Three options for borscht with beef are in step-by-step recipes. Secrets of South Russian, Ukrainian and Cossack Cuisine: Borsch with Beef (step by step)

Three options for borscht with beef are in step-by-step recipes. Secrets of South Russian, Ukrainian and Cossack Cuisine: Borsch with Beef (step by step)

South Slavic cuisine is also unthinkable without borscht, like Russian cuisine without soup. Cooking options - weight, in each locality and in each house - own recipe.

The main technological stages of cooking borsch with beef remain unchanged. In step-by-step recipes, the similarities and differences in the preparation of the first dish are clearly visible, and you can track where you need to strictly adhere to technology, and where you can take creative initiative.

Borsch with beef: a step-by-step recipe and basic technological principles

The main points of cooking borscht are similar to cooking soup. But in the technology of "related" dishes there are three fundamental differences:

Borscht is different from the presence of beet in the composition of the ingredients, which is added to the dish in raw or stewed form, in the ready broth or during its preparation.

As part of sour dressing for borscht, an essential component is tomatoes. The exception is green borsch from sorrel.

In contrast to the classic soup, which includes sauerkraut, classic borscht is prepared only from fresh white cabbage.

The taste of any first course largely determines the meat broth, and in this soup and borscht are fundamentally the same.

The traditional technology of the first dishes in Russian cuisine includes the addition of herbs and roots in the process of boiling broth, at the initial stage of cooking, and before it ends.

The remaining details about cooking borscht with beef are in step-by-step recipes. Please note that the recipes give approximate norms for the bookmark of products, so you need to be guided by observing the same proportion of liquid and solid ingredients in the finished dish. Borsch is a folk dish, and French rigor does not apply to its preparation. Feel free to change the rules of bookmark products to your liking, but do not forget about the sense of proportion

1. Classic South Russian (Don) borsch with beef - a step by step recipe


Bone set, beef 1.0-1.5 kg

Brisket veal 900 g

Water 4.5 L

Spicy bouillon dressing:


Parsley root


Allspice and black pepper (peas)

Bay leaf

Celery root

For borscht:

Beet table 150-200 g

Potatoes 0.6 kg

White cabbage 800 g

Pepper fresh, sweet and spicy to taste

Dill and parsley (fresh greens) 1 bunch

Ground pepper


For refueling:

Tomato paste 100 g

Onion 250-300 g

Carrots 200 g

Fat 90-120 g

For serving: sour cream


• Wash meat and bone set. Meat is desirable to soak in cold water, a couple of hours. Bones can be immediately folded into a saucepan, pour cold water and cook for about an hour, removing the foam. Then remove the bones from the pan, and place the flesh in a piece. Brisket should boil. Remove the foam again and add the spicy roots, bay leaf and peppercorns. Boil the meat until soft, then remove from the pan and temporarily place it on the dish.

There is a second option for preparing beef broth: put the washed bones with the roots on a baking tray with pieces of peeled roots and bake in the oven at 180 ° C until brown. Do not forget to periodically turn over so that the bones are not burnt. Put the bones in the pan, put the pulp on top, cover with cold water. Let boil, remove the foam and put another portion of fresh roots. When the meat is soft, put it in a plate and strain the broth.

• Broth is ready, and you can start cooking borscht. Next - preliminary preparation of beets. Wash the root crop, peel and chop thin straws - it is important that the beets are boiled and brightened faster, and the potatoes that will go to the pan after the beets do not turn red. Throw the chopped beets into boiling broth, reduce the heat and boil until the liquid is golden again. Beets can also be prepared in another way. After peeling and peeling it, stew in a pan, adding a little vegetable oil and broth from the pan. You can simply fry the shredded root slightly, adding a spoonful of sugar to taste. You do not need to add any sour ingredients, vinegar or citric acid, when cooking and roasting beets, because the beets will not lighten this technique anyway, and the presence of acid in the broth will not have a good effect on the cooking of potatoes and its taste.

• Beets are cooked for a long time. During this time, you can manage to prepare the remaining ingredients for borscht. Peel potatoes, onions and carrots for dressing, chop cabbage, pepper, chop spicy greens. Cut potatoes into medium cubes or bars. Grate the carrots and chop the onion into small cubes.

• Put the prepared potatoes into the clarified broth. Boil until soft.

• In a heated pan, melt pork fat, or heat the vegetable oil - choose your option for making a dressing, but take note: each of the selected fats will give the borscht a difference in taste - filling in pig oil and in vegetable oil is, in fact, two different recipe for borscht.

• Pass the carrot until soft, add the chopped onion, stew for 2-3 minutes.

If desired, flour can be added to the browned vegetables to thicken. But in this case the soup will not be transparent. As a rule, flour during the passage of vegetables is added to vegetable broths for vegetable borscht. The addition of toasted flour adds richness to the lean broth and a peculiar nutty flavor. Flour Zabelka - technological reception, which came from the old Russian cuisine. Now it is used mainly in folk Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, especially in rural areas.

