Delicious adjika - a great multi-dressing! Various recipes for delicious adjika gourmet

Delicious adjika - a great multi-dressing! Various recipes for delicious adjika gourmet

Adjika is considered to be a wonderful snack that will lift not only the appetite, but also the mood.

General principles of cooking delicious adjika

  • Tasty adjika should have a uniform thick consistency with the aromas of the spices from which it is made.
  • For the dish requires red, dense tomatoes, pepper, salt. Sometimes add tart-sour apples, onions. It all depends on the desired taste.
  • There are recipes in which products do not need heat treatment, respectively, do not require much time. It is only necessary to grind and mix the necessary components, roll them into jars.
  • If the vegetables used are overripe, the mass is better to boil.
  • Spices are added to the dish to give it a special taste: oregano, hop-suneli, shambala, tarragon.
  • The composition of adzhika can be different, but there is always one thing in it - spicy taste.

Tasty raw adjika without preservation


solid sweet and sour apples - 320 gr.

tomatoes of medium ripeness - 390 gr.

bitter pepper - 145 gr.

tomato paste - 48 gr.

sweet red pepper - 520 gr.

salt - to taste

garlic - 335 gr.

carrots - 340 gr.

Parsley root - 400 gr.

mustard - 115 gr.

Method of preparation

Remove the core of the apples. Cut into medium-sized slices.

Wash tomatoes. Cut into several pieces.

The pods of bitter pepper cut in half. Cut the middle with the seeds. Cut into strips.

Sweet pepper to get rid of the stem with seeds. To cut in cubes.

Remove carrots from carrots. Slice the vegetable into slices.

Ingredients to lay in a meat grinder. Grind to a pasty mass. Place in a deep container.

Add tomato paste for beauty.

Pour the vinegar. Mix.

Put mustard in the mixture. Salt To stir thoroughly.

Prepare glass jars: wash and dry. Spread tasty adjika into them.

The dish can be applied immediately or after 2 days, so that the delicious adjika is present.

Delicious adjika from zucchini


sweet pepper - 1.45 kg

zucchini - 5.35 kg

bitter pepper - 0.55 kg

chives garlic - 220 g

sour apples - 0.95 kg

Carrots - 0.87 kg

Olive oil - 280 ml

Vinegar - 115 ml

Sugar - 180 g

Salt - 95 g

Method of preparation

Bell peppers wash. Cut in the middle. Take out the grain. Grind.

Garlic rid of the husk.

Pods of bitter pepper rinse with water. Rid them of stalks and seeds. Cut into pieces.

Rinse zucchini. Cut into pieces of medium size, do not peel off.

Prepared ingredients mince several times.

Clean apples cut into 2 parts. Take out the core. Grate. Put in a bowl with chopped products.

Cut off the top of the carrot. Grate the vegetable grated. Add to mass.

Pour the vinegar. Mix.

Add butter. Salt

Pour out the specified amount of sugar.

Vegetable mass put in the pan. Put on the fire. Boil 110 minutes.

Rinse glass jars in warm water with soda. Hold for a few minutes over steam with boiling water.

Spread hot delicious adjika in them.

Add vinegar to each jar: for 0.5 l - 18 ml of the product.

Capacity cork tin lids. Put in a cold place.

Fragrant and tasty adjika with zucchini ready for use after complete cooling.

Delicious adjika with eggplants for the winter

From the provided amount of products you get 1 liter of dish.


Meaty pods of sweet pepper - 170 g

eggplants - 1.3 kg

ripe tomatoes - 570 g

hot pepper - 1 pod

garlic - 12 tooth.

granulated sugar - 48 g

vinegar - 55 ml

vegetable oil - 80 ml

salt - 26 g

Method of preparation

Remove the seeds from the pepper. Cut into large chunks.

Wash tomatoes thoroughly. To dry Cut into pieces of large size.

Chopped garlic cloves chop. Wash the hot pepper. Rid of seed bolls. Cut into slices.

Grind vegetables in a blender. Put in a large pot. Bring mass to a boil.

Add sugar. Mix.

Salt Pour the vinegar.

Add butter. To stir thoroughly.

Mass bring to a boil.

Rinse the eggplants with clean running water. Cut into slices 3 cm thick. Put in boiling vegetable mixture. Control the readiness of eggplant - the vegetable should not be too soft and slimy.

