Easter is salty - an unusual version of the dish. Recipes different salty Easter with cheese, walnuts, fish, garlic, pistachios

Easter is salty - an unusual version of the dish. Recipes different salty Easter with cheese, walnuts, fish, garlic, pistachios

Easter cheese curds are usually sweet, but few know that in a salty version the dish is just as good.

It even fits better in the festive table, can replace the traditional cheese plate and surprise the guests. It remains to cook it!

Easter is salty - general principles of cooking

Cottage cheese for Easter is better to take fat from 9% and above, from a low-fat product the dish turns out not very tasty. It is very important that the ingredient is fresh, as it will take some time to prepare it. Cottage cheese before use needs to be crushed. Best wipe through a sieve. The exercise is painstaking, long, but the result is worth it. Easter will turn out tender, tasty.

If you do not want to grind the main ingredient manually, you can use a blender or twist through a meat grinder twice. Then add other ingredients to it.

What is put in salty Easter:

• spices;

• butter;

• sour cream;

• eggs.

The mass is mixed and cleaned in a pasochnitsa, covered with wet gauze from the inside. Either the cottage cheese is heated to a hot state (brewed method), then cooled and also placed in a special form. Often, different products are added to the prepared mass, giving the dish a certain taste. It can be different nuts, some vegetables, fish, cheese. It all depends on personal taste, used recipes and fantasy.

Easter is salty (simple recipe)

To taste, this Easter will resemble cheese and similar brine cheeses. In addition to the classic ingredients, nothing is added to it. As it should be, you need to make a dish in a day.


• 1 kg of cottage cheese;

• 150 g of oil;

• 400 g sour cream;

• salt.


1. Curd cheese through a sieve or grind in any other way. This can be seen above.

2. Add the softened butter to the curd mass and immediately put the sour cream on. Of course, you can throw a few yolks, but since Easter is not brewed and will not be subjected to heat treatment, it is better not to do it. 3. Grind everything thoroughly with a spoon so that the mass becomes homogeneous. Or shave the blender and just whisk. Salt to taste. We take into account that after draining the whey, the product will become slightly salty.

4. We moisten gauze, wring out. Fold the piece in 2 or 4 layers. The smaller the cells from the threads, the less layers you need. We make pasochnitsa inside.

5. Put the prepared mass. Level with a spoon top.

6. With the hanging ends of the gauze cover the mass from the curd on top.

7. We put on top of the oppression. Under the shape of a bowl, so that it collected the serum. We remove the structure for a day in the fridge.

8. We get. We expand the ends of the gauze, remove to the side. Cover dish with serving dish, overturn.

9. Carefully remove the gauze so as not to damage the top layer of Easter cheese cake.

Easter salty brewed with yolks

Choux technology cooking salty Easter. According to the recipe in the dish go yolks. Proteins can be used for the lubrication of cakes, cooking meringues.


• 1 kg of cottage cheese;

• 100 g of oil;

• 10 yolks;

• 200 g sour cream;

• salt, you can other spices.


1. As it should be, prepare the cottage cheese. Whisk or rub. You can immediately shift into a pot with a thick bottom or in a cauldron, cast-iron saucepan.

2. Add a very soft butter, raw egg yolks and lay out the sour cream. All thoroughly mixed, salt and pepper to taste.

3. Now put the pot on the stove, make the fire a little, start to heat. It is very important to stir all the time so that nothing burns. The mass should be hot, but you can not boil.

4. As soon as the first bubble appears on the surface, immediately remove from the fire.

5. At this point you need to prepare a basin of ice water. It is best to dial a little in the bath, it will be more convenient.

6. Lower the pan into cold water, start to cool, stir. Mass becomes thicker.

7. Now, we do everything according to the scheme above: we fill in the form with wet gauze, lay out the mixture for the dish, put down the pressure, send it to the refrigerator.

Easter salted with hard cheese

The recipe for a salty salty Easter cheese, in which garlic is also added. It is better to take a dry spice so that it is distributed evenly. Or very well chop cloves. Hard cheese, suitable “Russian”. Ingredients

• 800 g of cottage cheese;

• 200 grams of cheese;

• 1 tsp. salt (without slides);

• 200 g of oil;

• 400 g sour cream;

• 1 tsp. dry garlic;

• 1 tsp. dry dill or other herbs.


1. Grind the curd, pour into the cup.

2. Add dry garlic, dill and salt, a rather incomplete small spoon. If the cheese is salty, then you can still cut, try and make to your taste. Put sour cream, grind it all together.

3. If the oil is not soft enough, you can hold it in the microwave oven on the defrosting mode, then shift it to the total mass.