• Pick out 200-300 ml of broth from the pan, and dissolve the tomato paste. Pour into pan, to browned vegetables. Extinguish until the color of the dressing turns dark red and the liquid is almost evaporated. Put the tomato dressing in the pan, and bring the whole mass to a boil again. If juice is used instead of tomato paste, then it is not necessary to dilute it with broth. Stew vegetables in this case should also be to a thick consistency.

• After adding the tomato dressing, put the cabbage, chopped into thin strips, fresh pepper, parsley and dill in a saucepan.

• Now you have to try borsch, add salt, ground spices, bring to a boil and immediately remove the pan from the stove.

• After half an hour, you can serve the present borscht by putting a piece of boiled bacon in the plates, seasoned with sour cream.

2. Green borsch with beef is a step by step recipe. Ukrainian cuisine


Beef meat and bone set 1 kg

Pork neck 900 g

Bay leaf



A mixture of peppers (peas)

Parsley and / or celery root

Water 4 l

Potatoes, peeled 800 g

Young sorrel (leaves) 1 kg

Beet 200 g

Boiled eggs 10 pcs.

Dill, parsley 150 g

For refueling:

Salty salted pork fat 200 g

Onions 250 g

Spice salt


• Wash meat, soak in water. First place the beef in a saucepan, cover with water, and cook for about half an hour, removing the foam. Add pork. When the meat boils, again remove the foam, and put the spicy roots, carrots and onions whole. Boil the meat until tender, adding a few minutes before the end of the cooking, bay leaf and peppercorns.

• Strain the broth and return to the pan. Let it boil.

• Sort the meat, remove the bones, and cut the flesh into pieces and return to the pan.

• Peel the beets, grate on a large grater and put in the boiling broth. Cook on low heat for about 30–40 minutes. During this time, the beets should discolor and the broth will turn bright yellow or orange.

• Cut the peeled potatoes into medium-sized cubes and dip them into the pan only after the beets have boiled down.

• Fat and onions cut into small cubes and put in a mortar, grind to a pasty consistency. If you do not have enough patience for such an operation, use a blender. Put the finished dressing in the pan. • Check the readiness of the potatoes. If it is soft, add salt and spices to taste.

• Go through the sorrel, cut, add to the soup, but only after the potatoes are ready.

• Immediately after sorrel, put the peeled and chopped eggs, chopped dill and parsley. You can put sorrel, eggs and spicy greens in borsch together, simultaneously. After a couple of minutes, from the beginning of the boil, remove the pan from the heat.

• Let the soup stand and serve with sour cream or mayonnaise.

3. Green borsch with beef - a step by step recipe (second method)


Beef broth 3 l

Low-fat pork 0.8 kg

Fat 150 g

Onion 300 g

Tomato puree 150 g

Beet 150 g

Sugar 30g

Potatoes 600 g (net)

Sorrel, canned 0.5 L

Boiled eggs 1 pc. per serving

Spice salt

Sour cream and chopped greens - to serve

Cooking Technology:

• Finely peel the cleaned beets, put them into boiling broth, cook until they are completely brightened over low heat.

• Wash pork, cut into portioned cubes, add to boiling broth, along with beetroot. Meat will not turn red, and cooking time can be significantly reduced.

• While the beets and meat are being cooked, cut the bacon, very finely, and melt the fat in a heated frying pan.

• Remove the roasted fried pieces, and put the finely chopped onion into the melted fat. Fry it to a ruddy color.

• Add tomato puree and sugar to the dressing. Extinguish the dressing for five minutes.

• In the clarified broth, after the beets are ready, put the potatoes, cut into cubes. Boil it until tender.

• If canned sorrel is without salt, then borsch after boiling potatoes can be salted and seasoned with ground spices.

• Add tomato dressing, chopped greens and sorrel at the same time. Bring the borsch to a boil and remove from the stove.

• Peel the eggs, cut them in half and put two halves in each portion, serve with sour cream.

Borsch with beef - step-by-step recipes and helpful tips

There are dozens of varieties of table beet, and in order to cook a borscht quickly, you need to know a little about them. Varieties of the type "Bordeaux" have the most intense burgundy color, without light rings on the cut. Such beets are an ideal variety for salads and vinaigrettes, as well as stewed caviar, desserts. For borscht, just, it is necessary to choose the type of “Boltardi”, which has a less intense maroon color, but is not inferior in taste to salad varieties. Such beets are digested faster and saves more vitamins.

Try to choose medium-sized root vegetables, since large-sized beets have coarser fibers, cook for a long time, and are less tasty.

For green borscht, leafy varieties of beets - chard are used, but you can replace them with young leaves of table varieties. These leaves are cut for cooking before coarse fibers appear, as in sorrel leaves.

When cooking borscht, try to take into account that the amount of water noticeably decreases in the process of cooking broth and boiling beetroot, and adding raw water is highly undesirable. Water is evaporated by about 20-25% by the time the broth and beets are ready. If you make a mistake with the norm of liquid, then add boiling water, and better - prepared in advance meat or vegetable broth, also brought to a boil.

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