Pilaf in a slow cooker: a step-by-step recipe, the secret of a delicious dish. How to cook really tasty pilau with step-by-step recipes

Eastern dish that has gained popularity all over the world - plov. No wonder pilaf is aromatic, nourishing, with a special taste. Yes, and cook it in reality is not so difficult, especially if you have such a helper in the kitchen as a slow cooker.

Pilaf in the multicooker for step-by-step recipes - general principles

The following products are mainly used for cooking pilaf:

• Meat. Take mostly lamb. But with beef, pork, chicken pilaf get tasty, as long as the meat was not lean.

• Groats. Rice variety is chosen based on their own taste preferences. It is permissible to replace rice with another cereal, for example, barley, buckwheat.

• Carrots, onions.

• Spices. Pepper, turmeric, cumin, hops-suneli, basil, barberry, spice mixture and much more are used.

• Garlic, hot pepper to taste.

First of all, prepare a large amount of zirvac oil from onions and carrots cut into thin straws and large pieces of meat in the “frying” mode. After zirvak put all sorts of spices and salt, add the prepared cereal, pour all the water. Prepare pilaf in a slow cooker on the “rice” or “pilaf” mode.

The finished dish is sure to give a little brew, using the “heating” mode, then put it on plates and served hot.

1. Uzbek plov in a multicooker: a step-by-step recipe


• lamb pulp - half a kilogram;

• 12 tablespoons of long-grain rice cereal;

• four small carrots;

• two medium onions;

• garlic - four cloves;

• purified water - three glasses.

You will also need about half a cup of vegetable oil and about 10 grams of salt and black pepper. And, of course, pilaf without spices is only rice porridge with meat, so be sure to prepare all sorts of seasonings: saffron, cumin, ground barberry, turmeric, paprika. If desired, you can use other spices. Preparation:

1. Rinse the lamb thoroughly, dry with paper towels and leave for half an hour to dry a little. If you do not have a clean mutton fillet, you can use the neck or ham, after cutting them into meat and bones, and you can also take lamb ribs, the taste of the finished dish will not change. Washed and dried meat cut into medium pieces of arbitrary shape.

2. Prepare all the vegetables: free from the onion bulbs, cut into thin half rings. Four carrots too clear, wash, cut long thin strips. Do not rub grated carrots, the taste of pilaf will not be complete.

3. Rinse off the grain of the grain in a colander (if there is some rubbish, then sort it out beforehand).

4. Turn on the multicooker, set the frying mode. Pour sunflower oil into the multicooker container, heat it a little.

5. Put the chopped onion into the preheated oil, fry for about three minutes, and then place the carrot, mix everything and fry to a ruddy color.

6. To the vegetables, put the sliced ​​lamb meat, fry all the ingredients, stirring for about twenty minutes. Pour some salt and a pinch of various seasonings and spices (turmeric, saffron, cumin, ground barberry and others).

7. When the meat turns red a little, lay out the prepared rice grits, mix everything thoroughly with a spoon. Add the washed garlic chives right in the husk, add some more seasonings and spices on a pinch. Pour in the purified water so that it completely covers the rice, switch the appliance to the “pilaf” mode (or the “rice” mode, depending on the multicooker model). Set the time to forty minutes and cook until the beep sounds with the lid closed.

8. After the multicooker signal, open the lid and remove the rice sample, if it is soft, then the pilaf is ready, remove the garlic cloves from it, mix the pilaf well and turn off the multicooker. If the rice remains hard, not boiled down, put the device on for another ten minutes and cook it. 9. Put the ready-made Uzbek plov on a flat large tray and serve hot. Nearby, if you wish, you can put a bread-box with a traditional Uzbek bread cake.

2. Pilaf in a slow cooker: a step-by-step recipe with chicken drumsticks


• 5 large chicken drumsticks;

• 2 small carrots;

• three onions;

• garlic - six cloves;

• rice long grain croup - 350 grams;

• purified water - one liter.

In addition to all the necessary products, take ready seasonings for chicken and pilaf. And also ten grams of ground black pepper and salt and half a glass of vegetable oil for cooking zirvaka. If desired, for the supply of pilaf, prepare half a bunch of any greens.