4. Now take the cheese and fine grater, rub.

5. Pour the grated cheese to the curd, re-knead. We evaluate the consistency. If suddenly the bull curd is dry, then you can add a few more tablespoons of sour cream. Mass cool should not be.

6. We shift it into a mold, remove it under pressure for at least 14 hours.

7. Turn over, decorate with fresh greens.

Easter salted with pistachios

Another recipe for cooking Easter salty. It is made using custard technology with pistachios. They are usually sold unpeeled, you need to remove the shells and weigh the net product.


• 800 g of cottage cheese;

• 7 yolks;

• 120 g of oil;

• 200 ml sour cream;

• salt;

• 80 g pistachios;

• 1 clove garlic.


1. It is not necessary to add garlic, but it will give the dish a light aroma, there will be almost no taste from one clove. It is important to grind it well.

2. Combine garlic and salt with ground cheese, add butter with sour cream and mix well. Enter the egg yolks. The mass will turn out to be liquid, but let it not frighten. Sent to the stove.

3. We heat on low heat up to 70-80 degrees, do not let boil, remove from heat.

4. Cool the cottage cheese, putting the pot in cold water.

5. Pour the cleaned pistachios onto a dry frying pan and dry them well over low heat. You can cut, but the whole they look more interesting.

6. Add pistachios to the total mass, stir.

7. We shift in the mold, send in the fridge for a day, do not forget about the oppression.

8. Turn over salted Easter to a beautiful dish, decorate with pistachios.

Easter is salty with red fish

The recipe for chic Easter, which is prepared with salted red fish. Optionally, you can take chum salmon, salmon, or the most budget salmon. But cottage cheese and sour cream must be fatty.


• 700 g of cottage cheese;

• 300 g sour cream;

• 120 g of red fish;

• salt;

• some dill greens;

• 5 yolks;

• 100 g of oil.


1. Put cottage cheese in a saucepan, be sure to wipe it. Put sour cream, soft butter, salt and add all the yolks at once.

2. Turn on the mixer and beat the mass well for a couple of minutes.

3. The resulting cream is sent to the stove, we warm up well to neutralize the microbes, remove from heat, do not let the mass boil.

4. Leave the pot in cold water to cool the mass.

5. Cut the red fish into small cubes or thin strips, as you like.

6. We lay wet gauze in the form. Spread a layer of curd mass, a little fish on it, sprinkle with dill.

7. Then again make a layer of cottage cheese. It is important not to lay out fish at the very edges. In this case, Easter outside get all white. Also, do not lay the fish tightly to each other, so that the serum calmly passes between the pieces.

8. We complete the formation with cottage cheese, at the end we make a layer of at least 2 cm.

9. We put the oppression, send in the fridge for a day. For decoration, use dill, fish pieces.

Easter salted with walnuts and garlic

Another variation of salty Easter, which is prepared with walnuts. Garlic recipe is used dry, but you can take 2-3 cloves. Such a spicy Easter is very tasty, for this you need to add a little red pepper to the curd.


• 1 kg of cottage cheese;

• 10 yolks;

• 350 g sour cream;

• 120 g of oil;

• 120 grams of nuts;

• 1 tsp. garlic;

• to taste salt and pepper.


1. Mix grated cottage cheese with eggs, sour cream, soft butter, salt and send to the stove. Boil until hot, quickly cool in water.

2. While the mass cools, you need to fry walnuts and chop. Shallow is not necessary, let the pieces be noticeable. Prepare garlic too. 3. Add garlic with nuts, mix. For the spicy option sprinkle a little pepper. You can paint a lot by adding paprika or turmeric, it will be beautiful and elegant.

4. We spread the mass in the prepared form, cover with the tips of gauze. We put the oppression.

5. After one day of exposure of the dish in the refrigerator, remove it from the molds to a flat plate. For decoration use walnuts. You can simply sprinkle or lay out the traditional letters “XB”.

Easter is salty - tips and tricks

• Very often in recipes it takes 2 days to soak up Easter. In fact, it is dangerous to do this, as cottage cheese belongs to perishable products. If we take into account the fact that he is either a day or more, plus 2 days for cooking and another holiday day, it turns out 4 days, of which the product is part time warm, which accelerates the development of bacteria and damage to the product. Therefore, it is better to prepare Easter for the day before the holiday, it will have time to get stronger under a good load.

• What to use for cargo? Banks and other filled containers are not very convenient, they are difficult to keep in the refrigerator. As an option - this is a brick that can be wrapped in a bag or use 1-2 packs of salt.

• No special shopping box? The alternative is a new plastic flower pot. It needs to be thoroughly washed, also covered with gauze. Well, if the pot already has legs. But if they are absent, then you will have to put something under it so that the serum can flow quietly.

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