Chicken pilaf in a slow cooker: step by step. How to cook delicious chicken pilaf in a slow cooker: what else is added to it for taste

Chicken pilaf in a slow cooker: step by step. How to cook delicious chicken pilaf in a slow cooker: what else is added to it for taste

Although it is believed that real pilaf is cooked only from lamb, believe me, pilaf chicken is no less tasty and fragrant, especially if cooked in a slow cooker, where all vegetables are roasted evenly and stewed.

Step-by-step chicken pilaf in a slow cooker - general principles

Prepare pilaf with chicken from any part of the bird: drumsticks, legs, thighs, breasts. Meat is first washed, if necessary, cut the tail, excess fat and skin. After they are cut into pieces of the desired size, the multicookers are laid in a heated oil bowl.

Chicken fry until golden, add chopped straw or grated carrots and onions. Passe until softened. After the vegetables, put the thoroughly washed rice into the bowl, pour in water, add spices, salt to taste. Prepare, depending on the type of multicooker on the “pilaf” or “rice” mode, from 30 to 40 minutes.

After the pilaf, mix well, bring to readiness in the “heating” mode.

Pilaf is tasty if you use a variety of spices, herbs, spices. Add ready-made seasonings for pilaf or use your mixture, for example, zira, turmeric, pepper, barberry and others. Garlic and hot pepper will also improve the taste of pilau.

Having prepared fragrant chicken pilaf in a slow cooker at least once, in the future you will more and more often return to your favorite recipe. After all, this dish is so tasty, fragrant and satisfying that you and all your loved ones will certainly enjoy it.

1. Chicken pilaf in a slow cooker, step by step


• one big chicken leg;

• 250 grams of long grain rice groats;

• vegetable oil - three large spoons;

• one onion;

• one medium carrot;

• purified water through the filter - 450 ml;

• black pepper, salt - fifteen grams;

• a floor of a bunch of parsley when serving.

And, of course, no pilaf is complete without the addition of fragrant seasonings and spices: you can take ready-made chicken seasoning, ground barberry, and zira. Cooking Method:

1. First prepare the chicken meat: thoroughly rinse the leg, chop it into several small pieces. If you do not want the finished pilaf to be very fat, then cut off the skin and excess fat from the chicken leg.

2. Put the prepared chicken leg into the multicooker container, turn on the frying mode. Pour in vegetable oil, fry the chicken until light brown. Do not forget to stir periodically so that the meat does not burn.

3. When the meat is fried, turn off the slow cooker. Peel the onions and carrots, wash, cut into small cubes. Turn on the slow cooker to the “frying” mode, put the vegetables in and fry with the meat for about fifteen minutes.

4. Wash rice in a colander. Put in the bowl with vegetables and meat, fry again.

5. Pepper, salt, season with any spices, add ground barberry, mix everything thoroughly, pour in water, adjust the device to the “pilaf” mode for twenty-five minutes.

6. After the beep, set the machine to “heated” mode for 25 minutes so that the pilaf will infuse.

7. Put the ready-made pilaf into plates with two pieces of chopped chicken leg, sprinkle with parsley. Next on a flat plate you can serve fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, sliced ​​into slices.

2. Step by step in a slow cooker: pilaf with chicken, garlic, spices and hot pepper


• four small chicken legs;

• carrot - two pieces;

• onion head;

• 400 grams of long grain rice groats;

• ground black pepper, salt - twenty five grams;

• half a liter of purified water through the filter;

• one leaf of laurel;

• two medium heads of garlic;

• vegetable oil - four large spoons;

• a mixture of Provencal herbs (oregano, sage, marjoram and others) ground - five grams each;

• one fresh hot chili pepper.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash chicken drumsticks, cut off the skin, excess fat, separate the fillets from the bones. You can throw away the bones, they will not be needed, and cut the fillets with a knife into small pieces, set aside in a small cup. Peel the carrot and onion, chop the onion finely, and the carrot with medium straw. 2. Set the slow cooker to the “frying” mode, put onions in a container, pour in a little sunflower oil, fry, stirring, until slightly brown.

3. Add the chopped carrot to the fried onions, fry all together for about five minutes.

4. Add the chicken meat to the roasted vegetables, stir and fry until the meat has a golden crust.

5. Rice thoroughly rinse in a colander. Pour washed rice into roasted meat with vegetables, mix thoroughly, season with salt, pepper, pour all Provençal herbs, ground, put Lavrushka, washed garlic heads and whole pod of hot pepper, pour all with purified water and cook under a lid for twenty-five minutes in the “rice” mode or “plov”.

