated to crackle. In well-heated fat dipped pieces of meat and fry. Meanwhile, chop the onion, tinder the carrot, add to the meat. Continue to simmer, adding some water. Then the rice is spread evenly (water or broth should completely cover the grits). In the middle insert whole slices of garlic. Stew until done. And, of course, plov “loves” various kinds of seasonings and spices!

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron “As-Asian”


• Kilogram of lamb;

• Rice - one kilogram;

• Onion - 2;

• Sunflower oil;

• Carrot - 5;

• Salt, ground pepper.

Cooking Method:

Onions are peeled and cut into rings.

Mutton meat is washed and cut into pieces two by two centimeters. Carrots are grated. Rice is washed and filled with water.

Pig-iron cauldron is doused with boiling water and heated by gas. Then pour the oil. In a well heated pot poured onions and fry it until golden brown.

Then put the pieces of meat and fry for fifteen minutes. Add carrots, mix and leave to stew for another fifteen minutes. The next step is to add seasoning, salt, spices, pour in water so that all ingredients are closed to it. Leave to languish for half an hour.

Then put the rice on top and add more water. Leave to stew until cooked rice.

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron with a rabbit


• A pound of rabbit meat;

• One hundred grams of fatty pork;

• Fat - 50g;

• carrot;

• 1 onion;

• One table. l pork fat;

• Two cups of rice;

• One bay leaf;

• Black pepper peas;

• Ground pepper;

• Salt, greens.

Cooking Method:

Finely chop the lard and fry it in a cast-iron cauldron. Cut pork meat into large pieces, cut rabbit meat smaller and add them to the lard. Thoroughly mix everything. Add chopped onions, carrots, spices and stew until tender. Melt pork fat and shift it into cooked meat, pour it all with meat broth, add rice to the cauldron. Stew another twenty minutes.

Served with parsley, you can with basil, sage and grated horseradish.

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron with chicken


• Half chicken carcass;

• One cup of rice cereal;

• Onion;

• Two carrots;

• Spices and salt;

• Garlic.

Cooking Method:

The chicken is boiled together with a whole onion in a separate saucepan. Cooked meat is cut into pieces and placed in a cast-iron cauldron, greased. Pour in chicken broth. Add rice and grated carrots. Salt to taste, add spices and garlic. Do not mix and leave to cook over low heat. Cooking time - half an hour. Ready pilaf is decorated with parsley and dill.

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron “In Uralski"


• One young chicken;

• One and a half cup of rice cereal;

• One onion (large);

• Two garlic feathers;

• One Bulgarian pepper;

• Two tomatoes;

• Spices, seasonings, salt, greens.

Cooking Method:

The chicken is boiled and the fat is collected from it in a separate bowl. Boiled poultry meat is cut into small pieces, separated from the bones. Chicken fat is smeared with a cauldron and finely chopped onion and garlic feathers are pasted in it. Put the pieces of chicken, add rice and pour it all with broth.

Circles cut the Bulgarian pepper and tomatoes, pass them in a griddle in butter. Add to the pilaf for fifteen minutes before it is ready.

When serving the dish is plentifully covered with greens.

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron with beef


• Rice groats (half a kilo);

• A pound of the finest beef;

• Two large onions;

• Two carrots;

• One hundred ml of sunflower oil;

• Black pepper (on the tip of a knife);

• Salt, greens (fresh).

Cooking Method:

Sunflower oil is poured into a cast-iron cauldron and brought to a boil. Rice is poured into hot water and left for an hour. Finely chop the meat and put in boiling oil. Fry the meat until lightly crusted and add onion rings. Sprinkled with shredded carrots. Put washed rice, pour water. Salt, pepper to taste, but do not mix. When the rice is almost ready, turn the dish over so that the rice is on the bottom and the pieces of meat are on top. Pilaf spread on a large plate and decorated with greens.

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron with pork ribs


• 400 g rice cereal;

• Three hundred and fifty grams of pork ribs;

• Three table. l vegetable oil;

• One large onion;

• Salt, spices, thorns.

Cooking Method:

Put the rice in salted water in advance for twenty minutes. Pork ribs are fried in a cauldron in boiling oil. Separately, fry finely chopped onion until golden brown. Mix the onions with the meat and place the thorns on top. All fall asleep rice with salted water. Cover tightly with a lid and bring to readiness. They serve the dish to the table upside down (meat - from above, rice - from below). Greens can be to taste, but not necessarily.

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron with white meat


• Two hundred and fifty grams of rice;

• White meat - 300 g; • One hundred grams of butter (butter);

• carrot;

• Prunes, salt, spices.

