Classic Kharcho soup - interesting recipes. Cooking soup-classic kharcho of beef, lamb, pork

Classic Kharcho soup - interesting recipes. Cooking soup-classic kharcho of beef, lamb, pork

Kharcho soup is a Georgian dish that has gained popularity in almost all continents of the world. And, if in its traditional version, they prepared beef soup with rice on a special acidic basis with spices and spices, then today there are a lot of options for cooking kharcho soups. And all of them are considered to be classic. After all, any cuisine of the world is divided into regional cuisines, traditions, recipes, geographic and other conditions of which make their own adjustments to one or another world dish.

Classic Kharcho Soup - General Cooking Principles

As a rule, classic Kharcho soup is cooked from a large amount of meat: pork, beef or veal, lamb and even from chicken meat. Meat for the dish should be chosen carefully, it should be fresh and not lean, and not too fat. The product is thoroughly washed, first boiled in a single piece, then cut into portioned pieces and cooked along with the rest of the ingredients.

Also mandatory ingredient in the classic Kharcho is mostly rice groats. They take either round grain or long grain steamed rice in this dish. But in some countries, classic kharcho soup is prepared either without any cereal or replacing rice with pearl barley.

Also in the dish add a huge amount of seasoning, spices and herbs. Hops-suneli, tarragon, basil, garlic, dill, cilantro - and that's not all. Very often, plum tkemali sauce is added to the soup, you can cook it yourself or buy it in a store. If you could not get the sauce, do not worry, you can use pomegranate juice instead.

1. Classic beef kharcho soup


• 300-350 grams of beef brisket;

• 80-100 grams of rice;

• two bows;

• two cloves of garlic;

• chili peppers;

• 50 grams of tomato paste;

• 20 ml of vegetable oil;

• 10 grams of hops-suneli;

• 15 grams tklapi;

• one and a half liters of water;

• fresh cilantro.

Cooking Method: 1. Wash the brisket and cut into medium pieces. Boil in lightly salted filtered water until tender.

2. Remove the finished beef, filter the broth.

3. Pour oil into the pan, spread the finely chopped onion, chopped garlic, chopped greens, tomato paste, hops-suneli in a special press. Thoroughly mix everything, wait five to seven minutes.

4. Put the fragrant mixture, meat, tklapi, prunes into slices and washed rice into broth.

5. Cook for ten minutes, then turn off the gas, and in the kharcho lay out the crushed paprika.

6. Insist, serve, decorate with greens.

2. Classic lamb kharcho soup


• 600 grams of fresh lamb (ribs);

• a pound of meaty tomatoes;

• two sweet peppers;

• salt;

• two bulbs;

• grows butter;

• Bay leaf;

• one carrot;

• parsley (greens and spine);

• peppercorns;

• six small garlic cloves;

• 60 grams of rice cereal.

Cooking Method:

1. Gently chop the brisket along the ribs.

2. Slightly fry each piece in a pre-heated pan, adding 10 ml of vegetable oil.

3. Take out the meat on a plate, and in the same pan lay out the finely chopped onion, grated carrots, chopped parsley root.

4. Put the meat in the pan, pour two liters of water, salt. Cook for an hour until lamb is fully cooked.

5. We pass through the meat grinder the blanched tomatoes and the pepper cleared of seeds and stem.

6. Carefully wash the rice.

7. As soon as the meat is cooked, put the grits, roasted and twisted vegetables into the pan.

8. Cook for ten minutes, add spices, if you need more salt, chopped garlic, greens. Tomim 5 minutes, turn off the gas.

3. Classic Chicken Kharcho Soup


• homemade chicken;

• 50 grams of flour;

• half a cup of tkemali;

• half a cup of chopped nuts;

• two bows;

• three cloves of garlic;

• 10 grams of hops-suneli;

• 5 grams of crushed cilantro seeds;

• a couple of sprigs of fresh cilantro;

• half a sheet of pepper;

• salt, bay leaf, saffron.

Cooking Method: 1. Wash the chicken carcass and put in a saucepan with water, cook until ready, do not forget, if necessary, remove the foam.

2. Take out the finished carcass, cut it into pieces.

3. Onion cut into small cubes, simmer until soft in a skillet, pouring a few spoons of broth.

4. Add chicken, we cook for fifteen minutes, after we fill the flour, stir, simmer for about five minutes.

5. Pour in the remaining broth, spread tkemali, walnuts, all the spices that make up the soup, chopped herbs and garlic, simmer the kharcho for ten minutes.

4. Classic pork kharcho soup


• 500-550 grams of pork (spatula);

• two and a half liters of water;

• 130 grams of rice cereal;

• one hundred grams of walnuts;

• 5-8 black peppercorns;

• four cloves of garlic;

• three small onions;

• parsley root;

• a quarter of a teaspoon of saffron;

• 20 grams of parsley;

• 10 grams of cilantro;

• 30 grams of flour;

• 10 grams of hops-suneli;

• 5 grams of coriander seeds;

• one third of the pods of chili;

• salt;

• grows butter.

Cooking Method:

1. Thoroughly washed and drained pork napkins cut into small cubes in diameter no more than three centimeters.

2. Put the meat in a saucepan, pour water.

3. Cook an hour and a half, from time to time removing the foam. Half an hour before readiness add a little salt to the broth.

4. Fry the finely chopped onion in a pan until transparent, add flour, mix. We continue to fry, stirring until the onions are beautifully golden in color.

5. Remove the cooked meat, filter the broth.

6. We wash the rice thoroughly, add it to the broth, add the browned onions, meat, chopped parsley root, ground coriander, bell pepper, bay leaves. Tomim after boiling on medium heat for fifteen minutes, if necessary, pour salt.

