Tomatoes for the winter - quick recipes blanks of tomatoes. Ways of canning tomatoes - recipes for the winter, quickly and without hassle

Tomatoes for the winter - quick recipes blanks of tomatoes. Ways of canning tomatoes - recipes for the winter, quickly and without hassle

It happens that the crop exceeds the expectations of summer residents, and you need to have time to recycle it, while paying attention to the site. At the same time, a question arises about the new recipes for harvesting tomatoes: what else to think of when all the proven methods of canning are adorned on the shelves in the pantry or in the basement?

Tomato Winter Quick Recipes - Basic Technological Principles

Tomato juice or mashed potatoes, dried or frozen tomatoes, pickled or salted, snacks, ketchups, sauces, assorted - haven't you forgotten anything? Tomatoes are versatile vegetables, and their presence on the table, in any season and in any form, has become habitual and obligatory.

In addition to tomatoes with traces of rot or late blight, all fruits are suitable for processing, at any stage of maturity. Therefore, as soon as the season of ripening begins, you need to take care of preparing the container for canning, stock up on herbs and roots, fragrant spices to preserve tomatoes straight from the garden, without losing time for the preparatory stage, which takes most of the time. Tomatoes themselves do not require much effort when canning, because they contain all the necessary acids that provide them with reliable storage. It is only important to additionally provide the desired level of sterility.

The entire harvest should be immediately selected and sorted according to the degree of maturity: over-ripe tomatoes will be useful for tomato juice, mashed potatoes, ketchup or pasta;

Dense fruits can be preserved whole, separately or as part of a vegetable platter, in a tomato dressing, brine or marinade. Exotic variants of winter harvesting are suitable here - tomatoes in apple juice, with red currants, gooseberries, grapes, or cherry plum - depending on what crop has ripened at the dacha by the time of canning.

With the onset of the first light frost, the last harvest of immature tomatoes is gathered from the site. They can be put in boxes, sprinkled with pine sawdust, and for a long time, as they mature, at room temperature, enjoy the fresh taste. But if there are too many unripe fruits, then it makes sense to make a tasty snack in a jar - salad or caviar. In order to preserve the entire crop of tomatoes as much as possible and to save time, the only way out is an integrated approach in their harvesting. Each housewife, of course, decides how much one needs to procure one or another type of tomato reserves, based on the needs and possibilities for storage. But, due to the fact that tomatoes sometimes ripen unevenly, due to weather conditions, depending on the variety of varieties, starting to harvest, you need to take into account that you have to simultaneously cook according to several recipes.

Too ripe fruits take, wash, chop, and let them boil, then quickly, along with pickled tomatoes or lettuce, roll up the juice in jars. This is the fastest recipe for tomatoes for the winter.

When all the tools and accessories, packaging and seasonings prepared in advance, then an hour you can have time to do a lot.

How to prepare everything you need? Sterilize the jars in advance, be sure to cover with lids and a clean napkin, and before laying the vegetables it is enough to warm them in the oven for a few minutes, and then cool them if necessary (when laying fresh fruits).

Onions and peppers, carrots and garlic, celery and dill, horseradish and spices - ingredients that can be washed, peeled and chopped in advance, put in separate containers with lids. Ready spices will only lay out in the banks according to the recipe. Thus, the whole canning process will be divided into two parts. Prepare spicy roots and container in the evening, and the next day you will not have to stand at the stove until exhaustion, until the last tomato. This method of preparation - the easiest and easiest when you need to have a lot of time.

1. Quick recipe for tomatoes for the winter: sweet pickled “cream”


Salt 30 g

Sugar 50 g

Vinegar 75 ml

A mixture of peppers (peas)

Mustard seeds

Leaves: laurel, cherry, black currant



Celery root


Water 1.5 l

Tomatoes of technical ripeness, with dense pulp (cherry, “cream”) 1.8 kg per 1 bottle

Cooking Technology:

Add spices and spices to taste. Salt, sugar and vinegar to the specified amount of water - the basis of the billet, marinade, and change their weight can be only if there is a cool room for storing the billet, or tomatoes have to be subjected to a longer pasteurization, which is undesirable. Place prepared leaves and roots on the bottom of the bottle. Wash whole small and medium-sized tomatoes, pierce with a needle so that the marinade soaks the fruit better and the skin does not crack when cooked. Place the fruit tightly in the bottle. Boil water, add salt and sugar. Pour boiling water over tomatoes in a jar. Cover the jar with a lid, wrap with a warm cloth. Wait until cool.

Drain the water in a saucepan, add the pepper mixture, mustard seeds. Bring marinade to a boil. Pour the cooked vinegar into the bottle with the tomatoes, pour boiling water over it again and roll it up immediately. Invert bottle and wrap. After cooling, check the quality of the closure and transfer to the pantry.

2. A quick recipe for a salad of tomatoes, peppers, and cabbage for the winter


White cabbage

Salad and hot pepper




Salt, sugar and vinegar - to taste

Parsley and dill

Cooking Technology:

All vegetables for salad are taken in arbitrary proportions. Wash, peel and chop peppers, cabbage and onions. Rub carrots on a coarse grater, cut tomatoes into slices. Stir the salad, season with salt, sugar, add vinegar, hot pepper, chopped parsley and dill.

Place tightly in sterile jars, cover with lids, and pasteurize: 1.0 liter - 15 minutes; 0.7 - 0.5 l - 10 minutes. After you roll up the jars, turn them over, stand up to complete cooling, check the lids and transfer them to the storage room for storage.

