Georgian chicken satsivi: who is against? Secrets of Caucasian cuisine and recipes from Georgian chicken Satsivi

Georgian chicken satsivi: who is against? Secrets of Caucasian cuisine and recipes from Georgian chicken Satsivi

Satsivi has a very long history, so he is the subject of national pride in Georgian cuisine, and the main composition of its components is impossible.

interpret it at ease, so as not to offend the proud Caucasian people. But in the preparation technology of traditional satsivi there are such moments where

can improvise.

If you once had a chance to try a dish at dinner in one of the Georgian families living in the Caucasus, or to assess the skills of the present

Georgian cook, please share the secret of cooking. There are not many “correct” satsivi recipes in the network written in Russian, and familiar housewives from Georgia say that satsivi is like borsch, in each family it is prepared differently.

We will try to catch the main notes of bright and so different Georgian cuisine in order to determine the boundary between unshakable traditions and

opportunities for improvisation.

Georgian Satsivi in ​​chicken - basic technological principles

Satsivi is a sauce and, at the same time, the name of the dish that is most often made from poultry: chicken or turkey. There are options satsivi from

fish. This is a cold dish, without which not a single holiday in Georgia, especially the New Year and Christmas, like the New Year in Russian

does not do without jelly. Satsivi, of course - not brawn, but rich meat or fish broth, as is known, tends to turn

in a gelatinous mass.

You can, of course, eat chicken in a peanut sauce and hot, but then it is an ordinary chicken in a peanut sauce. Sauce Meat

maintain, so that it absorbs the aroma that distinguishes satsivi from boiled chicken with gravy. The transformation process lasts 7-8 hours.

Walnuts, garlic, cilantro (ground coriander), imeretinsky saffron, utskho suneli (fenugreek) are the essential components of satsivi. By the way

they are very often used in all dishes of Georgian cuisine. A few words about these ingredients:

Walnut - for satsivi only this nut is used, and no other. Walnut oil can be added, but it will not fully replace ground kernels, giving a pasty consistency. Nuts should be a lot, not less than 1/3 of the weight of meat.

With garlic, everything is clear: peel and chop. The amount depends on taste preferences. Take note: characteristic odor and

garlic aftertaste is lost when it is combined with fresh cilantro.

If you use fresh cilantro, then juice should be squeezed out of it: the sauce should have a characteristic nut color. Of course, nothing terrible

It will happen if small pieces of greens are noticeable in the sauce, but this moment relates to the question of culinary aesthetics.

Utsho suneli: do not confuse with seasoning hops suneli, consisting of a set of spices! Ucho suneli has many other names that only

indicate its wide distribution and special role in cooking of all the peoples of the world: Shambala, Chaman, Curry (mixed with turmeric),

fengurek. You will look for seasoning in the spices department - think about these names. We have this herb called fenugreek, and all of it many times

seen: blue or lilac flowers, which are also called clover. As spices, dried and ground seeds are used.

It is also allowed to use satsivi hops suneli, but note that you get a completely different taste.

Marigold - Imereti saffron. If someone is surprised - do not be surprised! These are the very bright yellow or orange flowers, but for food

only ground petals of basic varieties are used: the brighter, the better. By the way, if marigolds are planted between the rows of tomatoes,

potatoes, strawberries, you can, additionally, not only get beauty and a very pleasant seasoning, but also save your harvest from

pests. Another important point: if you have never been familiar with this spice, then personally grown flowers will save you from cheating.

sellers of spices, which can sell turmeric instead of marigold powder (also a useful spice, but another cheap one!).

If you pay attention to the chemical composition of marigolds, fenugreek and other traditional spices used in Georgian cuisine, you will learn

The main secret of Caucasian health and longevity. In the cuisine of this people, everything is thought out to the smallest detail: each, nondescript-looking, grass has a deep meaning. Because so fascinating flavors of Caucasian cuisine.

Let's go back to the sauce. The rest of the set of ingredients - like all sauces. Just never add adjika, potato starch and

tomatoes This is another dish. Now about the meat for satsivi, and turn to recipes that differ from each other only in a set for the sauce.

It is not true that satsivi cook properly only from turkey. If in a dispute about what was before, an egg or a chicken, there is still some

intrigue, then Satsivi in ​​Georgia appeared much earlier than turkeys. Often they prepare dishes from pheasants, but this bird is already a luxury, but chicken

Fits perfectly in price, availability, ease of processing and the neutral taste of meat. But the chicken must be good, homemade, with yellow

fat, if you are no longer young - even better.

The detailed technology of cooking satsivi from chicken in Georgian is in the first recipe, because the main principles of cooking are almost not

change, with the exception of different ways of pre-poultry preparation, and with sauce recipes you can even improvise, because

the main meaning is already clear.

1. Georgian chicken satsivi - first way


Average chicken, home - 1 bird (2.0 -2.2 kg)

For broth:

Onions, black pepper, bay leaf, parsley root, salt

Onions 350 - 400 g (onion)

Nuts 750-800 g (net)

Cilantro 75g

Garlic 60-70g

Imeretinsky saffron (marigolds)



Red pepper

Vegetable oil

Cooking Technology:

Prepared chicken carcass dipped in boiling water. Boil as usual until the flesh begins to separate from the bone. Do not forget to shoot

the foam. At the end of cooking, add spices, roots and salt. Transfer the chicken to the dish. Optionally, you can separate the meat from the bone when the chicken

cool down Broth strain.

Cilantro, nuts and garlic, twice pass through the fine grid of the meat grinder.

