Borsch with chicken - step-by-step recipes of the traditional first course. How to cook red or green borsch with chicken (step by step)

Borsch with chicken - step-by-step recipes of the traditional first course. How to cook red or green borsch with chicken (step by step)

Homemade borscht cooked with chicken or in a broth made from it is light, fragrant and no less tasty than traditional pork on fat pork. The use of chicken greatly accelerates the process, since it needs to be cooked less than meat pieces. Dietary poultry meat reduces the calorie content of the dish, and if it is cooked with breast and without roasting, the amount of calories will be minimized.

In the collection collected repeatedly proven step-by-step recipes for borscht with chicken. Here there are recipes not only red, traditionally belonging to the Ukrainian cuisine, borscht, but also the Russian version of this dish of nettle (green borscht).

General principles of cooking borscht with chicken using step-by-step recipes

• Borsch from chicken does not have to be cooked on chicken broth, often chicken is added to a practically cooked meat dish. In this case, the chicken serves exactly the meat component.

• Broth is the basis on which the taste of borscht and its appearance largely depend. To make the dish really tasty you need to pick the right pieces of meat and cook it correctly.

• To get rich chicken broth is better to take poultry. From the purchased boiler it is not less tasty, but not so concentrated. You can use any part of the carcass. Experienced cooks advise to cook the broth from the meat pieces with bones. These can be legs, thighs, whole legs, quarters or halves of a bird. You can also use soup sets consisting of wings, backs, bird necks. In such pieces there are a lot of bones and cartilage, containing substances without which you can not cook a rich flavored broth. The meat in them is relatively small, therefore, it is recommended to add breast fillets to the dish.

• For meat broth, tubular or vertebral bones should be taken from animals with the least amount of meat, or without it at all. Chicken in this case, boil separately, the broth is not mixed. Chicken broth is left and used for other dishes. For the purpose of long-term storage, it can even be frozen. • Borscht are of two types: red and green. A standard set of vegetables for anyone is onions, potatoes and carrots. Red borsch is cooked with cabbage, beetroot and tomato paste. Green can be attributed to the seasonal dish, as according to tradition it is customary to cook it with nettles and fresh tomatoes. Nettle can be replaced with sorrel, with freezing or canning it will make green borsch at any time of the year. In this case, fresh tomatoes are replaced with tomato juice or paste.

• Before cooking broth for borscht with chicken using step-by-step recipes, thoroughly wash the meat pieces with cool water. Sometimes it is recommended to soak the bird for half an hour, in order to remove residual blood from its meat. It is not necessary and even undesirable to do this, since a significant portion of valuable substances may be released into the water.

• Fill meat pieces with cold water only. Do not use running water, directly from the tap, pass it through the filter first. While warming up, the meat protein tends to roll up and rise to the surface of the broth in the form of foam, which occurs during boiling. At this time, you need to constantly monitor the broth and timely completely remove the foam from it. In time, the pod or its remnants are not cleaned, when boiled they will mix with the broth and settle on the bottom with flakes, the broth will turn out to be muddy, which will affect the appearance of the borscht. After boiling, reduce the heat to medium and cook, cover with a lid, not allowing the broth to boil excessively.

• Vegetables are laid in a certain sequence, taking into account the time to bring them to readiness. As a rule, potatoes go first, and cabbage is about 5 minutes after it. Nettle or sorrel is added when the potato is almost ready. Of carrots, beets and onions, in almost all cases, prepare roasting with the addition of tomato or fresh tomatoes. In the diet version of red borscht with chicken, a step-by-step recipe of which is below, they are added without browning.

• Borscht with chicken, step-by-step recipes of which are described in detail in the article can be served with sour cream or mayonnaise. Sour cream is a more tender dressing, but this is a matter of taste. In Ukrainian cuisine, red borscht is usually served with garlic dumplings or croutons, richly grated garlic. Chicken borsch with beets, is no exception. Green is better to draw halves of hard-boiled eggs and greens.

Red chicken borsch: recipe step by step with tomato and fresh tomato

Step-by-step recipe for red borscht with chicken differs little from the classic version. A rich broth is prepared from chicken, into which cabbage and potatoes are placed. The borscht is dressed with browned vegetables with the addition of tomato paste. For a more delicate tomato flavor and light acidity, a fresh tomato is added to the roast.


