Duck baked in the oven - the best recipes. How to cook duck properly in the oven.

Duck baked in the oven - the best recipes. How to cook duck properly in the oven.

Baked duck in the oven - general principles and methods of cooking

Duck meat tastes more interesting than chicken, although it is cooked much less often. It is usually stewed or baked. Duck baked in the oven - this is one of the most successful options for its preparation. Moreover, it is better to bake a whole carcass, it looks so much more attractive, and it is easier to divide soft prepared meat into pieces than raw. It is considered that serving the bird as a whole carcass is a festive option.

Not necessarily, in this form it can be prepared for a family dinner. Most often the bird is baked, pre-stuffing the abdomen. This is usually porridge, cabbage, dried fruit, quince, apples or oranges, they can be used as an addition to meat. A fragrant duck with a golden crust and a side dish spread around it, lying on a platter - what could be more delicious?

Baked duck in the oven - food preparation

First of all, the carcass prepared for baking should be well washed, dried, with fully plucked feathers. The duck's tail contains glands that do not emit the most pleasant aroma, which is enhanced by heat treatment. Therefore, they must be cut, and it is better to cut off the tail in general. Duck meat has a specific flavor, so it is recommended to marinate before cooking. For the marinade use lemon juice, wine, vinegar with spices and spices. During marinating, duck meat becomes softer and is saturated with aromas of seasonings.

Baked duck in the oven - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Oven Duck with Oranges

Duck baked in the oven - the best recipes. How to cook duck properly in the oven.

For some reason, almost everything tasted a duck with apples, and only a few with oranges. This dish is more delicious and delicious. Delicate aroma and sweet-sour taste of oranges are very harmoniously combined with duck meat. We offer to make sure personally. This duck is often called Christmas, but you can cook it for other holidays or a day off. Ingredients: young duck carcass - 2.0-2.5 kg, 2-3 green celery celery, 1-2 oranges. For glaze - 1 orange (juice), 2 tables. lie sweet wine (better dessert) and honey. Marinade: 1 orange (juice), 1 lemon (juice), 1 table.lozh. salt and vegetable oil, 1/2 table. lie black pepper and Provencal herbs, 1 tea. dried sage (optional but desirable).

Method of preparation

From the carcass cut off excess fat and skin in the neck and tail, Remove the extreme joint of the wing.

Purely cleaned carcass without giblets immersed in the marinade (squeeze the juice from lemon and orange, and mix the remaining components). Leave the bird to marinate in the cold at night or for a day, occasionally turning it over so that it is soaked from all sides.

The form where it is planned to bake a duck (preferably with high sides so that the juice from the carcass does not spread), grease with oil and place the bird on the back. Cut the orange into slices and place in the inside of the duck with green celery stalks. If celery is not present, replace it with apples or carrots. Vegetables and fruits placed inside the duck not only make it juicy, but also sate with additional flavors. Bake for 2-2.5 hours (190C). In the second hour of roasting, the duck should be watered every fifteen to twenty minutes with the juice flowing from the carcass.

For the glaze, squeeze the juice out of the orange, add wine and honey and cook until the mass is twice as strong. It should be thick, similar to syrup. Allow the finished duck to cool slightly, for about fifteen minutes, remove the celery, oranges, remove and spread around the carcass and pour it with the glaze sauce.

Recipe 2: Duck in the oven with apples “in the sleeve”

Duck baked in the oven - the best recipes. How to cook duck properly in the oven.

The difference of this recipe is that the duck is baked not just in the oven, but packed in a sleeve for baking. So it remains more juicy, because stewed in its own juice, which does not flow out, but remains up its sleeve. And one more plus - the oven doesn’t get dirty like that. Fat does not sprinkle, so it will be much easier to wash it. Ingredients: duck carcass - 1.5-2.0 kg, 2-3 green apples, salt, black pepper. For the marinade: 1 lemon (juice), 1 table each. lie vegetable oil and honey, 1 tsp. lie Balsamic vinegar (optional), a piece of ginger root (or 2-3 cloves of garlic).

Method of preparation

First, the duck must be marinated for 12-24 hours, and for this prepare the marinade. Squeeze out the lemon juice, finely grate ginger (or garlic), mix the remaining ingredients. Dry the carcass, spread with salt (inside the duck, too) and pepper, put in the marinade.

Apples cut into halves or quarters, cut the core and place inside the bird. If they fall out, sew up the cut with threads or fasten with toothpicks. Pack the duck in a sleeve and bake for an hour and a half (190C). For about ten to fifteen minutes before the end of frying, open the package so that the carcass turns red. Serve the duck, watering juice, garnish with mashed potatoes, pickles.

Recipe 3: Baked duck

Duck baked in the oven - the best recipes. How to cook duck properly in the oven.

Soft, ruddy and fragrant duck and tasty bread, soaked in meat juice - this is home-like delicious. The carcass gut can be left empty or stuffed with apples, porridge or quince.

Ingredients: duck carcass - 2 kg, 2-3 cloves of garlic (or 1 cm piece of ginger), juice of a small lemon, 1 teaspoon. sugar, black pepper, 2 tealozh. finished mustard, salt, a pinch of hot pepper. Dough: 250ml kefir, 2-3 stak. flour, 1 egg (plus one yolk for lubrication), 1 tea. baking powder.

Method of preparation

Finely grate garlic (or ginger), mix with lemon juice, mustard, sugar, salt, pepper. Coat the whole duck with the mixture, not forgetting the insides. While the duck soaks in aromas, make the dough. Mix all the ingredients, adding the flour in parts to make an elastic dough. Let it rest for about fifteen minutes and roll it out. Put the carcass in the middle of the bed, lift the edges of the dough, packing the duck from all sides. Cover the baking sheet with paper, lay the bird in the dough with tucks down, brush with yolk and bake for one hour (150-160C) until the dough turns rosy and golden.

Remove the pan from the oven, remove the dough from the carcass and send it back to the oven for another thirty to forty minutes. During this time, it will become golden, and if you pierce it with a knife, a clear juice will appear. This suggests that she was baked. Serve on a platter, around you can put the pieces of dough.

Baked duck in the oven - tips from experienced chefs

- To roughly determine the time of roasting the carcass, you need to weigh it. It takes 20 minutes to bring to readiness every 500g of weight, plus 20 minutes for the total weight, i.e. if you bake a duck weighing 2.5 kg, it will take about two hours of time - (20 minutes * 5) + 20 minutes = 120 minutes.

- Apples for stuffing duck carcasses are recommended to choose sour and sour-sweet varieties.

- Another little trick: if you like very soft meat, which literally moves away from the bones, then before you put the duck in the oven, you have to ... cook it. Yes, yes, that's right, do not be surprised. This should be done within 3040 minutes, until half ready. The boiled duck is placed on a baking sheet, in this case we do not need foil, and the broth remaining from boiling can be used to periodically doused the bird during baking.

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