Separately, chop the onions in mashed potatoes. You can do this with a blender. Pour oil in a preheated pan, put onion puree and

Pass to remove bitterness, only to a transparent state. If it starts to burn, add a little broth. Shift bow stew in a saucepan in which the sauce will be prepared, add the nut paste, broth. It is important to guess the consistency of the sauce: top it up.

the amount of broth so that, after solidification, the sauce looked like thick cream. Mix thoroughly, removing the lumps, add the spices:

ground coriander, a little red pepper, salt.

Put the pot on a low fire: the sauce should be stewed with occasional stirring. Ensure that the thick nut mass does not burn,

settling on the bottom of the pan.

When the sauce boils, add wine vinegar in such quantity that its acid is clearly visible. Put in a saucepan with sauce

chicken, and warm slightly. Remove the pan from the stove. Spread satsivi in ​​tureen, it is desirable to cover with lids.

2. Georgian chicken satsivi - second way

Ingredients - Prescription # 1


All cooking technology is absolutely similar to the first method, except for the preparation of meat. Boiled chicken cut into portions

pieces, fry in a pan or in the oven. Spread the fried meat in a tureen and cover with nut sauce.

When roasting, the liquid is removed from the meat, and after soaking the sauce, the taste of satsivi becomes more saturated.

3. Georgian chicken satsivi with egg yolks

It is not known how and when the recipe of Dutch sauce got into Georgia, which is thickened with the help of egg yolk, but in some Georgian

families use this technique for making satsivi.


Wings, chicken - according to the number of servings

Vegetable oil (or margarine) - for frying

Garlic, black ground pepper

Chicken bouillon:

Poultry meat;



Spicy roots;

Pepper (peas);

Bay leaf;


Ingredients of the sauce - according to the recipe number 1, as well as 3 yolks

Cooking Procedure:

If there is a ready-made meat broth - use it for satsivi; if not, cook as usual. Try to use chicken backs, necks,

and rub the legs, wings and breast with a mixture of ground garlic and pepper, fry until golden brown.

Prepare the nut paste, as described in the first recipe, add yolks to it, rub well and add warm broth. Stir to homogeneous consistency and slowly warm up on the stove until thick. Fried meat until ready, put in prepared portion

dishes, pour sauce, cover. Serve after cooling and infusion, with gomi (cornmeal porridge).

4. Georgian chicken satsivi with pomegranate

Let's face it: in our area wine vinegar, in the home kitchen, the hostess is not often used; It is not cheap. If satsivi is planned, but

the right ingredient remained on the shelf in the store, what to do? Do not worry, everything is fixable: lemons, pomegranates or fruit with sour will do

by taste. Just do not forget about the nut color and the taste of the dish, and that the tomatoes in Satsivi are “moveton”.


Chicken thighs, wings 2 kg

Broth 1.5 - 2.0 l

Butter for Passaging




White pepper

The composition of products for the sauce - according to the recipe №1Cok pomegranate (fresh) - instead of wine vinegar


In flour (70-100 g) add ground nutmeg and cloves, white pepper. Roll boiled meat in flour mixture. Preheat pan, put in

her butter, chopped onions, and fry the wings and thighs. Put the meat in portions. Pass in the same pan

finely chopped onion to transparency, and add it to the nut mass, mix well. Add the broth and cook the sauce until tender.

Hot satsivi pour in plates with meat. Cover the cooled dish with foil or lids, put in a cold place to infuse.

5. Georgian chicken satsivi with dried cilantro and chicken fat


Chicken, boiled

Chicken fat


For the sauce:

Dried cilantro, red pepper, coriander, ground nuts, garlic, salt, cornmeal and wheat flour;

Wine vinegar;

Broth saturated


Combine ground nuts, garlic and dry spices, add flour. Stir the dry mixture.

Crush onions. Melt chopped fat in a frying pan, passe the onions until soft. Combine with cooked nut mix,

Stir, add broth.

When using flour for cooking satsivi broth, you need to add more so that the sauce does not turn out too thick after solidification. Stir the mixture over low heat. 3-4 minutes after boiling the sauce, add vinegar, pour the meat, decomposed into a tureen.

6. Chicken Georgian Satsivi - Adjarian Cuisine


Chicken 1.8 - 2 kg

Onion 250g

Chicken broth 700 ml

Oil (sunflower or corn) 120 ml

Nuts 800 g

Garlic 50g

Hops suneli

Imereti saffron


Lemons 2 pcs.

Celery, parsley, cilantro (leaves)

Cooking Method:

Boil the broth, putting the carcass in cold water. Separate from the bones the flesh of the cooked bird. Strain the broth by removing the spicy additives.

Prepare the sauce:

Fry the nuts in a pre-heated pan, add the garlic, oil, suneli hops and imeretinsky saffron. Punch the mass with a blender by adding

spices. Fry the finely chopped onion, combine with the nut mass, crush again with a blender, adjusting the thickness of the sauce with broth.

Pour the mixture into the pan with the meat and simmer for 40-50 minutes. Meat soaked with sauce, will be very soft and tender. At the end of quenching add juice

and lemon zest.

Georgian Satsivi in ​​Chicken - Useful Tips

For the preparation of satsivi required to rub the onions on a small grater. Use white onions - it is less “evil”, or previously onions

hold in water to remove bitterness and do not cry when rubbed.

Satsivi requires at least 1/3 of the nuts in relation to the weight of the chicken.

Using fresh coriander for satsivi, make sure that the sauce does not become green. Just in case, just squeeze the juice from spicy greens.

Note that more juice is found in cilantro stems; leaves can be used to decorate dishes.

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