The unbeaten baking recipe is a pie with spinach and cheese. A variety of dough and filling for pies with spinach and cheese

The unbeaten baking recipe is a pie with spinach and cheese. A variety of dough and filling for pies with spinach and cheese

If you get boring recipes for fillings in pies, you can search for something that has not yet happened.

For example, cheese with spinach.

For some, maybe a dish and ordinary, but most are familiar only from books.

And in vain! Such pies are tasty and healthy.

In winter, they are prepared with harvested, frozen leaves. And still such pies are available and almost always work out, the main thing is to prepare the filling correctly.

Spinach and Cheese Pie - General Cooking Principles

• Spinach and cheese - a great filling for any cake. It is prepared from both fresh and frozen spinach. Fresh leaves are well washed with water, dried and cut into strips. They must be stewed with other ingredients of the filling or in a dry frying pan. Frozen spinach is enough to properly defrost and decant the moisture from it.

• Cheese is most commonly used in brine varieties — cheese or Fet. With such cheeses, the filling is crumbly, as they do not melt. Quite often brine cheeses and spinach are mixed with cottage cheese. Hard cheese for the filling is used less often, they are sprinkled on open pies before baking so that the filling does not lose juiciness.

• For spinach and cheese pies, mix both sweet and unleavened dough. Its choice depends on the recipe of a particular cake.

A quick puff pie with spinach and cheese


• half a kilo of purchased puff pastry;

• 150 gr. lightly salted cheese;

• small onion;

• 300 gr. fresh juicy spinach;

• two eggs;

• 150 gr. natural "Dutch" cheese;

• refined oil, lean.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove the dough from the freezer.

2. Enumerate the spinach leaves from the litter and damaged greens, thoroughly wash with cold water and lay out to dry on a towel. Then cut the leaves into strips.

3. Chop the onion and lightly fry it in vegetable oil. Do not over dry and do not overcook the onions, the slices should be transparent with a light golden tint. 4. Add spinach and simmer for five minutes, mixing well.

5. Grate on a coarse grater alternately hard cheese and cheese. Add them to stewing vegetables and immediately pour in one egg. Stir quickly and simmer for another 5 minutes at the same temperature.

6. Take the thawed dough out of the package and divide it in two equal halves. Roll out each square with a rolling pin, at least 0.7 cm thick.

7. Place one such layer in a roasting pan moistened with vegetable fat and place the cooled spinach and cheese filling on it. Cover with a second layer and tightly tighten all seams.

8. Evenly pierce the surface of the cake with a fork and cover it with a layer of whipped yolk.

9. Place the roaster in the oven and bake the cake at 180 degrees. Cooking time 25 minutes.

Crumbly puff pie with spinach and cheese from “Filo” dough


In the dough:

• flour with a high gluten content - three glasses;

• olive, or other very pure oil - 2 tbsp. l .;

• teaspoon table 9% vinegar;

• salt fine - 2 tsp;

• 200 ml of drinking water;

• three raw yolks.

To the filling:

• two bunches of spinach;

• young dill and green onions;

• three eggs;

• small lettuce;

• 70 ml of drinking water;

• olive oil;

• a pound of feta cheese;

• 2 tsp. black, peas, pepper.

Cooking Method:

1. In warm, non-hot water, dissolve fine salt. Do not take coarse salt, it may not completely dissolve and its grains will tear the tender dough.

2. Pour vinegar into the saline solution, add slightly beaten eggs and stir vigorously.

3. Sift the flour into a deep bowl and make a wide groove on its surface. Pour the prepared mixture into it and gently mix with a spoon.

4. Add butter and knead the dough by hand. Well beat him on the surface of the table. Sharply throw the dough from a small height on the table at least 50 times, and more. This is done to make it more dense and more elastic. 5. Then wrap the film or put it in a bag and let it “rest” on the table for about an hour.

6. Cover the table with a well-smoothed cloth and sprinkle with flour.

7. Free the dough from the film, roll the sausage and cut into 12 identical pieces.

8. Take one such piece, and cover the rest while using a damp cloth or wrap it separately in a film and leave it on the table.

9. Roll out the dough on flour covered with a flour as thin as possible. Make sure that the cloth is well sprinkled with flour, otherwise the dough will stick to it.

10. Slightly stretch the rolled layer with your hands, cut it evenly and transfer it to dry parchment. The finished layer of dough should be no thicker than a paper sheet. In the same way, roll out the remaining pieces of dough.

11. Transfer each new layer to parchment paper of the appropriate size, and stack it with a stack, which should be covered with a damp linen cloth.

12. When you roll all the pieces, gently roll the whole pile together with a parchment tube and leave on the table. Do not forget to cover with a moistened napkin.

