Chicken soup with egg - a dish for mood and health! Different recipes for chicken soups with eggs and vegetables, mushrooms, cereals

Chicken soup with egg - a dish for mood and health! Different recipes for chicken soups with eggs and vegetables, mushrooms, cereals

Soups with eggs - it is not only tasty, but also very useful.

The first dishes are nutritious and further enriched with protein. Particularly successful are chicken soups with eggs.

They can be prepared with the addition of a variety of ingredients. Here are the best recipes that will help diversify the daily diet.

Chicken Egg Soup - General Cooking Principles

Broth. For chicken soup with eggs, you can use absolutely any part of the bird, lay the whole carcass, half, you can just take a set for the soup. The bird is filled with cold water and boiled until ready. You can also use smoked products: chicken legs, breasts, wings, in which case the dish will get a pleasant smoke aroma.

Eggs. You can lay in the first dish in boiled or raw. Sometimes they are cut into cubes, slices, or just halved and put directly into the plate when serving. There are recipes for first courses with poached eggs, which are also boiled separately. You should not try to cook them in the soup, you can spoil the dish.

Vegetables and mushrooms. Stacked according to recipe. Potatoes are put raw, cut into cubes or strips. Onions and carrots can be pre-fry in a pan or also lay in raw. Mushrooms can be fried, boiled. If canned foods are used, the marinade is poured and the product is immediately sent to the pan, no pretreatment is needed.

Greens and spices are added at their discretion. If something in the recipe does not match your taste, then this ingredient can always be deleted or replaced by another.

Recipe 1: Cream Chicken Poached Egg Soup

French poached eggs can be used not only for breakfast. They can be a great addition to the first dish. In addition to products, for mashing chicken soup with eggs, you will need a blender.


• 300 grams of chicken;

• 1.5 liters of water;

• 500 grams of potatoes;

• onion;

• butter;

• 150 ml of cream, better than fat; • 4 eggs;

• greenery;

• vinegar.


1. Cook the broth from the chicken, remove the meat, cut into small pieces, put in a bowl.

2. Add salt, chopped small potatoes, cook until soft.

3. Shred the onion, fry in oil. We send to the soup as soon as the potatoes are cooked. Turn off and cool slightly.

4. Grind the soup in a puree using a blender, pour in the cream and warm it up.

5. In a separate saucepan, pour a liter of water, add a pile of vinegar 9%, put on the stove.

6. Break eggs into different bowls.

7. As soon as the water boils, we twirl the funnel with a spoon and pour the egg into the center. We are waiting for 2 minutes, then remove. We do this with every egg.

8. Pour into a bowl of cream soup, put chicken meat, egg. Season with greens and sprinkle with black pepper.

Recipe 2: Chicken Rice Soup with Egg and Dumpling

Easy, simple and delicious recipe for chicken soup with egg. It can be done in two ways: lay the eggs immediately in a saucepan or when serving in a plate. The second method is more convenient, since the pieces do not lose their shape, the yolk does not break up and the dish looks prettier.


• half chicken;

• 5 eggs;

• 2 potatoes;

• 2-2.5 liters of water;

• carrot;

• half a cup of rice;

• onion;

• butter;

• spices.


1. Boil the chicken until cooked, we hear out of the broth and divide into portions.

2. Clean the potatoes, cut and send to the broth, do not forget to salt.

3. We wash the rice several times, send it to the saucepan with the already boiled potatoes.

4. Cut the onion into cubes, chop the carrots and fry the vegetables in a frying pan.

5. Boil hard boiled eggs, cool. Then clean from the shell, cut into small cube.

6. As soon as the rice is cooked and the potatoes are soft, lay the carrot roast with onion. Add spices.

7. Put a piece of boiled chicken, chopped egg in a plate and fill with rice soup. You can sprinkle with herbs.

Recipe 3: Chicken Soup with Egg and Noodles

The advantage of this chicken egg soup is that they do not need to be cooked separately. We use the usual vermicelli, but at will, you can take any pasta, adding cooking time. Ingredients

• 300-500 grams of chicken;

• 3 tablespoons of vermicelli;

• 6 potatoes;

• carrot and onion;

• fat for frying;

• 2 eggs;

• spices.


1. Chicken cut into pieces, pour three liters of water and set to boil for 40 minutes, do not forget to remove the foam when boiling, salt it at the end.

2. Add chopped potatoes. You can make cubes, but the straw looks more beautiful with noodles.

3. Fry carrots and onions in a pan with any fat or oil.

4. As soon as the potatoes are cooked, start roasting, stir and pour the noodles.

5. Separately, break both eggs into a bowl, beat with a fork until smooth and gently pour into the saucepan, never ceasing to interfere with the second hand. Turn off the stove.

6. Insist 10 minutes, served with fresh herbs.

Recipe 4: Chicken Soup with Egg and Processed Cheesecakes

Melted cheese and egg - a wonderful combination that can be combined in a chicken soup. The dish turns out saturated, with a pleasant creamy taste. We use the usual cheese curds in foil.


• half a kilo of chicken;

• 4 eggs;

• 2 cheese;

• 100 gr. cream;

• 4 potatoes;

• one onion;

• spices, dill.


1. Cook the broth with two liters of water until the meat is soft. We salt. If used half carcass, then you need to disassemble into pieces.

2. We clean the potatoes, cut into small cubes and send in soup.

3. Onion also free from the husk, cut finely. Now, if desired, you can just run into the pan after the potatoes or fry in a pan in oil. We do as convenient.

4. Cut the cheese into cubes and send it to the saucepan with cooked potatoes. If roasted from onions, then add to the pan.

