Meat in the sleeve - the best recipes. Cooking properly and delicious meat in the sleeve.

Meat in the sleeve - the best recipes. Cooking properly and delicious meat in the sleeve.

Meat, baked in the sleeve, is especially juicy. So it becomes due to the fact that it is prepared in its own juice. This is one of the reasons why this cooking method has become very popular.

In addition, baking in the sleeve simplifies the work in the kitchen - there is no need to wash the baking sheet from the fat, the baking pans, and the oven itself, thanks to the sleeves, remains clean.

Cooking meat in a sleeve not only improves its taste, but also extremely, at least 120 calories, reduces the calorie content of the dish. This is due to the fact that no oil is used.

Meat is up the sleeve. Preparing Products

Before cooking, wash the meat, rub it with salt and pepper, and marinate. The choice of marinades is huge, each of you will determine the best for yourself. In addition, you can safely experiment on the recipe of marinades, selecting the ingredients and their number depending on their taste preferences.

The length of the sleeves is measured, given the size of the form in which it will be laid. It is necessary to take into account the distance for the strings.

Recipe 1: Duck meat baked in a sleeve with apples

Duck meat is far from a dietary product, but you can serve it on a holiday in order to please the family and guests with a delicious dish. Garnish for duck can serve as vegetables (fresh or pickled), potatoes. If you expect guests, consider - one such duck can feed no more than five people. Maybe it is worth baking at once two, so that everyone can enjoy plenty?

Ingredients Required:

- apples (2-3 pieces);

- pepper;

- salt;

- A duck weighing about one and a half kilograms.

For marinade you will need:

- a tablespoon of olive oil and honey;

- one lemon;

- grated ginger (2 tbsp. L.);

- 3 tbsp. l soy sauce.

Cooking Method:

The first step is to cook the marinade. Its composition is such that not only nourishes your duck with aroma, pleasant taste, but also make the meat very tender. To the juice, squeezed out of lemon, add honey, butter, soy sauce, ginger. Mix everything - the marinade is ready.

Wash duck, dry with paper towel, rub with pepper and salt.

Generously pour it with marinade, not forgetting about the internal surfaces of the carcass. Leave it to savor the taste and aroma all night. It is advisable to turn it several times so that the duck is marinated evenly.

The next day, preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

While it is heating up, take apples - cut, core, cut into slices. These pieces of apples fill the duck belly. Sewing is not necessary - the carcass will lie tightly in the sleeve, the apples will not fall out.

One and a half hours - and on your table is an appetizing rosy duck, which absorbed a whole bunch of aromas.

Recipe 2: Meat in the Sleeve (Beef)

It is advisable to use for this dish the meat of a young animal. Leaving it in the marinade for the whole night, you will get juicy, tender meat with a rich taste when roasting in the sleeve.

When serving, supplement it with greens, fresh vegetables.

Ingredients Required:

- beef (1 kg);

- onions (1 pc.);

- olive oil (1 tbsp.);

- soy sauce (2 tbsp. l.);

- spices, salt.

Cooking Method:

Cook the marinade.

Onions cut into thin half rings.

Stir soy sauce, olive oil, onion, salt, black pepper, spices for beef.

Meat cut into pieces, necessarily across the fibers. Experienced housewives know that just such cutting will allow the pieces of meat to keep their shape.

Sliced ​​meat immersed in the marinade.

Preheat the oven, the temperature in it should reach two hundred degrees.

Put the meat in the bag, bake for one hour.

Recipe 3: Meat in the sleeve (pork belly)

Juicy and delicious breastlet, soaked in marinade, will have to be the way at any time - on weekdays and a holiday, for lunch and dinner. Buckwheat porridge, stewed or fresh vegetables, potatoes will serve as an excellent garnish for it.

Ingredients Required: - brisket (1 kg);

- soy sauce (50 g);

- adjika (100 g);

- seasoning for pork.

Cooking Method:

Meat must be pre-marinated. When dealing with pork, you can get by with a few hours for pickling, but the meat will be even tastier if left overnight.

Mix the adjika and soy sauce with the spices.

Grate the meat thoroughly with this mixture.

The temperature in the oven should reach 200 degrees.

For roasting the breast, laid in the sleeve, it will take an hour and a half.

Recipe 4: Chicken meat in a sleeve with mushrooms

An excellent recipe that allows you to cook a chicken with a great garnish - potatoes with mushrooms for an hour and a half. The number of mushrooms can be increased, in accordance with their taste. Eat yourself, treat guests. Enjoy your meal!

Ingredients Required:

- potatoes (1 kg);

- chicken (1 pc.);

- olive oil;

- onions (1 pc.);

- champignon mushrooms (0.5 kg);

- garlic (3 cloves);

- salt pepper.

Cooking Method:

Peel the onion.

Cut mushrooms and onions, fry everything together. The mushrooms will be ready in a quarter of an hour.

Time to do chicken. It needs to be washed, dried with a paper towel and rub with salt, pepper, garlic. The last ingredient is preferably chopped.

Peel and cut into small potatoes.

Place the chicken in the sleeve, overlay it with potatoes and mushrooms.

Within an hour, the chicken placed in the oven with a temperature of 180 degrees, will become ruddy and appetizing.

Recipe 5: Meat in the Sleeve (Roast with Pork)

A nourishing and nutritious dish that is cooked pretty quickly. Fragrant and juicy pork, baked simultaneously with vegetables, is able to saturate even a large family.

Ingredients Required:

- pork tenderloin (0.5 kg);

- potatoes (6 pcs.);

- onions (1 pc.);

- carrots (1 pc.);

- hops-suneli (1 tsp.).

Products for marinade:

- soy sauce (2 tbsp. l.);

- one tablespoon of mayonnaise and 9% vinegar; - onions (1 pc.);

- salt pepper.

Cooking Method:

Wash meat, cut into cubes.

Cut onion into thin rings, add salt, pepper, mayonnaise, soy sauce, vinegar.

In this marinade put the pieces of pork, leave overnight.

Peel and peel potatoes, carrots, and onion, salt and pepper. To improve the taste, sprinkle vegetables hop-suneli.

Mix them together with the meat, put in the sleeve.

Send to oven heated to 200 degrees.

Until full readiness will have to wait an hour. Just do not forget - during this time you will have to turn the sleeve over once, and fifteen minutes before the readiness you need to make holes in the sleeve.

Meat in the sleeve - tips from experienced chefs

In the sleeve you can bake any type of meat and poultry. It is only necessary to vary the cooking time, depending on the mass of the piece of meat or poultry carcass.

A roasting sleeve is an unusually comfortable thing, but do not forget about safety. So that the sleeve that has swollen in the oven does not burst, make sure that its surface should not come into contact with anything other than the dishes in which you placed it.

The sleeve will not burst if you make small holes in it with the help of a needle.

Lay in the sleeve along with the meat and side dish - this you will speed up and simplify cooking. In this case, you will not just save time, but also improve the taste of the dish - the meat and side dish will exchange juices and flavor.

At the end of cooking, the baking bag can be cut - this will give the meat a ruddy crust.

In the sleeve, you can bake the meat, not only in the oven, but also in the microwave, a slow cooker.

Cutting the required length of the sleeve, do not forget about the distance that is necessary for the strings.

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