Prepare glass containers for preservation: wash the jars, sterilize. Fill with hot delicious adjika. Quickly roll up.

Turn over the containers. Put in a warm place. Cover with a thick cloth.

Delicious adjika is ready to use.

Red delicious adjika


0.85 kg of carrots;

220 ml of sunflower oil;

180 grams of sugar;

2.94 kg of ripe tomatoes;

80 g of salt;

235 g of garlic;

1.25 kg of sweet pepper;

150 grams of bitter peppers.

Method of preparation

Rinse the tomatoes with water. Cut into pieces. Cut into slices.

With a carrot remove a thin layer of peel. Cut into slices.

From sweet pepper cut partitions with seeds. Cut into strips.

Grind vegetables with a blender.

Pour oil into the mass, pour sugar.

Pour out rock salt. Mix.

Put the raw mass in the pan.

Simmer the mixture, stirring for 50 minutes.

Garlic rid of the husk. Cut into slices.

Spicy peppers from seeds and cut into rings.

Components mince. Add to mix.

Tasty adjika bring to a boil.

Expand in sterilized jars. Cork polyethylene caps.

Put the cooled dish in the fridge.

Delicious adjika with apples


Tomatoes - 3.85 kg

Bulgarian pepper - 0,9 kg

Antonovka apples - 2.1 kg

Hot pepper - 320 g

Carrots - 0.97 kg

Garlic - 460 g

Onions - 620 g

Vegetable oil - 85 ml

Salt - to taste

Method of preparation

Tomatoes meaty varieties cut into 4 parts.

The flesh of sweet pepper cut into strips. Rinse the apples. Cut the bones. Peeled halves cut into several pieces.

Peel the husks from the onions. Grind the vegetable.

Peel the carrots and garlic cloves. Chop into pieces.

Remove the stem from hot peppers. Seeds to leave.

Scroll through the ingredients through the meat grinder.

Salt to taste.

Transfer the mixture to an enamel pot.

Pour out vegetable oil.

Cook adjika for about 40 minutes, stirring constantly.

When the delicious adjika is ready, pour into clean, dry jars. Close.

The finished dish will have a sour taste. Serve with meat.

Delicious garlic adjika

For cooking adzhika should not use yellow or orange tomatoes. Vegetables of such shades will affect the color of the sauce - it will turn out pale and ugly.


Red tomatoes - 0.5 kg

Bell peppers - 2 pcs.

Garlic - head

Carrots - 240 g

Bitter peppers - 4 pcs.

Sour apples - 280 g

Salt - 3 tbsp. l

Unscented sunflower oil - 215 ml

Sugar - 110 g

Method of preparation

Peel the tomatoes.

Peel the garlic.

Extract seeds from all types of peppers.

Cut off the peel from the carrot. Vegetable cut into circles.

Take off the skin of apples. Take out the core.

Chop vegetables with a food processor.

Add sugar to the resulting mass.

Pour out the oil. Mix.

Salt the mixture. Simmer for 25 minutes.

Jars thoroughly wash. Container must be sterile.

Hot delicious adjika spread on the banks. Close the lids.

Delicious adjika - the best sauce for kebabs


1 kg of hot pepper

7 large heads of garlic

300 g fine cilantro

45 g of finely ground dill

35 g basil

155 g walnut kernels

25 grams of coriander

1 tsp. salt

18 ml of 70% vinegar

35 ml of vegetable oil

Method of preparation

Rinse thoroughly. Fold on a towel to drain. Grind with a sharp knife.

Rinse the pepper. Twist in a meat grinder. Add to container.

Add seasonings. Salt Put on a slow fire. Boil for 15 minutes. At the end of cooking, squeeze out the peeled garlic. Add vinegar.

Bring the fragrant mixture to a boil. Hot-cooked in an oven-roasted jar. Cover with boiled lids.

Put to sterilize: put all containers with delicious adjika in a large basin, pour hot water. Three-liter jar sterilize 45 minutes, liter - 20 minutes.

Screw the jars with lids. Wrap a blanket.

After complete cooling of the jar, remove to a cool place for storage. The shelf life of delicious adzhika is one and a half years.