6. After this time has elapsed, check the rice for readiness, if soft, take out the garlic and hot pepper, leave the pilaf in the tank for half an hour on the “heated” mode to infuse. And, if the rice is still solid, cover the container with a lid and cook for another ten minutes (if there is not enough liquid in the swim, then pour in more hot water).

7. Stir well-infused pilaf and arrange into plates with pieces of meat. Sprinkle with chopped parsley, if desired. Serve only hot.

3. Chicken pilaf in a slow cooker: step by step with the addition of pork and bacon


• a small piece of pork tenderloin without fat;

• two chicken legs;

• lard - 150 grams;

• carrot - two pieces;

• one piece of onion and sweet pepper;

• Basmati rice groats - half a pack;

• black pepper, salt - twenty grams;

• ground white pepper - ten grams;

• three leaves of fresh mint for submission;

• one leaf of laurel;

• sunflower oil - three tablespoons;

• water - half a liter.

Cooking Method:

1. Basmati rice, rinse thoroughly and soak in water for forty minutes to swell.

2. While the cereal swells, peel the onion and carrot. Crush the onion with a crumb, carrot on a coarse grater (you can simply cut into thin strips). 3. Wash the Bulgarian pepper, cut it in half, remove the seeds, cut into cubes. It is better to use red pepper to look beautiful in the finished pilaf.

4. Chop pork fat in small cubes.

5. Wash a piece of pork tenderloin, put on paper towels to dry a little, cut into medium cube.

6. Wash chicken drumstick, put it into a separate deep pan with cold water, put on a moderate heat and boil after boiling until cooked. Remove the prepared leg from the pan, cool, separate the flesh from the bones. Throw away the bones and cut the flesh into medium cube.

7. Put pork lard into the multicooker container, pour in vegetable oil, set the appliance to the “frying” mode and fry to brown until all the fat is released. When the fat is melted, remove the cracklings using skimmers and put the sliced ​​pork tenderloin into the fat. Fry, stirring, until golden brown.

8. Put the onions and carrots in the fried meat, fry for five minutes.

9. Put the sweet pepper and chopped chicken fillet, fry until the sweet pepper softens.

10. Pour the purified water two fingers more than the meat level into the multicooker container, add salt, sprinkle with black and white pepper, add lavrushka, then for half an hour with the lid closed.

11. Put the swollen cereal into the container and cook for twenty-five minutes in the “pilaf” mode.

12. If after the signal the rice groats have not yet boiled, and the water has already boiled away, then add a little and cook for another ten minutes. After the rice is completely ready, set the appliance to the “heating” mode and leave it for half an hour for the pilaf to be fed.

13. While the rice is being soaked, wash the mint leaves, randomly tear them into pieces and arrange them on the edges of the serving plates, put a small amount of ready-made pilaf in the middle, garnish with mint leaves on top. Next to a separate salad bowl you can put a vegetable salad from a mixture of any vegetables, for example, tomatoes and cucumbers. Or you can make such a salad: chop cabbage, add raw beetroot cut into strips, add viburnum fruits, grated blue cheese, finely chopped dill greens, season with whole vegetable oil or mayonnaise. Place slices of black bread in a separate flat plate.

Step-by-step chicken pilaf in a slow cooker - tricks and tips

• For cooking pilaf, you can choose any kind of rice, it all depends on what kind of dish you want in the end. Crumbly pilaf is obtained from non-sticky rice varieties: basmati, steamed. But from the round varieties of pilaf comes out soft, more like porridge.

• Why is it important to use spices? It is they who give the same taste of pilaf. And, if you do not put any seasonings, limited to black pepper, do not be surprised that, even clearly following the instructions, you could not cook the pilaf. For example, turmeric makes the color of rice golden, shading all the ingredients with an unobtrusive nutty note. Barberry has a specific acidity, which emphasizes the sweetness of rice and carrots. Paprika gives a soft, unobtrusive sweetness, dyeing all products in an appetizing color. Garlic and chilli add sharpness and characteristic aroma to the prepared dish. Greens emphasizes and refreshes the taste of pilaf. If you do not want to pick up the spices, you can simply purchase already prepared ground seasoning in pillow sachets, all the necessary bouquet has already been gathered there. Enjoy your meal.

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