1. First, prepare the chicken drumsticks: rinse, dry on paper napkins.

2. Set the multicooker to the frying mode. Pour the sunflower oil into the container, heat it up a little.

3. Put the prepared chicken drumsticks whole in hot oil (if you don’t want to have bones in the pilaf, you can chop the legs: use the flesh and throw the bones away). Fry chicken drumsticks a little less than half an hour to a golden, beautiful crust on both sides.

4. While the legs are roasting, peel the onions and carrots, rinse, chop the whole into strips, place them on the chicken legs, stir and fry for another ten minutes.

5. Dlinnozernaya rice, rinse thoroughly with cold water, several times pouring water until it becomes transparent.

6. When chicken drumsticks and vegetables are fried, add rice cereal to them, season with salt, pepper, season with spices, add unpeeled chives, pour in one liter of water, switch the slow cooker to “rice” or “pilaf” mode, set the time to forty minutes.

7. When the multicooker gives a signal, open the lid, try the rice for readiness, if ready, remove the garlic cloves and mix everything.

8. Do not immediately lay out the ready-made pilaf from the bowl, but leave it to stand on the “heating” mode in the slow cooker. 9. When serving, place the pilaf on a large flat plate, top it with a nice spread of fresh parsley or dill sprigs, and place slices of white bread on a separate plate.

3. Unconventional pilaf in a multicooker: a step-by-step recipe with chicken and pearl barley


• three large chicken legs (you can chicken thighs);

• three small carrots;

• one onion;

• four cloves of garlic;

• pearl barley - 250 grams;

• one and a half liters of boiling water;

• sunflower oil for frying all prepared ingredients - half a glass.

Also, take another finely ground salt to your taste, black pepper in a ground form, fresh dill or parsley on the floor of a bunch. Do not forget to prepare different spices and spices, such as seasoning for chicken or pilau, dried basil, cumin and turmeric.


1. Pearl barley is always cooked for a very long time, so before cooking pilaf for this recipe, the pearl barley must be well washed and soaked in water overnight.

2. As in the previous recipe for pilaf with chicken legs, prepare the legs: rinse, if you want the pilaf to be not fat, cut out the excess fat, dry the meat on paper napkins. Chop the cooking hatchet into small pieces.

3. Put the prepared chicken legs into the multicooker container with the skin down.

4. Set the slow cooker to the “frying” mode, adjust the time by setting the timer to 45 minutes, pour in some vegetable oil and fry the chicken legs on all sides until golden brown.

5. Peel the onion, cut into small cubes, peel the garlic, chop in a garlic dish, peel the carrot, and grate it on a fine grater.

6. Put chopped onion with carrot to roasted chicken legs a few minutes before the end of frying. Stir.

7. Rinse the swollen pearl barley under running water, drain in a colander. Once all the water is drained, put the barley to the vegetables and meat, add the chopped garlic. 8. Fill the entire contents of the multicooker container with hot water, add salt, black allspice, mix well, close the lid. Switch the appliance to the “rice” or “plov” mode, set the time for one and a half hours and cook until the beep is heard.

9. After signaling the end of the cooking signal, open the lid, try the barley for softness. If the cereal is soft, then turn off the machine, and if it is hard, pour in more boiling water, set the time for ten minutes, close the lid and cook.

10. Ready pilaf hold a few minutes in a slow cooker in the “heating” mode, so that it is infused.

11. When serving, arrange the pilaf in portions, in each be sure to put a piece of chopped chicken, sprinkle with fresh chopped parsley or dill. Next to a separate plate, put the sliced ​​black bread.

Pilaf in the multicooker for step-by-step recipes: tricks and tips

In fact, the taste of the finished pilaf depends on the variety of rice. If you want the dish turned out crumbly, a little dryish - take steamed rice. Love pilaf more softly - use any long grain varieties, except maybe, except for the Chinese with its specific flavor. Well, Krasnodar rice will make the pilaf similar in texture to porridge, but thanks to properly prepared zirvak and used spices, the taste of the dish will turn out excellent.

The amount of spices and oils used depends on your taste. Of course, real rice is very fat, spicy, spicy, but this does not mean that your dish should be exactly the same: you can safely reduce or increase the amount of one or another ingredient.

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