Unleavened dough - the best recipes. How to cook yeast-free dough.

Unleavened dough - the best recipes. How to cook yeast-free dough.

Do you have a little time to prepare, or do you just not like the smell of yeast? Then use a few unleavened dough recipes.

Obtained in an appropriate way, it can be cooked, roasted, baked in the oven. For dumplings, ravioli and noodles prepare the dough in water or milk.

For fluffy pies and pies, use dough on soda, quenched with acid. Fresh dough for baking is prepared mainly on sour cream or with the addition of fat (butter, margarine, vegetable oil). It is so harmoniously combined with various fillings that it is simply impossible to list all the products.

Excellent yeast pasties, belyashes, fried pies, pizza are made from yeast-free dough, baked cakes and vertuts are baked in the oven.

Unleavened dough - general principles and methods of cooking

It would seem that without a yeast, the cake cannot become soft and fluffy. In fact, it is possible, moreover, simply and quickly. A minimum of products - and the dough is prepared on vegetable or butter, sour cream, kefir and even beer. Most often it is used for savory pies and with fillings. Confectionery products from unleavened dough (shortbread, custard, biscuit, puff, sweet unleavened) are prepared with the addition of animal fats.

Recipe 1: Unleavened Pizza Dough

Unleavened dough - the best recipes. How to cook yeast-free dough.

This dough is used to make pizza in a rustic, large size, cooked in rectangular forms. The filling is prepared separately in a pan, and then everything is placed under the grill.

Ingredients: flour (2, 5 cups (leave a little for rolling), eggs (2 pcs), milk (1/2 cup), vegetable oil (preferably olive, 1 tsp), salt.

Method of preparation

Mix the flour with salt and sift on a work surface. In the center of the hill make a depression, “well”. Separately stir the eggs with preheated milk, add olive oil and slowly pour in the well, gently stirring. The mixture should be absorbed into the flour. Knead dough, pouring a little flour. When the dough becomes elastic (after about 10 minutes), we will form a ball, wrap it in a wet towel and leave for 15 minutes to ripen. Roll out with a rolling pin, put in the form, on top of the prepared filling according to the recipe.

Recipe 2: Unleavened Cheburek Dough

Unleavened dough - the best recipes. How to cook yeast-free dough.

We all love juicy pasties. The key role is played by the filling, but the dough is no less important. It should be very dense and at the same time pliable, so that during frying the chebureks do not crack and easily molded. Prepare it with milk or water. An interesting dough for chebureks can be obtained on beer - hot or cold, regardless of the filling, its qualities do not change.

Ingredients: wheat flour (3 cups), light beer (1 cup), chicken egg (1 pc), salt.

Method of preparation

The easiest way to cook. The secret of this test in the composition and that it must be kneaded well and leave for some time to ripen. Beat the egg with salt. Pour beer and mix. Pour the sifted flour (as much as it takes), knead the dough. After a while it will become a little softer. We tear off small pieces and roll out the dough. Chebureks are very airy, swell up and become soft and fluffy. Ready to put pasties on paper napkins to drain the fat. For a leaner test, you can eliminate the egg.

Recipe 3: Unleavened Dough Pie

Unleavened dough - the best recipes. How to cook yeast-free dough.

Unleavened pie dough is the best idea for the “guests on the doorstep” situation, or if you like to cook quick meals. You can use any interesting fillings - vegetables, meat, mushrooms, sweet fillings and others. Interesting ideas to you!

Ingredients: flour (500 grams), butter (250 grams), salt (0.5 teaspoon), egg (1 pc.), A glass of water or milk.

Method of preparation

Sift the flour and salt mix with butter from the refrigerator, chop with fine knife in fine chips. Beat the egg, add water and beat again. Fill the cereal with dough and knead well. This dough is perfect for baking filled pies. Roll it out and hold it in the cold for 15-20 minutes. Spread the stuffing and bake in the oven.

Recipe 4: Unleavened Pie Dough

Unleavened dough - the best recipes. How to cook yeast-free dough.

You can make both fried and baked pies with this great recipe. It is very simple, but the cakes turn out just wonderful. Stir flour and margarine using a food processor. Ingredients: flour (3 cups), margarine or butter (100-10 grams), kefir (250 ml), salt (half a teaspoon), baking powder (baking powder, 1 teaspoon).

Method of preparation

Flour with margarine is crushed in a combine, add salt and baking powder. Fill kefir and knead soft elastic dough. We form a ball and shift it to a cold place. The dough is ready to eat in 40-60 minutes.

Recipe 5: Yogurt-free dough for chicken

Unleavened dough - the best recipes. How to cook yeast-free dough.

In ancient times, Kurnik was considered a wedding cake. To the eyeballs filled with fragrant chicken, he symbolized wealth in the house. It was baked from various types of dough, the fastest way is a pie on kefir yeast-free dough. We choose fatty sorts of kefir, butter (in a pinch, fatty margarine).

Ingredients: kefir (250 ml), margarine or butter (1 pack, 200 grams), salt, soda.

Method of preparation

Soda extinguish, pouring it in kefir. Melt the butter in a saucepan and cool slightly. Separately, in a bowl, combine the resulting products. Flour is added in small portions so that the dough is not tight. Knead until it stops pestering hands. In a plastic bag or cling film leave the dough for about 1.5-2 hours. Roll out the finished dough and form a cake.

Unleavened dough - useful tips from experienced chefs

Baking powder is a mixture of soda with a “quencher” - acid. Independently such a mixture is obtained by slaking soda with vinegar or fermented milk products. If you think that kefir is not acidic enough, and it is undesirable to use vinegar because of any diseases, add a little lemon juice or citric acid. Dilute the acid with water 1: 1.

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