5. Beat eggs with cream with a fork, pour it into soup, stir continuously.

6. Add the chopped dill, bring to a boil and turn off.

Recipe 5: Smoked Egg Chicken Soup

A special feature of cooking this chicken soup with egg is smoked wings, giving the dish an unmatched aroma and taste. Cooking soup is very fast, literally half an hour. For density, add a little thin vermicelli - cobwebs. But if you wish, you can do without it. Ingredients

• 6 wings;

• 3 potatoes;

• 50 grams of vermicelli;

• Eggs, number by number of servings;

• butter;

• onion;

• spices.


1. Pour 2 liters of water into the saucepan, put the wings and put them on the stove. You can use boiling water immediately, it will be faster.

2. We clean the potatoes, cut them into small cubes and run into the soup. We salt.

3. Boil eggs separately.

4. Onions clean, cut and fry until golden brown.

5. As soon as the potatoes are cooked, lay the roast, add the noodles and bring to a boil.

6. Clean the boiled eggs, cut it in half, then another two parts and put in a plate. Fill with hot soup, not forgetting to put a wing and you can eat!

Recipe 6: Chicken Soup with Egg and Sorrel

This first dish is sometimes called green soup or borscht. Awesome summer option for a light lunch. Although, now you can buy greens all year round and sorrel chicken egg soup can delight with summer taste in the winter season.


• 4 potatoes;

• 300 grams of sorrel;

• half a kilo of chicken;

• onion;

• carrot;

• greenery;

• eggs by the number of eaters.


1. Wash the meat, prepare the broth with the addition of 2.5 liters of water. Then we get the chicken, cool it and cut the meat into cubes. You can run it back in the pan or put it on the plate. Salt broth.

2. We clean all the vegetables, cut the potatoes into strips, send them to the soup.

3. We cut carrots and onions randomly, fry them in oil and leave to wait in the wings.

4. Boil eggs in a separate saucepan.

5. Sorrel leaves are sorted, washed and cut. Also grind greens. As soon as the potatoes are soft, put everything in the pan.

6. Put the onion and carrot roast. Give boil and turn off.

7. We cut an egg in each plate, fill it with green soup and put a spoonful of sour cream.

Also this soup can be cooked a little differently. Raw eggs are broken into a bowl, stirred with a fork and trickled into boiling soup. We need to do this at the stage of adding and boiling sorrel, stir, add roasting and chopped greens.

Recipe 7: Chicken Soup with Egg, Corn and Green Peas

Very bright and cheerful chicken soup with eggs and canned vegetables. But if you want you can use frozen corn and the same green peas. Soup without potatoes, great for diet food. We take the standard cans of corn and peas 400 grams.


• Corn Bank;

• half chicken;

• pot of peas;

• 4 eggs;

• 200 grams of carrots;

• green onions;

• parsley;

• spices.


1. Wash the meat and cook the broth by adding 2.5 liters of liquid. As soon as the meat is cooked, remove it, separate it from the bones and throw it back into the broth. Soup salt.

2. Clean the carrots, cut into cubes and send to the soup. Cook for 10 minutes.

3. Separately, we boil eggs.

4. Open the jars of corn and peas, pour the marinade and send everything to the pan to the carrots with chicken. Cook another 5 minutes.

5. Grind the parsley, run into the soup. To taste we add more salt, add black pepper, boil for a few seconds and immediately turn off.

6. Cut the boiled and peeled eggs, chop the green onions, lay out on plates. Fill with soup and serve.

Recipe 8: Chicken Soup with Egg and Pickled Mushrooms

For cooking this chicken soup with eggs, you can use any pickled mushrooms, but it is especially beautiful with mushrooms, as they do not require chopping and are laid entirely.


• 400 grams of chicken fillet;

• onion;

• butter;

• 3 eggs;

• 200 grams of mushrooms;

• 3 potatoes;

• parsley, salt.


1. Cut the fillet into strips, fry in a pan.

2. Cut the peeled onion cube and ship to the chicken. Fry together and shift to the pan.

3. Fill with two liters of boiling water, cook for 5 minutes.

4. Cut cubed potatoes, send into a saucepan and cook until soft.

5. Wash the mushrooms, decant all the water. Large specimens cut.

6. Send the mushrooms into the pot, boil for 5 minutes.

7. Separately cook eggs, clean, separate the yolks from proteins. Pound the yolks with a fork, add a little broth from the pan and stir well. Pour into the soup. 8. Squirrels simply cut into cubes and run into the pan. Try the soup with salt, fill with chopped parsley, let it boil and turn it off.

Chicken Egg Soup - Tips and Tricks

• Each new soup ingredient is put into the pan only after the previous one is boiling. Also, do not put all together, otherwise one product will digest, and the other will remain raw. The exception is cooking the first dishes in a slow cooker.

• To keep the pieces of food in shape, and the broth was clear, do not allow the soup to boil intensely. Boil need to simmer. After laying the product, we give the new ingredient to boil and immediately reduce.

• To check whether the egg is fresh or not, place it in a container with water. A fresh egg will surely sink to the bottom. Not very fresh, but still usable will float in the middle, and the rotten product will immediately pop up.

• To determine whether a boiled or raw egg is in front of you, unwind it on the table, like a eagle. Boiled will rotate quickly and for a long time, and if it is raw, it will quickly stop.

• The special taste and aroma of chicken soup with eggs will be given by roasting vegetables, made in butter or ghee. On the surface of the first dish appears golden fat.

• If garlic is used in a recipe, then it is better to lay it at the very end, as in the digested form it gives the dish a not very pleasant taste. You can also fry it in a pan with onions and carrots.

• The soup will be beautiful and harmonious if you cut all the ingredients into slices of the same shape.

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