Cheese soup - the best recipes. How to properly and cook cheese soup.

Cheese soup - the best recipes. How to properly and cook cheese soup.

Cheese soup - general principles and methods of cooking

Nobody argues who the favorites among the first courses, especially in the cold season, are borscht and solyanka. But they sometimes get tired, so they need to find a worthy replacement. In this regard, it is better not to find a cheese soup - it is nourishing, tasty, it is not difficult to cook. It is prepared with the addition of shredded hard cheese, for example, Parmesan or Gouda, but most often used processed cheese is soft or hard. At cost, they are cheaper, and the taste of the soup is not strongly reflected. Special curd bars for soup with different flavors are sold - mushrooms, green peas, bacon, dill, onion. You can use solid processed cheese - Orbit, Friendship, Dutch.

Cheese Soup - Food Preparation

Products other than cheese do not require special preparation. Vegetables are usually washed, cleaned and chopped. If the cheese is soft or special for the soup, it will disperse quickly in the broth. It is enough to put a spoon or coarsely chopped. But if processed hard cheeses are used, so that they dissolve faster in the soup, they must be ground on a coarse or fine grater. To make the curd more convenient and easier to rub, it should be put in the freezer for a while.

Cheese soup - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Cheese Soup

The soup made according to this recipe will be to your taste. It is dietary, because onions and carrots are not fried, but are added to the broth raw, but at the same time, nourishing, because meat and cheese quickly and for a long time satisfy hunger. It is better to take processed cheese of high fat, so that they are soft, scooped with a spoon. Usually such cheese is sold in plastic jars. In extreme cases, any processed cheese will do; first you need to grate it. Ingredients: chicken fillet - 500g, processed cheese - 400g, 4 potatoes, 150g of rice, 1 carrot and onion, to taste: salt, pepper, greens.

Method of preparation

Fill the fillet with water (2.5 l), you do not need to cut it, we lay it in whole pieces. Salt the water and cook the meat until ready. 25 minutes. Remove the cooked fillet from the pan and pour rice into the broth. Ten minutes later add the diced potatoes. Allow to boil for about five minutes and put the shredded onions, and then, like broth boil, grated carrots. Leave on the stove for five to seven minutes, the path will leave the soup. At this time, chop the boiled fillet into pieces and add to the soup, cook until the potatoes are cooked. At the end of the cooking, add the cheese, stir until it is dissolved, if you need to add the soup, sprinkle with pepper, bring to the boil and turn it off. If desired, sprinkle the soup in a plate with chopped greens.

Recipe 2: Cheese Soup with Beer

A very unusual version of a cheese soup, especially beloved by beer lovers. Do not worry that the soup will be bitter - alcohol disappears along with the steam, there remains a light pleasant beer flavor. It is necessary to use only light beer, because dark has a big bitterness and pronounced taste.

Ingredients: 200 g cheese type Gouda or Chader, a few slices of bacon, 200 grams, 1/2 stack. chicken broth, tablespoon flour, 30 g butter, 0.5 l of cream or full-fat milk, 1 onion, a pinch of nutmeg, salt, pepper and a small bottle of light beer (0.25-0.30 l).

Method of preparation

Finely chop the bacon, fry, remove the bacon and set aside for a while. Add butter and chopped onion to the melted fat, spasserat and pour, flour, stirring. As soon as the flour begins to change color, pour in the broth. If you don’t like sliced ​​fried onions in the soup, you can chop the broth with onions at this stage in a blender. Then bring the mass to a boil and pour in cream or milk. The cream does not tolerate boiling, because their structure collapses. Therefore, if you do not use milk in the recipe, but cream, make sure that the liquid only boils a little, and does not boil. Grate the cheese or chop it very finely, add to the pan, stirring slightly, so that it dissolves without lumps. Here the quality of the cheese has an important role, since it should not curl up with flakes, turn into lumps, but only dissolve.

Pour in the beer, add salt and spices and let the soup boil for five to seven minutes. Add bacon bacon to a plate or bowl of soup, sprinkle with chopped spring onions and serve.

Recipe 3: Cheese Soup with Chicken and Mushrooms

In order not to wrestle with what to cook today for lunch, cook cheese soup with chicken and mushrooms. Do not lose. A nourishing rich dish will quickly satisfy hunger and give strength. Especially it will be appropriate in the winter when the body needs a constant rush of energy to fight the cold. This is not the best time to diet and costs light vegetable soup on the water.

Ingredients: chicken fillet - 400g, water - 2n, fresh champignons - 400g, 2-3 processed cheese, 1 onion and carrot, 4-5 medium potatoes, salt, a bunch of fresh dill, allspice.

Method of preparation

Cook chicken fillet. While it is cooked, fry the shredded onion in a pan, add the grated carrots, then the chopped mushrooms and fry until the excess liquid from the mushrooms boils away. Remove the meat from the pan and cut into cubes or strips, and put the peeled and chopped potatoes into the broth. Salt boiled water.

As soon as the potatoes are cooked, add fried onions, carrots and mushrooms, boiled and sliced ​​fillets, grated processed cheese, allspice and let it boil for ten minutes to dissolve the cheese. To speed up the process, the mass can be interfered periodically. At the end of cooking, sprinkle the soup with chopped dill.

Serve with crackers. You can buy ready-made or make your own - dry the bread cut into small pieces in the oven or in a frying pan, stirring.

Recipe 4: Cheese Soup with Sausages

To make this soup, you need the Hunting sausages - 4-5 pieces, if there are no sausages, you can substitute another smoked sausage (300g), bacon, ham or even boiled, but you must first cut it into strips or cubes and fry until crisp. The soup is cooked in chicken broth (or dissolve the cube). If desired, potatoes can be replaced with mushrooms.

Ingredients: 2 liters of broth, 1 onion and carrot, 4 potatoes, 400g soft melted cheese (such as Amber or Viola), Hunting sausages - 300g, salt, butter and vegetable oil - 30g each, a bunch of fresh dill .

Method of preparation

In boiling chicken broth, put potatoes, cut into cubes or cubes and cook for ten to fifteen minutes.

Sausage the shredded onion in butter, add the grated carrots and sausages sliced ​​into strips or slices, fry for about five minutes and add to the broth. Put the cheese there, salt and stir until the cheese is completely dissolved. Add greens and serve. You can add rye crackers to the plate.

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