Home-made duck in the oven: step-by-step recipes of a ruddy, juicy and fragrant bird. Cooking homemade duck in the oven using step-by-step recipes

Home-made duck in the oven: step-by-step recipes of a ruddy, juicy and fragrant bird. Cooking homemade duck in the oven using step-by-step recipes

An oven-baked duck is delicious and very beautiful. A rosy bird will become a real table decoration if you cook it according to all the rules.

Here are the best step-by-step recipes for homemade ducks in the oven with a detailed description, tips and little secrets.

Home-made duck in the oven - general principles of cooking

Many do not like duck, but in fact the bird can be very tasty and incredibly tender. It is important to cook it properly. The carcass must be cleaned of feathers. If there is pollution on the duck, then they need to be cut off or wiped off with a brush. Excess fat that hangs at the cut abdomen can also be trimmed immediately. It is advisable to marinate the domestic duck. Let them lie down in sauce or spices for 5-6 hours, even better all night.

Basic Cooking Principles:

1. Rump before baking need to cut. It is he who gives the bird a specific smell.

2. It is undesirable for a duck to cook immediately in the form, preferably first in foil or in the sleeve, so that the meat steamed. You can pre-boil the bird or use a special utyatnitsa.

3. Duck baking time is rarely less than 1.5 hours. Therefore, apples, potatoes and other products that will be added to it, you need to cut into large.

4. On the skin of the bird should not be large spices, dried herbs. They will burn, spoil the look.

The baking time of a domestic duck will directly depend on the size, but it is better not to take a bird more than 2 kg. If it starts to burn more quickly than it cooks inside, then it can be smeared over with sour cream and covered with foil and parchment. On average, duck roasting temperature is 180-200 degrees.

Home-made duck in the oven: a step-by-step recipe with apples in a package

One of the most popular supplements to duck is apples. With them the bird fits perfectly, it turns out fragrant and juicy. In a step-by-step recipe for a homemade duck, it is better to use sour apples or pour lemon over the slices. Ingredients

• duck 1 pc .;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• salt ground pepper and peas;

• 2 bay leaves;

• 2 spoons of butter;

• 10 apples;

• lemon.

Additionally, you need a baking sleeve or bag. If a ready-made package is used, it should fit in and be long enough.


1. In three liters of water dissolve 5 tablespoons of salt, add ten peas of pepper, you can crush. Crumble a bay leaf. Take water at room temperature or cold.

2. Remove the lemon zest from the lemon or immediately cut the citrus in half, squeeze the juice and crumb the crusts and throw in the water. They will give a duck a pleasant aroma, remove the specific smell.

3. Put the bird in the pot, in a bucket or in a large container, pour the prepared brine, leave to marinate in heat for at least 5 hours. Or we put in the refrigerator for 10-12 hours, you can keep the bird for a day, it will only get better.

4. Mix black pepper with two spoons of oil, add a little salt, you can pour a spoonful of lemon juice. Grind until smooth.

5. Remove the duck from the brine. Put on a wire rack or in a large sieve, colander. We leave for half an hour, let the bird dry up, all the excess water should drain.

6. Rub the duck outside with vegetable oil.

7. Take a couple or three of apples, wash, cut into quarters. They can also be sprinkled with spices or grated zest, sprinkled with lemon juice or put just as it is. We shove inside the carcass, the rest of the apples are not touched yet.

8. We shift the duck in a bag for baking, we tie the edges. With a toothpick or a simple needle on top we make a couple of punctures. The package is set in a small baking sheet with sides or in a form larger than a duck, since then we will place the apples on the edges.

9. Turn on the oven beforehand, let it warm up to 200 degrees.

10. We send the duck with apples to be baked in the oven, we cook 80-100 minutes, depending on the size and age of the bird. The older she is, the longer we hold.

11. Apples that remain, you need to rinse thoroughly, cut out the middle, you can do it with a special notch. Sprinkle with lemon juice and put in a bowl, let them wait in the wings. 12. We take out the duck, which has reached half-ready. At the bottom of the package there will be a lot of liquid with fat, carefully cut it from the top, unfold it.

13. Spoon the liquid, pour the apples in a bowl, stir.

14. We also collect fat with a spoon and pour the duck on top so that a beautiful crust appears.

15. Put the apples out of the bowl around the duck.

16. Re-send the bird to the oven, bake for about half an hour. It is advisable to pour over the carcass every ten minutes with exuded juices.