7. Chop the walnuts, add to the soup, pour hops-suneli, saffron, chopped parsley, pepper into the soup, pour in tkemali.

8. After five minutes, add cilantro herbs and crushed garlic in a press.

9. Turn off the gas, insist before serving for about ten minutes.

5. Classic Kharcho Soup Without Chicken Rice


• kilogram homemade chicken;

• salt;

• half a cup of tkemali;

• 60 grams of corn flour;

• one and a half glasses of peeled walnuts;

• hop-suneli;

• ground black pepper;

• allspice;

• cilantro seeds;

• cilantro greens;

• chili pepper;

• cinnamon;

• carnation;

• two or three cloves of garlic;

• vegetable oil;

• small onions.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour into a large saucepan two and a half liters of water.

2. We lay out the washed chicken cut into two parts.

3. Bring to a boil, remove with a slotted spoon the formed protein foam, reduce the heat and sprinkle the broth with salt, cook the chicken for 30 minutes.

4. In the meantime, while the meat is boiling, pour vegetable oil into the frying pan with high sides or stew pan, lightly heat it and fry onion the onion cut into quarters.

5. Remove the finished meat from the broth, cool it, filter the liquid itself.

6. Remove the skin from the chicken, separate the meat from the bones, cut the chicken into slices.

7. Put the meat to the onions, pour a couple of spoons of broth, mix, close the saucepan with a lid, simmer for about ten minutes on a quiet fire.

8. Add corn flour, stir well, pour in the broth remaining about one and a half liters.

9. Stew soup for fifteen minutes, then pour the sauce tkemali.

10. In a bowl, crush nuts, add all spices and spices, as well as chopped garlic. Pour in a couple of spoons of broth, mix thoroughly.

11. Pour the fragrant mixture into the steaming soup, let it simmer for about twenty minutes.

12. Serve, richly sprinkled with greens.

6. Classic Kharcho Soup with Tomatoes


• kilo of beef;

• three onions;

• half a cup of pearl barley;

• pepper, salt;

• four large fleshy tomatoes;

• garlic;

• cilantro;

• dried basil;

• hops-suneli.

Cooking Method:

1. Boil the meat, broth for half an hour before readiness add some salt.

2. Remove the finished meat, chop, broth filter.

3. Fry chopped onion, add meat and spices to it, pour in a few spoons of broth, close the saucepan with a lid, simmer for ten minutes. 4. Blanch the tomatoes and chop, lay out to the rest of the ingredients, simmer for at least ten minutes.

5. Pour into the broth clean, washed, pre-soaked pearl barley, boil it until done.

6. Combine boiled pearl barley, broth and stew with vegetables in one pan.

7. Pour greens, garlic, cook all together for five minutes. Serve.

7. Classic Kharcho Soup from Smoked Sausages


• half a cup of rice;

• 300-350 grams of hunting sausages;

• one and a half liters of water;

• one large onion;

• greens, salt, bay leaf - to taste;

• acute adjika - to taste.

Cooking Method:

1. Sausages are peeled and cut into small pieces or thin ringlets.

2. Pour water into a saucepan, bring it to a boil, spread the prepared sausages and thoroughly washed rice. Cook for fifteen minutes until rice is cooked.

3. Add the browned onions, a couple of adjika spoons, salt to taste, laurel leaves.

4. Tomim no more than five minutes, sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs, serve, spilling into plates.

8. Classic beef kharcho soup with prunes


• 400 grams of beef bones;

• three onions;

• 120 grams of rice cereal;

• two large tomatoes;

• ten prunes;

• salt:

• garlic;

• parsley, cilantro, dill;

• 5 grams of hops-suneli;

• 30 grams of celery root.

Cooking Method:

1. Cook for about an hour and a half broth.

2. Half an hour before the meat is ready, we put celery root into broth, salt it.

3. Wash my prunes and fill them with water for fifteen minutes. After we take out, we merge water, we cut into small cubes.

4. Take out the finished meat, cool it and cut it into small pieces. Strain the broth.

5. Separately pass the bow.

6. Blanch the tomatoes: first dip them in boiling water, then in cold water, remove the skin. Cut into small cubes.

7. Put the sliced ​​meat, tomatoes, passaged onions, washed rice into the broth.

8. Cook for about ten minutes until rice is cooked, add spices, garlic and prunes.

9. Stir, boil five minutes.

10. Before serving, insist under the lid closed for some time, sprinkle liberally with chopped greens.

Classic Kharcho Soup - Tricks, Useful Tips

• It is believed that Kharcho is a spicy dish, where it is appropriate to use a large amount of garlic, hot spices, spices and chili pepper, but this is not so. Be moderate using these ingredients when cooking. All of them should give flavor to the dish, and not interrupt the taste of each other.

• Cilantro is an integral part of the soup, like meat, for example, but be careful with it. It has a rather specific taste, which not everyone likes. If you are afraid that your family will not like cilantro, do not add it to the cooking soup, rather crush this greens in a small container and serve it simply on the table.

• When cooking meat, try to keep the ratio of meat to water as one to four. So the broth will turn out tasty and saturated.

• It is not recommended to boil the garlic for a long time, otherwise the soup will get the unpleasant taste of digested garlic, it is best to put it at the very end.

• Use, if possible, a lot of any fresh greens, it will give the soup a bright summer scent.

• Try to grind the spices in the mortar yourself. The rich aroma and taste of the dish will delight you much more than using the same, but powdered spices.

• Meat for soup can be cooked, as a whole piece, and pre-cut into portions. In the first case, the meat is conveniently removed from the broth to filter the latter. In the second - the meat, cut into pieces, cooked much faster.

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