Cooking Method:

The rice is put in a sieve and washed under cold running water. Meat is stewed in a cauldron in butter for about twenty minutes. Add grated carrots and prune berries. Rice is put into almost finished meat and broth (meat / chicken) is poured over the dish. At the end of cooking the pilaf, everything is mixed and served to the table on a beautiful dish. Decorate with fresh greens.

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron with lamb “In Uzbek”


• Lamb (four hundred grams);

• Two hundred grams of rice grains;

• Two onions;

• Three large cloves of garlic;

• Two tables. l pork fat;

• Three red tomatoes;

• Black pepper (pinch);

• Meat broth (optional);

• Salt, dill / parsley.

Cooking Method:

Leave the rice in salted hot water for 20 minutes.

Onions cut into slices, and garlic - slices. Fry sliced ​​meat in a cast-iron cauldron. Tomatoes are cut and minced in a meat grinder, salt, garlic and black pepper are added to the resulting juice. Spread the resulting sauce and onions in the meat, cook until half cooked. All fall asleep with rice and pour broth. Cook on slow gas under the closed lid. Rice should soak up the broth, then the pilaf is ready!

Serve the finished dish on a flat dish and completely fall asleep with greens.

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron with turkey


• Turkey meat (half a kilo);

• Indian rice (250 g);

• Two tables. lie butter (baked);

• Sour cream (two tables. Boxes);

• One carrot;

• Onion;

• Red pepper (optional);

• Salt, thyme / dill.

Cooking Method:

Wash rice well in cold water by placing it in a strainer. Then leave for 60 minutes in hot water. Turkey meat is cut and fried in a cast-iron cauldron in melted butter. Onions and carrots are crushed with a knife and mixed with turkey. Sprinkle meat with spices, salt, after 10 minutes, you can add sour cream. Meat should languish on weak gas for fifteen minutes. Then mix it with rice and water and stew for another half hour. Be sure to serve on a heated round dish and thickly sprinkle with herbs.

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron with a duck


• One small duck;

• Two glasses of Krasnodar rice;

• One lemon;

• Two cloves of garlic;

• Two tomatoes;

• Spices, salt.

Cooking Method:

The duck is cut into small squares and set to fry in a cauldron in its own fat. Ten minutes later, rice was added there, water was poured, and gassed.

Meanwhile, sliced ​​lemon and tomatoes. They are decorated with a dish of readiness. Serve hot! Sprinkle with greens, decorated with green canned peas.

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron with a goose


• One goose;

• Two kilograms of apples;

• A pound of rice;

• Prunes (one hundred g);

• Two tables. lie sour cream;

• Chicken broth);

• Onions, black pepper (at the tip of the knife);

• Canned (green) peas;

• Salt.

Cooking Method:

Wash rice in several waters and soak in cold water. Apples are cut into pieces, and onions - rings.

Gutted and washed goose carcass cut, separating the meat from the bones. Rub meat with salt and seasonings, leave to soak for about 15 minutes. Fry them in a cauldron in their own fat, then pour it with sour cream. They put apples, onions and prunes, fry, reducing gas, for almost an hour.

When meat is cooked, rice is poured and broth is poured. Stew until done.

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron with a rabbit and dried apricots


• One and a half kilograms of rabbit;

• Rice groats (four hundred g);

• Lemon (1);

• Two tables. lie olive oil;

• Dried apricots (one hundred g);

• Bulb, herbs, lemon balm;

• Salt, spices (to taste).

Cooking Method:

Pre-boiled rice.

The carcass of a rabbit is rubbed with salt and spices, cut into small pieces and fried in a cauldron in olive oil so that a crispy crust appears. Sprinkle with chopped onions.

Squeezed out of lemon juice, zest, finely cut or skip. Mix the juice with pieces of dried apricots and leave for ten minutes. If the rabbit is already ready, pour the dried apricots into it with lemon juice, throw the lemon rinds and mix with the already prepared rice. Ten minutes later your dish is ready. Served with grated horseradish and lettuce leaves.

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron for children


• Three hundred grams of rice;

• Two tables. l butter or vegetable oil;

• 700 ml of water;

• Onion;

• Carnation;

• Four hundred grams of ham;

• Parsley.

Cooking Method:

In a cauldron fry rice in vegetable or butter. Pour it with salted water. Finely chopped onions are mixed with cloves, added to rice and stewed over medium heat for about twenty minutes.

Cut ham into cubes, chop parsley and mix it with rice. If necessary, you can add more oil.

When serving, the dish can be decorated with finely chopped pickles and leaves of vegetable salad.

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron - tips and useful tips

• If you take fatter meat for pilaf, the dish will be tastier.

• To make pilaf crumbly, after adding rice, it is not stirred.

• To prevent the oil in the cauldron from foaming, throw a pinch of edible salt in it.

• Carrots in the swim should be the more, the better.

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