13. Pound in a mortar or grind peppercorns into powder.

14. Wash the spinach with warm water and cut the leaves from the stems. Then spread the spinach on a towel and dry completely.

15. Green onion feathers cut into small rings. Bitter onions, as small as possible, chop with a knife.

16. In a deep saucepan pour about two-thirds of 200 grams. cup of oil and warm it up. Then dip the green onions and bitter onions in the butter. Constantly stirring, cook over medium heat.

17. As soon as the green onion rings darken and soften well, put spinach in a saucepan and stir well. Continue stewing until the leaves are reduced in volume. Do not salt!

18. Put the hot stuffing on a sieve or a small colander and cool well.

19. Chop the dill and, put it in a separate plate, beat the eggs separately.

20. In a large bowl, crush the cheese. Add the eggs and immediately mix everything with a spoon.

21. Then add the cooled spinach, dill and mix again. 22. Wipe the bottom and sides of the rectangular with cotton wool and vegetable oil.

23. Put one sheet of dough into it and brush it well with the same olive oil. Place the next layer on it and lubricate it with oil as well. Thus put in the form of six layers of cooked dough and place on the last filling, smooth.

24. Place the remaining layers on top of the filling, necessarily lubricating each with oil. Do the same with the surface of the cake.

25. Using a sharp knife, carefully cut the cake into squares and place in a hot oven (not lower than 200 degrees).

26. After 20 minutes, lower the temperature to 175 degrees and bring the cake to readiness for a quarter of an hour.

Sandy cake with spinach and feta


In the dough:

• 220 gr. wheat flour;

• table salt and refined granulated sugar - on a small pinch;

• one egg;

• two spoons of water.

To the filling:

• 240 gr. frozen spinach;

• onion feathers;

• garlic;

• one onion;

• Feta cheese - 150 gr .;

• 100 ml of 22% cream;

• 20 gr. natural butter;

• small tomatoes - 100 gr .;

• two eggs;

• spoon of vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

1. After about half an hour, put the butter in the freezer. Chicken eggs and water should also be chilled. So put them in the fridge. Water in large quantities, as well as butter, can be put in the freezer. The main thing is that it does not freeze.

2. Re-flour. Rub the frozen butter into it on the largest grater and immediately rub it in your hands. If this is done quickly, the pieces of butter will not have time to melt from the heat of the hands and will be covered with flour, forming a large crumb. This result is required.

3. Beat the eggs separately. Add granulated sugar, salt, ice water and pour the mixture to a crumb flour. Immediately mix everything with a fork and place on a floured table.

4. Hand pound the pieces of butter and collect the dough ball. The faster you do this, the more gently will the base cake. 5. Lubricate the round shape with the corrugated sides of the oil. Roll out the dough on the table, one third of a centimeter thick, and lay it in shape so that the sides are covered. Cut off the excess dough on top and put in the freezer for one hour. If you have a little time, you can take just half an hour.

6. Cut the bitter onion in small dices, green feathers into thin ringlets.

7. With fresh spinach, cut the hard stems and cut the leaves into small strips.

8. In a frying pan, heat the vegetable oil at a low temperature and add butter to it. When it is well melted, put in a heated mixture of fat bitter onions. As soon as the onion slices soften - add the green onion rings and finely chopped garlic. You can push the garlic cloves through the press.

9. After a minute, add the sliced ​​spinach and continue cooking for another two minutes. Do not stop stirring to constantly interchange the lower and upper leaves.

10. Take out the dough laid out in the form of the freezer and evenly apply punctures over the entire surface with a fork. Top carefully lay out the parchment and put peas on it. Then put in the oven and bake to light ruddy, at 175 degrees.

11. Remove the toasted billet, remove the parchment with peas, and return the dough back to the oven for 10 minutes.

12. Without taking the blanks out of the mold, place the spinach fried with onions in it.

13. The next uniform layer is diced cheese.

14. Do not whip the cream, but only thoroughly mix with the eggs until smooth and pour a layer of cheese with the mixture.

15. Cut clean small tomatoes into two halves, lay, cut down, on top of the cheese and put the cake for half an hour in the oven. The temperature in the oven should not exceed 175-180 degrees.

Spinach and cheese pie - “Vegetable snail”


To the filling:

• 150 gr. spinach leaves;

• three boiled eggs;

• non-sharp hard cheese - 250-300 gr.

In the dough:

• eggs - 2 pcs .;

• high-quality olive oil - 40 gr .; • a quarter of a teaspoon of fine salt;

• 320 gr. high-quality flour.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash each leaf of fresh spinach thoroughly with water. Then cut them into wide strips and put in a dry frying pan. Simmer on slow or medium heat until the spinach pieces are grated. After that, put the contents of the pan in a colander with small holes and wait until all the liquid comes down.