Home-made duck in the oven: a step-by-step recipe with potatoes

Another step-by-step recipe for a homemade duck in the oven entirely. Supplement everyone's favorite potatoes. This is the perfect side dish for a fat bird, but it also needs to be cooked properly.


• duck 2.5 kg;

• a pair of spoons of soy sauce;

• four cloves of garlic;

• 8-10 identical potatoes;

• 100 g sour cream or mayonnaise;

• spices to taste.

You can cook this duck also in the package, as in the past recipe, but here the option with a piece of foil and a form is also very good.


1. We will marinate the bird in mayonnaise or in sour cream, as you like. Pre-wash the carcass, cut off all the excess, remove the remaining feathers and soak the watch in cold water, you can add spices to it. Then we rinse the duck and leave it to dry on the grill.

2. Mix sour cream or mayonnaise with chopped garlic, put salt, soy sauce, pepper. Rub the prepared bird first inside, then outside.

3. For marinating, you can use any convenient dish with a lid. A great option is a package. But we take a tight, well tied.

4. Leave the bird for five hours or full night, but in the second case we put it in the fridge.

5. For baking, use a small baking sheet. If desired, it can be covered with foil from the inside, so that it is easier to wash it later. Lubricate with oil, one spoon is enough.

6. We take the bird out of the fridge, re-rub the marinade in the carcass, transfer it to the prepared mold. 7. Top stretch the foil. You can make it so that it does not touch the bird. To do this, put on a duck a piece of cut fat or fat. Cover the form, send it to the oven for an hour. The furnace must be heated to two hundred degrees.

8. Peel the potatoes, do not need to season with anything. If the tubers are very large, then cut in half.

9. Take out the duck, gently lift the foil. Nadira fat with a spoon and pour a little to the potatoes. Add some salt. Cover the bowl and shake vigorously.

10. Duck also pour out the juice.

11. We shift the potatoes in shape, lay around the bird and again cover with foil. We put in the oven for another 40-50 minutes.

12. Remove the foil. We turn over the tubers to the other side, as the bottom of the potato has already been soaked with fat, and the top has dried a little.

13. Immediately pour the duck with fat and juices from the bottom of the form.

14. Now you can not cover the foil with the foil, just put in the oven and bake until a beautiful crust appears before half an hour.

Home-made duck in the oven: a step-by-step recipe with oranges (slices)

Incredibly simple step-by-step recipe for homemade duck in the oven. The bird turns out amazingly tender and fragrant, it is prepared not for very long, as the pieces are used. Chop any parts of the carcass in the right quantity, preferably bare bones with a low content of meat immediately recline.


• 1 kg of duck;

• 2 oranges;

• 10 ml of soy sauce;

• two cloves of garlic;

• 1 tsp. mustard;

• 40 g cl. oils.


1. Wash the pieces of duck, dry with a towel or paper napkins.

2. Heat the butter in the pan. You can take some vegetable. Put the duck and fry on high heat from both sides. Put while in the bowl.

3. Remove the zest from one orange, chop and squeeze the juice to it. You can pre-citrus mash your hands or ride on the table with pressure, so that the juice goes better, it turned out more.

4. Add soy sauce to the juice with zest, salt, put a spoon of mustard, but you can more if you like spicy food. 5. Peel the garlic cloves, chop and pour into the orange juice. Stir well. Pepper put to taste.

6. The second orange is simply peeled, cut into circles. In the course we choose all the bones, as they will give the dish a not very pleasant taste.

7. Lubricate the shape of a drop of oil. Lay duck densely overlapped.

8. Throw oranges between the bird pieces, try to distribute at the same distance.

9. We pour the contents of the form over the top with the prepared sauce from the juice and spices. We distribute evenly.

10. We stretch a piece of foil on the form, fix the edges so that the coating does not fall off.

11. Cooking an hour at 190 degrees.

12. Serve orange duck with fresh vegetables, white or brown rice garnishes, supplement with greens.

Home-made duck in the oven - useful tips and tricks

• To prevent the foil from sticking and touching the bird, a piece of fat should be put on the protruding part of the duck carcass.

• It is not necessary to add a lot of lemon juice or other acid to the bird during pickling. Meat from this will be tough.

• Has the crust burnt, burst, or has a different defect appeared on it? You can paint the bird with a paper bag sauce, or just drip a little and stick the fennel and parsley leaves.

• It is not necessary to use marinades with honey, ketchup, an abundance of soy sauce, which are often added to the chicken. This bird is cooked for a long time, the skin with such ingredients will simply burn.

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