• selected chicken legs - 600 gr .;

• two beets;

• eight small potatoes;

• one carrot;

• garlic;

• a pound of white cabbage;

• bitter onion head;

• two spoons of tomato paste;

• one tomato;

• two spoons of quality, only sunflower, oil.


1. Carefully wash the legs. With the lower cartilage on the leg we remove the horny, yellow skin. Cut the gland from the wedge-shaped tail, fold the legs into a large saucepan. Fill with three liters of drinking, well-filtered water and set to an intense fire. As soon as the meat warms up, coagulated protein begins to float to the surface, it must be constantly removed. If this is not done, when boiling the foam mixes with the broth, it will become cloudy and the borscht will lose not only the taste, but also the look.

2. After removing all the foam and waiting for intense boiling, we set the heating slightly below average. Cover with a lid, cook the chicken until ready, about 45 minutes.

3. While the broth will be prepared, it’s time to process the vegetables - we clean them and wash them well. Then take a grater with large holes, chop it first carrots, and after the beets. Onion cut into small, square slices, small chop the garlic. Shred cabbage short, narrow straw. We cut the potatoes large, usually into cubes or slices, put them in a bowl, fill with cold water. Do not leave the potatoes without water, it can darken! We put the tomato for a minute in boiling water, remove the skin from it and cut the flesh into very small cubes.

4. Having adjusted average heating, we place a thick-walled frying pan on the hob. Warming up slightly, pour oil into it and give it a little time to warm up. In a hot, non-boiling fat spread onions with garlic. Fry, stirring regularly, until a pleasant amber shade appears. Add to the onions, beets and carrots, fry everything together until soft. Put tomato paste and chopped tomato flesh to vegetables. Mix well, simmer for five minutes. Sprinkle the vegetable roast with flour, mix it thoroughly, heat up the borscht dressing for another five minutes, and remove from the stove. 5. Check the chicken legs. Gently shift the meat from the bone, if it separates well - put the chicken in a bowl. Slightly cool and, removing the meat from the bones, return it back to the pan.

6. In a pot of boiling chicken broth dipped cabbage. Cook, not allowing to boil violently, for five minutes, put the potatoes in the pan. About a quarter of an hour later, when the potatoes are soft, but still not ready, we put the roast in the pan. We bring borsch to readiness with a small fire. At this stage it is important not to let boil, then the soup will have a rich color.

Dietary red borscht with chicken: recipe step by step from the breast with beets without roasting

Step-by-step recipe for dietary borscht from chicken. Reducing caloric content is achieved using poultry meat - chicken fillet, and this is facilitated by the lack of roasting. Vegetables are added in shredded form during cooking.


• two medium sized chicken breast fillets;

• a glass of white beans;

• one carrot;

• 300 gr. potatoes;

• beets - three small roots;

• one onion;

• fresh cabbage;

• one fruit of bell pepper;

• three small tomatoes;

• fresh dill - five twigs.


1. Beans are added to the soup already boiled. The time to bring the breast to readiness is significantly less than that of beans. Therefore, before you start cooking borscht, you need to prepare the beans. Pour the beans into the pan, rinse, then pour cool water to them and bring to a boil. After that, cover with a lid, set the average heat. After waiting for about a minute, lift the lid to check the intensity of boiling. The water should only worry a little, then the beans will not burst during cooking. After adjusting the heating level, cook the beans until done. It can take from one and a half to two hours. To shorten the time, it is recommended to soak the beans in water beforehand. It is best done in the evening. If the room is hot, a bowl of beans is removed in the refrigerator, otherwise the water can ferment.

2. When the beans are almost ready, we start cooking broth for borscht. We wash the breast fillet with cool water and, strictly across the fibers, cut into centimeter thick slices. Fold the chicken into a 4-liter pot, fill it with 3/4 of water, put it on the fire. Without waiting for the boil, remove in the surface of the broth coagulated protein in the foam. Add the whole beetroot, cook until soft, about half an hour. 3. Peel the onions, potatoes and carrots. We rinse the vegetables, chop onions, cut the potatoes into cubes, and carrots with a thin straw. After freeing the seeds from the pepper, cut the flesh into small slices. Small shred cabbage, try to make straw short and thin. Scald tomatoes with boiling water, remove the peel and cut the flesh into cubes.