This blank has a secret: it can be served on the table in winter as a salad, or added to borscht, followed by potatoes - borscht will have a summer taste, as if made from greens just picked from the bed.

3. Quick recipe for winter - dried tomatoes




Seeds of dill, coriander (ground)

Chili, sweet, black (ground)

Sugar, salt

Medium-sized tomatoes, dense varieties

Cooking Technology:

Dried tomatoes are a very different taste for many dishes. Be sure to try to cook them.

The number of ingredients does not matter, be guided by your taste. Spicy supplements can also be supplemented or replaced. The main thing - the technology of drying, which is desirable not to break Preheat oven to 120 ° C. Cover the baking sheet with parchment paper, grease with vegetable oil. Cut the washed tomatoes in half, place on a baking sheet in a single layer, cut side up. Sprinkle the halves with a mixture of spices.

Remember that salt draws out juice, and melted sugar caramelizes the fruit, which provides the necessary qualities for long-term storage. Try to sprinkle each half so that both sugar and salt fall into it.

Put the pan in the oven and close it. Keep the oven closed until the sugar has dissolved. After slightly open it to lower the temperature, hold the tomatoes for another five minutes, and turn off the oven, and leave the pan inside until it is completely cooled. Repeat this operation 2-3 times, until the tomatoes are about two times smaller in volume.

After that, pour the salt in a dry container, cover it with parchment, and place the tomatoes on top. Keep the container in the refrigerator. Salt “pillow” needs to be changed periodically. Dried tomatoes can also be stored in a jar, after processing them with sterilized oil, also in the refrigerator.

4. Frozen tomatoes for the winter - a quick recipe for tomato dressing

Vegetable caviar in a can is, of course, tasty, but cooking caviar from fresh vegetables in the winter is another matter. Frozen vegetables retain even their summer flavor. Therefore, for example, a saute of frozen eggplants and tomatoes in the winter is a special pleasure.

One disadvantage of this method of harvesting vegetables - it requires spacious freezers. But a couple of bags of frozen vegetables, for special occasions, can now afford any housewife with a standard two-compartment refrigerator.


Tomatoes in the stage of technical ripeness

Food wrap


In this way, you can freeze any vegetables: zucchini, eggplant, pepper, boiled corn, but note that you need to cut the food in advance so that they can only be put in a pan or in a frying pan. The second point: after defrosting, the juice from the tomatoes will flow out and they will naturally turn into a shapeless mass. Therefore, select the most dense ripe fruit with a minimum content of juice and grains. They are best pre-blanched and separated skin, cut into cubes or slices, depending on which dish of them will be cooked in the winter. Spread the film, put the tomatoes on it, wrap. Choose package sizes based on the volume of the freezer compartment where vegetables will be stored. They can be frozen, giving the shape of a rectangular briquette or cylinder, to maximize save usable area.

Frozen tomatoes will give a pleasant aroma to many dishes, which include tomatoes.

5. Spicy salad of green tomatoes for the winter - a quick recipe


Green tomatoes


Hot peppers




Seasoning for carrots in Korean


Salad pepper, semi-sharp

Dill, parsley


For this salad, as well as for all vegetable snacks, choose the number of ingredients and spices at your discretion. Cut the carrots into thin straws, blanch in boiling water for about five minutes, then drain through a colander. Cut dense green tomatoes into slices, combine with carrots, add sugar, vinegar, seasoning and salt to taste. Add pepper, chopped straw, finely chopped dill and parsley leaves. Stir, place in sterile jars. Sterilize cans with a capacity of 0.5-0.8 liters for ten minutes and immediately stop.

6. Quick recipe for tomatoes for the winter with grapes in apple jelly

Ingredients per bottle (3 L):

Apple juice 1.7 L

Pectin 45g

Grapes (Muscat Grape) 500 g

Cherry tomatoes 1.8 - 2.0 kg




Sugar 100 g



For beauty, choose yellow and red small tomatoes. Wash them, make incisions on the skin and lower them in boiling water for a couple of minutes, and then transfer them to ice water. Remove the skin. Go through the grapes, separating the berries from the brushes. Wash it too. Put tomatoes and grapes in a jar. Boil apple juice, dissolving sugar and salt in it. Add spicy spices to juice, boil for 5-7 minutes, strain. In a small amount of juice, dissolve pectin, pour into the total mass and strain again.

Hot juice (95 ° C) pour tomatoes and grapes. Pasteurize the bottle for 15 minutes by dipping it in hot water. Pasteurization time - from the beginning of the boil. Twist the cap, turn the bottle over. The recipe is awesome. Tomatoes have a fresh taste, and the aroma of cinnamon makes them look like a dessert. You can use any spices.

Quick Winter Recipes for Tomatoes - Tips & Tricks

Being engaged in winter preparations, the hostesses are worried, thinking that an exact copied recipe is the basis of reliability in canning. In fact, it is only important to remember the three main conditions that will ensure the safety of the workpiece, even if the recipe was invented on the go.

  • Sterility;
  • Compliance with the temperature during pasteurization;
  • Careful sealing to ensure tightness.

Believe me, neither the amount of acid, sugar and salt, nor the exact, “pharmacy” measurement of the weight of ingredients, does not affect the safety of winter preparations. Therefore, preserve anything you want, guided solely by your own taste, adhering to these simple but mandatory rules.

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