Lamb pilaf - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pilaf of lamb.

Lamb pilaf - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pilaf of lamb.

Lamb Pilaf - General Cooking Principles

It would seem that it may be easier to cook pilaf? Fried meat, onions with carrots, cooked rice and mixed everything. In fact, cooking pilaf is an art that requires loving hands and impatient negligence. To begin with, pilaf is traditionally made from rice, lamb and zirvaka (meat and vegetable parts). And there, as the soul clears: to experiment means to follow the path of self-improvement. Someone loves more quickly, someone - fatter, someone - sweeter. Please improvise with the ingredients. Our goal is to tell the basics of making real pilaf, and, of course, to recommend several recipes for this tasty dish.

Thus, the general principles of cooking lamb pilaf are reduced to three main stages:

- obligatory perekalivaniye of vegetable oil;

- roasting meat, vegetables (cooking zirvaka);

- laying rice, adding liquid and bringing the dish to readiness.

As soon as rice boils, do not immediately close it with a lid. Give it a bit of “browning”, first on a strong, then on an average, and at the end on a low fire (here we close our pilaf with a lid for evaporation).

Lamb Pilaf - Food Preparation

Zirvak is of great importance for the taste qualities of lamb pilaf, which is prepared first. According to classical canons, the preparation of zirvaka - the basis for pilaf - includes roasting meat, onions and carrots. By the way, speaking of carrots, one cannot keep silent about the fact that it is necessarily cut into sticks, and not rubbed on a grater, as many housewives do. What about other components?

When choosing rice for pilaf, give preference to long-grain varieties. Avoid such popular varieties as “Indian” and “Thai”. Steamed rice will also be quite inappropriate. Although he doesn’t turn into a banal porridge in the process of cooking, you shouldn’t expect any benefit from it, because this variety has been deprived of everything that is possible. Tajik flavor (devzira, oshpar) and Uzbek varieties, as well as Italian rice, from which paella is made, give the best flavor to the pilaf. As for lamb, which gives the dish a taste and aroma with oriental notes, it is preferable for pilaf to choose a breast, spatula or back part. In addition, the meat should be fresh and have a rich red color. Before cooking pilaf, meat should be cleaned of fascia and tendons, washed, then cut into small pieces.

In choosing spices, rely only on your taste and imagination. If desired, you can purchase ready-made mixes of seasonings intended for pilaf.

Lamb Pilaf - Preparing Dishes

In a pot with thin walls and a bottom, good pilaf is almost impossible to cook; it will simply burn and turn out to be completely unattractive. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire a suitable container - cauldron or any other deep thick-walled form, preferably of cast iron. Cast iron pots with straight walls and a rounded bottom allow rice and other ingredients to warm evenly.

Lamb Pilaf - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Uzbek mutton pilaf

The classic version of the preparation of pilaf without adding any complex ingredients. Easy, tasty, and most importantly, affordable! Zirvak, as usual, is cooked first of all, having first heated the cauldron with a mixture of vegetable oil and lamb fat.


- rice 500 gr.

- 500g lamb fillet.

- carrots 250-300 gr.

- 3-4 onions

- 150 gr. sunflower oil

- 50 gr. lamb fat

- a teaspoon of a mixture of spices (azhgon, red pepper, barberry)

Cooking Method:

1. Cut into small pieces the pulp of mutton, fry until the varnish crust on high heat. Add diced onion into the meat, in 2-4 minutes - carrot straws. All thoroughly fry.

2. We salt, we put spices. Next, gently pour in pre-soaked rice, and pour hot water (we do it very slowly, trying not to damage the integrity of the rice layer). The croup should be covered with water in a layer of 1.5-2 cm.

3. Cook first over high heat from the moment of boiling, after 5-7 minutes switch to medium heat, close the pilaf with a lid and bring to readiness. You can not interfere! If necessary, it is allowed to pierce the dish in several places. Stir the cooked pilaf evenly before serving.

Recipe 2: Mutton pilaf in the slow cooker

Pilaf cooked in a slow cooker turns out to be very rich and tasty. In addition, rice in the process of cooking for a couple does not lose nutrients. So, for the beginning, in the traditional way we will prepare zirvak in a separate pan. The dish can be supplemented with barberry, prunes and other favorite elements.


- 2.5 cups of rice

- Lamb 500 grams

- 1 large onion

- one carrot

- 5 table. spoons of vegetable oil

- 30-50 gr. butter

- salt, mix of seasonings and spices for pilaf, garlic

Cooking Method:

We grease the multicooker capacity with oil, lay out prepared zirvak, top it with rice, which we season with spices and seasonings, finely chopped garlic, pour vegetable oil, water (about 5 measuring cups) and set the device to the “Pilaf” mode, if there is no one, then use - “Quenching”. Stir the cooked pilaf evenly by adding a piece of butter.

Recipe 3: Lamb Pilaf with Mushrooms

This dish can be made both on the stove and in the oven. For a change, let's consider the option of cooking pilaf in the oven. It is prepared in a cauldron, it is permissible to replace champignons with other mushrooms, for example, white or oyster mushrooms.


- Lamb 300 gr.

- 15-20 fresh mushrooms (large)

- 1 cup rice

- 2 onions

- half a cup of sour cream

- 400 ml lamb broth

- vegetable oil

- black pepper (ground), salt or ready-made mixture of seasonings for pilaf

- any greens

Cooking Method:

Thoroughly washed rice is boiled in broth until half cooked. Shred the onions, cut the lamb into small pieces, and mushrooms - into plates. Heat the frying pan, heat the oil and start to fry the onions. After a couple of minutes, we put mutton into onion, fry until golden brown, then add mushrooms and spices to fry and fry for another few minutes. Our zirvak is ready.

Next, we sip fat in a cauldron, lay out half of the rice there, put it in a neat even layer of zirvak, and then put the remaining rice, level it, pour with lamb fat. In the oven heated to 180-200 degrees we send our dish and bake for forty minutes. For ten, fifteen minutes until ready, we pour the pilaf with sour cream and sprinkle with herbs. It turns out just great!

Lamb Pilaf - Tips & Tricks

- For the preparation of this dish it is advisable to use lamb meat (from 9 to 14 months). The most valuable meat is dairy lamb (up to 3 months), but you can enjoy such a young creature only in spring.

- Experienced cooks use not only sunflower oil for cooking. As a rule, they mix it with lamb fat. Sometimes vegetable oils are mixed for pilaf: olive, linseed, sesame, walnut, sunflower, etc.

- Small varieties of rice before cooking plov must be soaked in salted cold water for 8-12 hours. After such a procedure, fine-grained rice will not be boiled soft.

- It is accepted to pour rice not cold, but hot water.

After the pilaf is fully cooked, do not rush to mix the ingredients. Turn off the stove and bring the dish to the mind, let it brew for ten minutes, and only then mix the rice and zirvac thoroughly and evenly. Enjoy your meal!

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