2. Cut the eggs into small pieces, rub the cheese on a fine grater. Mix the cheese with the eggs and spinach. Add salt to your taste, and season the filling with ground pepper.

3. Dissolve the salt in water, its grains should completely disperse.

4. Peel the flour with a slide, making a small depression on top. Break the eggs into the hole, pour in water and oil, knead the neat, fairly dense dough, as in the dumplings.

5. Divide it in three equal parts, form a ball out of each one and place it into separate packages. Do not clean in the cold, leave for five minutes on the table.

6. Then take one ball and roll it into a rectangular layer of millimeter thickness. Cut the layer along, three strips of the same width. Grease each with oil, place the filling in the middle and firmly fasten the edges. Do the same with the remaining parts of the test. The result should be 9 identical "sausages".

7. Flour the table with flour or grease it with oil. Take one of the "sausages" and gently roll it up with a snail. Then gently transfer the billet to a roasting pan greased with vegetable oil and wrap it with the rest of the sausages. The edge of the last slightly tuck down and firmly attach. Ensure that all seams are at the bottom.

8. Grease the top of the blank with the remaining beaten egg and set to bake.

9. At 200 degrees, this cake will take at least half an hour.

Cottage cheese cake with spinach and cheese


In the dough:

• raw eggs, fresh - 2 pcs .;

• 600 gr. wheat flour, v. / s .;

• 100 ml of pasteurized nonfat milk;

• 10 gr. honey

• a teaspoon of refined sugar; • medium fat sour cream - 100 gr .;

• sesame or poppy seeds;

• dining room meadow 9% vinegar.

To the filling:

• 200 gr. homemade or fat store cheese;

• one egg;

• 200 grams of spinach leaves;

• 100 gr. sheep cheese, preferably salted.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove the container from the bread maker. Pour warm milk and vinegar into it, add sour cream and honey, pour in egg. Pour the yeast with sugar and put the container back into the case.

2. Start the bread maker in the “Kneading dough” mode and wait for it to come up.

3. Mix the spinach cut into small strips with coarsely shabby cheese and cottage cheese. Break eggs into the filling and mix well.

4. Divide the dough into two unequal parts. From the most part, roll out a large circle with a rolling pin, with a diameter of at least 30 cm and place it in a round shape of the appropriate size. Be sure to grease the sides and bottom of the form with oil.

5. Distribute the filling evenly over the dough, and spread it onto it, intertwining the narrow harnesses from the remaining dough.

6. Brush with egg, sprinkle with sesame or poppy seeds and bake for 35 minutes.

Spinach and cheese pie on sour cream


To the filling:

• frozen spinach - 400 gr .;

• 125 gr. low-fat sour cream;

• soft cheese, hard - 150 g;

• two bulbs;

• four large eggs;

• 200 gr. 9% cottage cheese;

• a small pinch of nutmeg.

In the dough:

• standard pack of margarine for baking (cream);

• high-quality wheat flour - 400 gr .;

• spoon ripper factory;

• three spoons of low-fat sour cream.

Cooking Method:

1. Using a water bath, melt the margarine to a liquid state. Then cool well by setting the bowl of fat in a wider bowl of cold water.

2. Mix the cooled margarine with sour cream and immediately with the whole measure of flour. Add the ripper, knead the dough.

3. Cover the round shape with parchment and brush it well with liquid margarine. Lay out the dough rolled out with a rolling pin and form high enough sides. Clean in the cold. 4. Thaw spinach in advance, squeeze out water.

5. On the butter, save the small onion cubes until softened and place the thawed spinach on it. Stew on low heat for no more than five minutes, then salt and cool well, putting it in a bowl.

6. In cottage cheese break eggs and enter sour cream. Salt lightly and whisk until a curd mass is obtained, which is mixed immediately with spinach.

7. Remove the form from the refrigerator and fill the billet with cottage cheese and spinach mass. Smooth.

8. Liberally pour the surface of the filling with a large cheese crumb and cook the cake in an oven heated to 180 degrees.

Spinach and cheese pie - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• When spinning, spinach leaves produce a lot of juice and, therefore, they must be placed on a sieve so that excess moisture can drain.

• To better dry defrosted spinach, slightly squeeze it out with your hands and only then mix it with the other ingredients of the filling.

• Be sure to cross the flour several times before kneading dough. It is saturated with air, which, in turn, makes rich products more lush and airy.

• Forms and fryers with pies are put only in a fairly warm oven. The duration of the baking itself depends on the type of cake, but the temperature for all products remains the same. If you have an electric oven - products are baked at two hundred, and in the gas - at 180 degrees.

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