Stuffed goose - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook stuffed goose.

Stuffed goose - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook stuffed goose.

Stuffed goose - general principles and methods of cooking

Stuffed goose is a rather festive dish, although it can be served on weekdays. The process of cooking it is not complicated, but long, because the goose begins to be prepared in advance so that it can marinate well. And the next day, stuffed and baked. Stuffing for a goose is the most diverse - and simple, and more sophisticated. This includes buckwheat porridge, and mushrooms, and liver, apples, pears, dried fruits, potatoes, and walnuts. Usually, a stuffed goose served on a platter makes an unforgettable and vivid impression on guests. He really looks very solemn on the table - a big beautiful rosy carcass, with stuffed inside, from which comes a delicate, but breathtaking aroma.

Stuffed Goose - Food Preparation

Before stuffing, the goose is pre-washed, the excess parts are cut off - the extreme phalanges of the wings, subcutaneous fat in the tail and neck, and sometimes the tail itself is cut off. If the bird is not young, its ten or twelve hours beforehand must be marinated - in wine, smeared with sour cream or mayonnaise, so that the meat becomes softer. Then the minced meat is prepared and the belly of the bird is filled with it, sometimes the stuffing is placed under the skin. The cut must be stitched. To make the carcass look more compact, sometimes the legs of the bird are strung with a harsh thread, pressing them against the tail. Also come with wings, tying them to the breast. Marinating or rubbing the goose with spices should be done the day before, but stuffing - just before baking, otherwise the filling may deteriorate.

Stuffed Goose - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Goose stuffed with liver with mushrooms

The highlight of this dish in the filling, so before it turns out delicious! Fried mushrooms with liver and onions - just delicious. But the goose itself is good - beautiful, roasted, noble. A truly royal dish for the holiday table. Ingredients: goose - 3 kg, vegetable oil, marjoram and rosemary (preferably), black pepper. Filling: 500g of chicken liver (or giblets), 2 onions, 300g of champignons, 200g of white bread, 200ml of milk (water), black pepper, salt, 1 egg, 3 garlic cloves, parsley (greens).

Method of preparation

Wash the goose, cut off the extreme phalanges of the wings (they are still useful). Rub inside and out with seasoning, salt, pepper and let stand for at least three hours, and even better - ten.

Cook the stuffing. Slices of white bread pour milk or water. Mushrooms cut into slices, onions - half rings, liver - medium slices, greens and garlic - finely chopped.

Fry the onion half rings, add the liver and fry for about five minutes on high heat, then put the mushrooms, fry for another five minutes. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, chopped herbs and garlic. Stir, remove from heat. Once cooled, add soaked and squeezed slices of bread, egg and knead again.

Stuff the goose with minced meat, connect and sew the edges. Place the previously cut phalanxes of the wings on a baking sheet, and place the goose carcass seam upwards on them. Bake about three hours (180C). Every half an hour to water the resulting fat.

Recipe 2: Goose Stuffed with Double Filling

Feature of the recipe is two types of minced meat. One filling is tucked under the skin, the second is placed in the abdomen. Pre-goose marinated in white wine, from which its meat is juicy, tender, savory. Very tasty and beautiful goose, worthy of any holiday table.

Ingredients: goose - about 3 kg, salt, pepper. Marinade: 1 lemon, a bottle (0.75 l) of dry white wine. Stuffing under the skin: 1 apple, a handful of walnuts, 1 onion. Stuffing for abdomen: 1 onion, 1 carrot, salt, 1 celery stalk (desirable), 150g buckwheat (cereals), vegetable oil, goose giblets (heart, liver, stomach). Method of preparation

Wash the goose carcass, remove the tail, large pieces of subcutaneous fat and extreme wing phalanx. Wash giblets and set aside for a while. Remove ribs and part of the sternum. Why make a longitudinal incision along the breast from neck to abdomen. Use a sharp knife to separate the ribs from the breast pulp on one side and the other. Cut the ribs and part of the brisket bone with scissors. Wash the carcass again, rub with pepper and salt. Cook the marinade. Cut a lemon in half, then into semicircles. Transfer the goose with these slices and place in a tall form or goose. Pour the wine and leave for twelve hours in the cold. This is done in order to soften the harsh poultry meat.

Cook the first stuffing (under the skin). Onions and peeled apple finely chop, chop the nuts with a knife or chop with a blender. Mix. Place the minced meat under the skin of the goose, trying not to tear it, and distribute it with your hands so that it spreads over a larger area.

Make stuffing for the abdomen. Stir the buckwheat and ignite for about four minutes, stirring in a dry frying pan. 300 ml of water boil, salt and put roasted cereals. After boiling, remove the foam, reduce the heat and cook for seven minutes. Drain the water, throwing buckwheat on a sieve. Porridge should turn out a little damp, undercooked.

Cut the giblets into small pieces, first fry for ten minutes separately, then for five minutes with finely chopped celery and onion. Stir with buckwheat porridge, salt and pepper and fill the goose belly. It is not necessary to fill the stuffing very tightly, because porridge will add and increase in volume. Cut the seam, wrap the carcass in foil and bake for two hours in an oven preheated to 200 ° C. Half an hour before baking, remove the foil and allow the skin to redden.

Recipe 3: Goose Stuffed with Apples and Prunes

Apples - the most common filling for the goose. In this recipe, for piquancy, prunes are added to the apples, which gives the dish a more refined taste. Ingredients: goose - 2.5-3.5 kg, salt, pepper, other seasonings (optional), vegetable oil, 300 ml of broth or water. Stuffing: 5 apples, better sweet and sour varieties (for example, Antonovka), 150g of prunes.

Method of preparation

Wash the carcass, rub with salt and pepper, you can still marjoram, rosemary or other herbs. Leave in the cold for about ten hours.

Peeled apples cut into large slices or quarters, mix with prunes without pits. To stuff the belly, sew up the incision. To goose had a more presentable appearance, the skin on the neck can be tucked and stabbed with toothpicks.

Grease a baking sheet with vegetable oil, put cut phalanges of wings at a small distance from each other, put a goose up on them so that it is a little on a height. Pour water or broth and bake for two and a half to three hours. The first half hour at 200 ° C, then at 180 ° C. Periodically - once a half hour, water the goose with the drowning fat.

Stuffed Goose - useful tips from experienced chefs

- If, during baking, the goose begins to burn from above - cover it with foil, if below, add some water.

- If the stuffed goose is cooked in the sleeve, half an hour before the end of frying, the sleeve must be opened, then the skin will be covered with a very tasty and crispy crust.

- To make the goose meat very juicy, the carcass must be marinated all night in white wine, apple juice, mustard or sour cream.

- To make the meat of the old bird become soft, pickle it, and then bake the goose up its sleeve.

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