4. Check the readiness of beets. When piercing with a sharp object, he should freely enter it. We take the ready-made beetroot from the broth, cool it and rub it with a large grater - so it will give the color better.

5. Put the cabbage and potatoes in the broth. Add the Bulgarian pepper, boiled beans at this point, along with the broth, tomatoes and beets. Cook on low heat until the potatoes are soft.

6. Melenko chop dill and fill them soup at the very end. Bringing to a boil, remove the pan from the stove. For the aroma, you can add a little garlic, chopped with a fine grater, along with dill.

Green borsch with chicken: recipe step by step with nettle on bone broth

Step-by-step recipe for green borscht with chicken - a traditional dish of Russian cuisine. Cabbage is not used, it is replaced with nettle or sorrel. In order to not burn hands while working with nettle, it is scalded with boiling water. Vegetable dressing for borscht cooked with fresh tomatoes, if necessary or if desired, you can apply tomato paste or juice.


• a large bunch of fresh garden nettle;

• chicken breast fillet;

• 450 gr. beef or pork on the bone;

• four large potatoes;

• one carrot;

• one green bell pepper;

• bitter onion head;

• large fleshy tomato;

• young arrows of garlic - 4 pcs .;

• two boiled eggs;

• a bunch of parsley, curly.


1. We wash all the meat. Place the beef in a spacious pan, fillet in a smaller container. Bone fill with two liters of water, and chicken so that it covers two centimeters. According to all the rules, prepare the broth, removing the foam in a timely manner. Cook the beef on low heat under the lid for an hour and a half, fillet for at least half an hour. We do not get the finished fillet from the broth to the right moment, but cool it in it. 2. Prepare vegetables, cook eggs. So that when working nettle does not burn hands, we spread it in a colander, scalded with boiling water.

3. Cooking roast. Heat two tablespoons of vegetable oil in a frying pan. Grind coarsely chopped carrots and send it to the frying pan. Small cubes cut the pulp of the Bulgarian pepper and onions. We lay out to carrots, when it softens enough. Simmer vegetables in a lid on medium heat for at least five minutes. Cut the tomato into small pieces, send the slices to the browned vegetables, cook another three minutes.

4. When the beef broth is ready, remove the meat from it, separate it from the bones and put it back into the pan. Chicken fillet cooled by this time is also taken out of the broth. Having disassembled the fibers into portions, lay out to the beef, bring to a boil.

5. Cut potatoes into small cubes, dip them into boiling broth, reduce fire a little. Cook until softened.

6. We cut the nettle with thin strips, put it in borsch, when the potatoes are soft. After nettle we send roasting and small sliced ​​arrows of garlic. We continue to cook until potatoes are ready. Sprinkle with parsley and let the soup stand for a while.

7. We cut boiled eggs lengthwise into four parts and decorate borsch already spilled on plates. You can finely crumble the eggs and add them to the pan along with the parsley.

Tricks of cooking borscht with chicken by step-by-step recipes - tips from experienced chefs

• Eat a base for borsch with underwire, and boil the chicken separately, do not mix the broths, otherwise the soup will be cloudy. In addition, it can quickly deteriorate.

• For red borscht, choose a small beetroot. These are the roots most often darker and sweeter in taste. If you take light beets or with white veins, the borscht will not have a rich color and may turn out to be tasteless.

• Red chicken borscht is in good harmony with garlic. If you like the spice, add more garlic - in a 3-liter saucepan, 5 minutes before readiness, press 3-4 teeth with a press. For the flavor, with garlic, you can add finely chopped fresh dill (2 tbsp. L.) Or a small pinch of dried greens. • Let the prepared chicken borscht stand for a while so that all the flavors merge together and create a harmonious composition; the borscht will become even more delicious from this. It is believed that the real, ready-to-serve borscht is the one that infused for at least a day.

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