Delicious adjika - a classic recipe


hot peppers - 4.8 kg

garlic cloves - 0.45 kg

coriander - 220 g

sea ​​salt - 850 g

Zira - 36 g

ucho-suneli - 36 g

Method of preparation

Pepper spread out on a paper towel.

Dry for 2 days.

Grind coriander.

Brush your hands with oil. Wear rubber gloves.

Rinse the pepper thoroughly. Cut. Remove the seeds and partitions.

Peel the garlic.

Ingredients chopped in a combine. Mix the mixture with coriander.

Add cumin, ucho-suneli and salt. Mix.

Ready adjika to shift in the banks sterilized over the steam. Screw caps.

Store adjika in a cool place.

Serve with first courses, stews, salads.

Delicious adjika with a green ting


basil - 1 bundle.

walnut oil - 40 ml

mint - 20 g

parsley - 4 bunch.

dill and cilantro - 2 puff.

young garlic teeth - 35 pcs.

fresh hot pepper - 270 g

salt - 45 g

Method of preparation

Wash the herbs.

Remove husks from garlic.

Cut off the tails of pepper.

Prepared ingredients grind in a blender.

Add butter and salt. Mix well.

Rinse small jars.

Spread the adjika into prepared containers.

Store the dish prepared in this way in the refrigerator.

Delicious adjika - subtleties and secrets

  • Watery tomato varieties will affect the consistency of the dish - it will be watery, although it will not affect the taste.
  • To keep the delicious adjika for a long time, the jars must be rolled up with metal lids. If nylon covers are used, vegetable paste is best stored in the refrigerator.
  • Spice and spice seeds can be ignited in a griddle or oven. Then the flavor of the dish will be more saturated. Ingredients should be laid out on a heated surface and gradually increase the temperature. The ingredients will give adjika a rich flavor.
  • It is advisable to slightly pepper the pepper so that a large amount of excess moisture does not form in the mass.
  • If the vegetable mixture is placed in jars hot, and the lid is poured with a small amount of vinegar, the rolled vegetable mass will not deteriorate even at room temperature.
  • In the preparation of adzhika, the contact of red pepper and metal surfaces should be avoided, since an oxidation process can occur. Because of this, the taste of the dish will deteriorate.
  • If the main ingredients are tomatoes and sour apples, the mass can not be sterilized. The shelf life of such adzhika will not exceed 2-2.5 months. It will have to decompose into sterile jars, close the caps of nylon, put in the refrigerator.
  • Freshly prepared red adjika is served with baked or roasted meat. Also, the mixture is added to vegetable dishes.
  • Adjika can be used to lubricate a bird before baking. Vegetable mixture with spices contributes to the appearance of fragrant and golden brown.
  • The garlic used should be purple.
  • It is better to grind spices with a coffee grinder, but not to dust.
  • For cooking adzhika it is better to use coarse, even sea salt without various additives.
  • Spicy tasty adjika goes well with chabrom, bay leaf, marjoram and saffron.
  • All products must be ground to a paste.
  • Peppers should be thoroughly cleaned of seeds, otherwise the dish will be too sharp.
  • If vegetables are stewed in an enamel bowl, it is recommended to use a flame splitter
  • Green delicious adjika has a mild flavor. It should be added to the stew of poultry, fish, sauces. This dish goes well with eggplant and squash caviar.
  • Bulgarian pepper must be ripe and fleshy inside. The more ripe the vegetable, the less bitterness in it.
  • When boiling the mass must be constantly stirring so that it does not burn.
  • Vegetables should be cut into pieces that fit in the mouth of the meat grinder.
  • Pungently acute adjika can be used by people with perfect health.
  • To soften the taste of the hot mixture, replace the hot pepper with paprika.
  • Raw, tasty adjika that does not require preservation is a source of vitamins. The constituent products are not thermally processed, therefore substances important for the human body are retained.
  • Vegetable mix should be well salted. Salt helps to keep food as long as possible and does not allow them to sour.
  • For grinding components use a meat grinder, food processor or blender.
  • To make the dish have a sharp taste, you need to add hot peppers. Otherwise, the delicious adjika will be spicy without much spice.
  • Vegetable paste will acquire a viscous consistency if you add blue fenugreek.
  • If the delicious adjika is very spicy, you can add carrots. Vegetable can soften the sharpness.
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