Salad "Garden" - the five best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook salad "Garden".


Salad "Garden" - the general principles of cooking

Salad "Garden" was just such a name for a reason: it's all about the abundance of vegetables that are present in the dish. Carrots, beets, cabbage, potatoes - all these products will be needed if you decide to cook a salad “Vegetable Garden”. Snack can be purely vegetable, and with the addition of meat or canned fish. With the products that make up the dish, you can experiment as much as you like. Some prefer to add cucumbers, peppers, onions, canned peas, apples or carrots in Korean to the appetizer. In many recipes you can find dry snacks: chips or crackers with different flavors.

The basic principle of cooking is cutting all the components in the form of straw, cubes or slices and putting them around the slides around any ingredient. Thus, it turns out a spectacular, colorful and healthy snack. The indisputable advantage of this salad is that a person can choose the ingredients he needs and the amount they need.

Mayonnaise is most often used as a dressing. If sweet vegetables (for example, beets, carrots or apples) are most present in the “Garden” salad, you can take natural low-fat yogurt without sugar.

Salad “Garden” - preparation of products and dishes

Most often, for the preparation of the salad “Vegetable Garden”, raw vegetables are taken and cut in a certain way. Those products that require heat treatment (eg, potatoes), you must boil or fry. This also applies to meat: beef, pork or chicken should be fried, steamed or boiled. If canned foods (peas or cucumbers) are used, you need to remember to express the liquid from them, otherwise there will be excess water on the dish with the salad.

From the dishes you will need a wide flat dish, on which all the ingredients of the “Garden” salad will be laid out, a small saucepan (if you need to boil any product), a grater and a knife. For serving snacks, you can offer guests a small plate, where they themselves will put the right amount of ingredients and gas stations. Salad Recipes “Vegetable Garden”:

Recipe 1: Vegetable Garden Salad

This tasty and healthy salad is a universal dish, because on its basis, guests can come up with snacks according to their own taste. All that is needed is to simply put in any ingredients you like and mix with the dressing.

Ingredients Required:

  • Beef - 200-220 g;
  • 1 large beet;
  • Onions - 1 large head;
  • White cabbage - 1/3 large fork;
  • Korean style carrots - 200 g;
  • Average packaging of bacon-flavored chips;
  • Table vinegar;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Vegetable oil.

Preparation Method:

Boil beef in salt water until cooked, cool, cut into small cubes. Onions cut not too large, but not finely, put in a small bowl, pour two tablespoons of vinegar and leave to marinate for an hour or two. Wash beets, peel and grate on a coarse grater. Then fry in vegetable oil for about 15 minutes (until soft). Wash cabbage, finely chop. In the center of a large dish, squeeze out the right amount of mayonnaise, put beetroot, carrots, cabbage, meat and onions around it. It will be better if each product is divided in half. Thus, there should be 10 sectors. Spread products need to alternate colors. Put a little crushed chips on top of the mayonnaise.

Recipe 2: Vegetable Garden Salad with Canned Food

Another version of the salad "Vegetable Garden", which includes not meat, but canned fish, as well as pickled cucumbers, fried potatoes and canned peas.

Ingredients Required:

  • 1 large beets;
  • 3-4 potatoes;
  • 2 medium carrots;
  • 1 can of canned fish (can be sardines);
  • Pickled cucumbers (1 small jar);
  • A can of canned peas;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Vegetable oil.

Preparation Method:

Wash beet and carrot, peel, boil until ready, let vegetables cool and grate on a coarse grater. Peel the potatoes, cut them into thin strips or cubes and fry in vegetable oil until ready, which will be indicated by the golden color. In the pan, do not forget to add salt. After the potatoes are fried, put it on a paper towel to absorb excess fat. Canned fish mash with a fork separately from the juice. Cucumbers can be cut into small cubes or grated. Slightly squeeze out excess water. Put canned food on a large, wide dish in the center, pour mayonnaise on them. Potatoes, beets, carrots, peas and cucumbers are slid around the center.

Recipe 3: Vegetable Garden Salad with Apple and Pepper

Vegetable salad option "Vegetable Garden". Snacking can not only satisfy hunger without harm to the figure, but also nourish the body with vitamins and beneficial trace elements.

Ingredients Required:

  • Large apple - 1 pc .;
  • 1 medium beet;
  • 2 bell peppers (yellow and red);
  • 1 small red onion;
  • Cabbage - 150 g;
  • 3 pickled cucumbers;
  • 3-4 potatoes;
  • Mayonnaise for dressing (can be replaced with natural fat-free yogurt).

Preparation Method:

Peel the apple, cut into strips. Boil beets until cooked, cool, cut into strips. Peppers, cucumbers and onions are also cut into strips. Cabbage finely chop. Peel the potatoes, cut them into thin slices and fry in vegetable oil so that it looks like fries. Pour the mayonnaise into the center of the dish, spread out an apple, potatoes, cabbage, beets, cucumbers, peppers and onions in a circle. Apple should be sprinkled with lemon juice so that it does not darken.

Recipe 4: A vegetable garden salad with cucumbers and green onions

This version of the salad “Vegetable Garden” differs from the previous ones not only in its composition, but also in its design. The dish refers to vegetarian cuisine and is prepared in just 10 minutes.

Ingredients Required:

  • Mixture of salads - 60 g;
  • 2 bell peppers - red and yellow;
  • 1 fresh cucumber;
  • 20 g green onions;
  • 1 small carrot;
  • Olive oil - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • Balsamic vinegar - 1.5 tsp.

Preparation Method:

Wash carrots, cucumber and pepper, peel carrots, remove seeds from pepper. Slice the vegetables into thin slices or strips. Put the washed lettuce leaves on a flat plate, pepper on them, then a cucumber and green onion feathers. Cut carrots out of carrots and decorate vegetable “glade”. From olive oil and vinegar to prepare a dressing and pour the salad.

Recipe 5: A Vegetable Garden Salad with Sausage and Pomegranate

This beautifully decorated appetizing snack is perfect for the holiday table and will certainly delight guests and loved ones. Ingredients Required:

  • 1 large beets;
  • Beijing cabbage - 150 g;
  • Smoked sausage - 150 g;
  • Small package of chips;
  • Walnuts - 100 g;
  • 1 grenade;
  • Salt;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Sunflower oil.

Preparation Method:

Wash the beets, peel, cut into strips and lightly stew with salt under a lid over low heat. Then fry in vegetable oil. Cut the sausage into thin slices. Wash cabbage and chop ribbons. Finely chop the nuts, crush the chips with your hands. Pomegranate to clean and remove the grain. Put mayonnaise in the middle of a large plate, around it spread out all the components of the salad “Vegetable Garden” in the form of sectors.

Salad “Vegetable Garden” - secrets and tips from the best chefs

Naturally, the taste of the salad depends on the correct choice of vegetables, so when buying, you need to make sure that they are fresh and ripe. It is not recommended to keep the salad for a long time on the table or in the fridge, as the vegetables quickly become lethargic and wind. Salad "Garden" - one of those dishes that need to be eaten in a short time. All the ingredients of the snack can be mixed immediately before serving, or you can give guests the opportunity to choose the ingredients themselves.

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